An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 8
Zombies, Wolfman, and Chinese Food

     It was Saturday afternoon when Ephraim called. "Jasmine, the phone's for you!" James yelled up the stairs.
     I draped the towel I was using to dry my hair around my shoulders. "Hello?"
     "Hey, what's up?" He asked.
     "Nothing, just drying my hair. You?" I said.
     "Same," He said with a laugh, "So are we still on for tonight?" 
     I smiled, even though he couldn't see. "Yeah."
     Ephraim said, "Okay, I'll pick you up in a few hours then."
     "I'll see you later then." I said and we hung up.
     Addison popped into my room, "Who was it?" He asked.
     "None of your business," I said, still drying my hair. Addison gave me a dirty look and left. At five thirty, I started getting dressed. I straightened my bangs after pulling on a Breaking Benjamin shirt and black cutoff shorts. There was a knock at the door almost as soon as I was done.
     "Jasmine," James yelled, "Ephraim is here."
     "I'll be down in a second." I put on a pair of black and white flip flops. Ephraim was standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was wearing a pair of black shorts covered with safety pins, a Killers shirt, and gray Converse.
     Ephraim smiled at me and shook James' hand. "Nice meeting you, sir."
     James smiled at him and I said, "I'll be back by eleven."
    We left before anything else could be said. Ephraim opened the car door for me, then walked around to the driver's side. He turned up the radio and Escape the Fate blasted from the car speakers. He smiled at me and said, "James is intimidating."
    I laughed and said, "Well, he does have that effect on people."
    In a few minutes, we were outside the movie theater. After we got our tickets, we got seats in the back corner of the theater. I asked him if he usually watched these kinds of movies.
    "Are you kidding? I live for these movies. The only time I watch MTV is for the scary movies on Saturday." He said with a smile.
    "Me too. I loved it when they played Amityville Horror." I said.
    Ephraim smiled back, "Yeah, and Land of the Dead." He mimed a zombie, making me laugh. An elderly couple turned and glared at us. We muttered apologies. The movie started and an English man was running through a dark forest. Ephraim's arm went around my shoulders. I smiled at him. In the middle of the movie, the Wolfman threw the asylum doctor onto a fence, making me flinch. Ephraim's arm tightened around my shoulders.
    When the movie ended, Ephraim suggested we get something to eat. "Anywhere special you want to go?" I asked.
    He looked across the street to the mall. "What about the food court? Then, we could walk around the mall a little bit."
    I nodded. We ate some Chinese food, and walked around, not really looking at anything, just talking. When we were done he asked me if I wanted to watch another movie at his house. I glanced at the dashboard clock. It was eight, so I still had plenty of time. "Sure." I said.
   The drive from the theater was a quick one. In a matter of five minutes, we were outside of a white house; there was nothing extraordinary about it, it was just one of those neighborhood houses that you see all the time. Ephraim walked around the car and opened my door for me. Looking around for a second, I noticed the absence of other cars. "Are your parents home?"
     He smiled coyly at me, "No, my mom goes out on Saturday nights."
     I smiled back at him, and asked, "What movie are we watching?"
     "Anything specific you want to watch?" He asked, unlocking the door. I shook my head, and he walked into the house. He took my hand and led me to another door. "This is the basement, all our movies and the plasma screen are down here. He unlocked this door, too and turned the lights on.
     He asked me, "Still nothing specific you want to watch?"
     "How about a scary movie?"
     He smiled and led me to a shelf. "These two shelves are scary movies."
     I glanced at them and said, "You pick." Silently, he ran his fingers over the first row, and stopped abruptly towards the end. Then, he moved his hand again. With a small "Aha" he held up a movie.
     Ephraim walked back over to me. "How's this?" He asked.
     In his hand was Stay Alive. "I haven't seen this movie in  a while." I said. He walked over to the DVD player and put the movie in. Then, he sat down on a black couch, motioning for me to join him. I sat down next to him, and his arm went around me. I relaxed against him, with my legs stretched out beside me. Ephraim shifted so that his legs were in front of me, and I was laying against him. Ephraim's fingers traced little patterns over my arms. I laughed sleepily.
     "Go ahead and sleep, I'll wake you up when it's time to go." I shifted in a last attempt to stay awake, but fell asleep anyway.
     Running, and running. But no matter how hard I ran, nothing changed. Then, out of nowhere, two beams of light blinded me. That's when it hit me, literally. The brakes on the car screeched to a halt, leaving me sprawled on the ground. Maybe they'll help me, I thought. The ground was no longer beneath me, and someone was whispering something in my ear.
     "What?" I managed.
     Whoever it was, shook me. "I'm going to kill you, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it." I tried to scream, but couldn't. I kicked and punched. Then, I was being shaken, but not by that person.
     Ephraim's zombie eyes were staring down at me with worry. "Jasmine, what's wrong?" He was holding his side. "You elbowed me in the ribs. Were you having a bad dream?"
     I sat up, with Ephraim still holding me. "Yeah, but it was weird. I was hit by a car, then someone was holding me up. They threatened me. Oh, God my head hurts, and so do my ribs."      "I'll go get some ice, okay?" I nodded. The movie was paused on the part where Frankie Muniz's character was getting run over by the chariot. I laughed momentarily at the irony of the movie being called Stay Alive and in my dream I was about to die. 
     Ephraim was back in a minute, holding two bags of ice. He handed me one to hold against my ribs while he held the other one gingerly to my head. "Tell me more about your dream." He said.
     "I can't remember anything else; it was really dark, and then that car hit me." He got up, to turn on the lights. "The person threatening me might have been Jasen. That guy creeps me out."
     The back of Ephraim's shirt ruffled. I blinked and told myself to control my imagination. "Do you feel any better?" He asked. '
     "Yeah," I said and smiled, "You want to finish the movie?"
     Ephraim knelt down in front of me, holding the ice pack on my head again. "You don't want to go home?" He asked.
     "Well, it's barely nine thirty. I still have a little while, and my head feels better." He smiled at me.
     "I think I should take you home anyway. I don't want James hating me anymore for you getting hurt again." He smiled.


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