♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 15
Free's P.O.V

                                                        Free's P.O.V



    I felt Lexi's body start to tremble. Her body started to fall. I caught her before she hit the ground. Damn it.

'' Lexi! '' mom gasped. She ran over and started patting Lexi's face repeatedly. Nothing happened. I scooped her up in the bridelike position and headed for the car.

'' I'll take her car you take your car! '' I called to mom. She nodded and darted to her vehicle. Just what I needed.

'' Whats goin on? '' Jay ran over to me.

'' I'm not sure. '' I said laying Lexi in the car.

'' Whats wrong with her?! '' he shouted.

'' I don't freakin know!! I'm taking her to the hospital! '' I yelled.

'' Can I come? Please? '' he asked like this was a joy ride. I nodded. He got in the front seat. I started the engine.

'' Hold her so she doesnt flip off the seat. '' I commanded. He nodded. He gently put her on his lap.

'' Just because shes unconcious doesnt mean -- ''

'' I wasn't planning on doing anything. Just helping. '' he said. Ya right. I drove around the cars that were going too slow. Ran a couple red lights and stop sighns. And tipped over a garbage can. The car was doing 85 in a 45 zone.



Jays P.O.V


     Free was driving like a mainiac. It was hard not to fly into the side window. I looked down at Lexi's face wondering what the hell happened. Besides the black eye which was my fault. Thinking of that day made me hold her closer.

'' Would you quit that?! '' Free's voice cracked. His eyes were still on the road but he knew.

'' What? '' I asked innocently.

'' Staring and holding her like she's your favorite dog you lost and just found. ''

'' I dont have a dog. '' I said.

'' Don't try to be funny. ''

'' I'm not. I seriously don't have a dog. ''

'' Your pushing it. I could just throw you out right now. '' he said sternly.

'' If you throw me out she's comin with me. '' I motioned towards her in my arms.

'' Your a bastard. '' he whispered under his breathe.

'' Whatever. '' It seemed like teasing Free was the only way to keep him sane.

'' I know what your thinking. '' Free chimed in.

'' And whats that? ''

'' Her lips. ''

'' Well I wasn't. But now I am. '' I laughed and pretended to stare intently at her lips. He whacked me on the head.

'' It's not exactly fun for me to have to monitor you and the road. So please control yourself.'' he said. I chuckled. We finally reached the hospital. I gave Lexi to Free and we went inside. We went to the main office. There mom was waiting for us and ran over.

'' We need to get her checked out right now. '' Free said to the lady. The lady looked at Lexi who was unconsious in Free's arms. She nodded and said something on the phone. A doctor came in with a gurney. She was carried away to some random room. Memories... haha.




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