♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 14
Hate? Love? Hate? Love? Huh? Lexi's POV

                                                           Lexi's P.O.V



         The thing I wished for the most right now, was that summer would be here. But it wasn't anytime soon. I sat on my bed, holding a pack of ice to my eye. I had to take it away before it chilled my face. It was the 3rd day I had this black eye. 3 days ago, before lunch, was peaceful. Now its just hurtful and confusing. Every time Jay came into my sight, my friends would only lead me away. They weren't sure what happened in all. But they had a feeling it was good, and now it's not. Things were bad at home too. Mom and dad yelled at each other. Mom took our side, dad was a rebel. Mom sighned them up for marriage counseling. It didn't help. It looked like a divorce was coming there way. So me and Free tried to stay out of there hair. I opened my window and crawled onto the roof. I threw the icebag. I watched it fall until it hit the ground. All the ice cracked. Kinda like my life. I pulled my legs close to my body and wrapped my arms around them. The only sound that was heard, was the sound of cars zooming by. Or so I thought.

'' Lexi, dinner! '' Free yelled from inside my room. I stayed quiet, hoping he would go away. He opened the window and looked out. '' Lexi? '' he yelled. A bird landed on the roof next to me. It made me jump and I almost fell off of the roof. '' Holy -- ''

'' Ah! '' I screamed. One of my legs was in the gutter, the other was on the roof.

'' Hold still. '' Free said calmly. He leaned out of the window as far as he could. He held out his hand. I took hold of his hand and slowly moved my leg onto the window seal. I scooted inside.

'' Thanks. '' I said with my heart pounding loudly.

'' Why do you go on the roof anyways? '' he asked.

'' Relaxing. '' I walked out of my room. He followed me slowly. I entered the kitchen. Its pure white walls were always a scream to look at.

'' What was that noise? '' mom asked in a tired tone.

'' I fell off my bed.. '' I said. We all sat at the table. Dad sat at one end. Mom and the other. Me and Free faced each other on the sides.

'' So how was you'r day kids? '' dad asked, trying to sound interested. I hate it when he calls us kids.

'' Stupid. '' Free said. He twisted the spaghetti around his fork and flung it in the air. It landed on my dads head. Um wow.

'' Free! '' he screamed. He was already unbuckeling his belt. Oh no. '' Stand up boy! '' he commanded.

'' No. '' Free flung even more food at him. Then everything happened too fast. Free got up and ran. He knocked my chair over and I fell on the floor. My dad tripped over me and fell on his face. My mom screamed. I got up and saw Free holding a butcher knife in the air.

'' Free, put that down! '' my mom screamed. Bloody murder!!! I was to shocked too speak.

'' Get away from me! '' Free screamed at our dad. His green/blue eyes were now pure gray. He looked like he wanted to slaughter one of us and dine.

'' F-Free.. '' I said slowly stepping towards him. '' Put the knife down... '' I slowly touched his arm and lowered it. He relaxed and dropped the knife. I let out a sigh of relief. Our dad was still furious though.

'' Freeman, I think you better pack your bags and get out. '' our dad snarled. Those words were like a bullet through my mind and heart.

'' No! You can't kick him out! '' I screamed, clinging closer to Free.

'' John! '' my mom screamed at dad. He held up his hand. I felt my knee's tremble and my hands shake. Free out, divorce, Jay, pain. It all ran through my mind. Something clicked and everything turned black.


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