Wendy, Griffith and Olivia's Ribbon
Author: Rosie Jane<3

Chapter 4
The Painting Tree

After a while of walking, she looked back and could no longer see Griffith. When she looked ahead again, a tree appeared that was not there before. She circled the tree that was much different from the others. It was a round and rather chubby looking tree, wth bright green leaves that stuck out from all sides. The juicy looking fruit hung from the branches and the leaves blew in the breeze. Except, that when the breeze stopped and the other trees stopped moving, this one didn’t. Something was inside the tree. Wendy stepped forward, unwillingly and peered up the tree. The branches were to thick to see much but a tail swung down from the tree, waving in front of her face. The tail was grey and black striped and soon was switched with the head of a racoon. Wendy gasped when a second one popped out of the tree. She stepped backwards and the raccoons slid out of the tree revealing their huge size. They crawled towards her, sniffing the air. Wendy held her groaning stomach and tried to walk around the creatures. They stared at her eerily, watching her effort to climb the tree. She was small and it was difficult to climb a high-branched tree but a knot-hole that was full of water with small Koi swimming about, made for an excellent foothold. She sat in the high branches as the curious creatures looked are her, their heads cocked to one side. She then noticed that tied sloppily to one branch was an oil painting. She reached out to touch it, then realized it was too far away, but she looked up. Thousands hung from the tree branches. One in particular intrugued Wendy, towards the top of the tree. She stood up carefully, holding onto a branch, but as she pulled she realized it really wasn't a branch at all but one of the racoons hands. It looked at her quizically and she spoke to him.
"Can you bring me to that painting?" she pointed at the oil painting high up. The animal looked up and then grabbed her hand, dodging her through branches and though a few just missed her head, she was placed, unscathed in front of the large painting. It captivated her in almost a type of spell. The woman sat on a loveseat, which was covered in a white cloth, a large set of windows behind her. The outside portrayed a rainshower and she stared to the right, looking upset. Her white wedding dress was spread gorgeously over the floor and a dozen roses sat on her lap. Wendy felt strange looking at this picture,and as she reached out to touch it, the racoon seemed to go ballistic and oush her from the tree. She fell and fell and when she hit the ground hard her eyes seemed to grow heavy as the picture still remained in her mind.

[Inpiration: http://www.img2.desicolours.net/2009/august/robert-hefferan-25.jpg]


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