Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 18
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala



With the truck finally roadworthy, Maria and Shontih set off at 7.30PM, later than planned but Maggie wouldn’t let them go without dinner. And then there was her parting gift.

“I’ve packed a basket for you. See that you eat.” Maggie waggled a finger at them, then returned to kitchen. Shontih shook her head at Maggie’s retreating form.

“Is she always like that? I’ve eaten more tonight than I did the whole of yesterday.”

“Yup” came the chorus from the around the room.

Maggie hurried back with an air tight container which she handed to Maria,

“ This is good medicine. Take When Required,” she said with a wink. Maria hugged her.

“Thanks, Maggie. You are one special lady.” Maria lifted the lid and inhaled the invigorating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. “God, that smells great.”


Rachel made coffee before she joined Samuel on the balcony. He was in beautiful silhouette. She stopped for a minute to admire the view of the man she loved as he stood in the moonlight.

Tomorrow she would be shopping for some much-needed clothes in Denver with Annie & Maggie. Packing hadn’t been a big concern when she was trying to get to Sam. She was lucky she’d remembered her toothbrush and passport. All Steven had said was, “We have to get to the US so throw something in a bag and be ready to leave when I get there. The plane leaves in an hour.” She also needed to renew birth control pills. After Annie had invited her to join them Rachel had called her doctor in France and, within minutes had a faxed prescription in her hand. The local pharmacy had assured they would dispense after they verified it’s validity.

After Rachel put the cups on the table, Sam wrapped his arms around her and put his face close to hers, inhaling her fresh scent of roses. He nuzzled her neck and pulled her back against him. She was intoxicating. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Rachel responded to his touch as she always did. He only had to look across the room at her and she melted. She wanted him so bad. His hands traveled up her body and, as one slipped into the deep ‘v’ of her dressing gown, she raised her hands to guide his face down to the heady kiss she had waiting for him.

They quickly made their way to the bedroom, coffee forgotten. Neither of them had any control and, this time, Rachel did something she had never done before. She bit him on the shoulder as she exploded. Twice. Both times were so powerful and intense that she didn’t even known what she had done. And Sam was so caught up in the moment, he wouldn’t feel it until the next morning. He let go with a force that seemed to last forever. He felt like he was like dying. The French call it ‘la petite mort’ (the little death), and it was unbelievably sweet with the woman he loved.


The man walked to the unattended reception desk and read the instructions above the bell. “Ring once for service.” Out of a perverse sense of humor and, because he liked to piss off the cops, he pushed the bell three times. He heard footsteps and grinned. He’d certainly gotten someone’s attention in a hurry.

A none-too-pleased, uniformed officer entered from the back and stood on the opposite side of the reception desk.

“Can’t you read? You’re only supposed to push the button once. That means ONE TIME ONLY.” The duty officer sighed. This was going to be one of those nights when all the nutcases surfaced.

“Sorry, Officer. I didn’t see the sign,” he lied. “I’m here to see my client. His name is Mickey and I’m his attorney. Here’s my card”. The officer couldn’t have known that the information on the card had only been concocted that afternoon.

“You do know it’s 8.30 at night, don’t you? Visitors aren’t allowed after 7PM.”

“I’m not a visitor. I’m his lawyer, Officer Barnes,” he added, leaning forward to read name plate. The young officer became flustered.

“But? It’s highly irregular. I mean, we don’t normally get people visiting this late. Realizing he was about to get a hard time he raised his hands. “I know, I know. You’re not people. But still, it’s highly irregular.”

“ Are you refusing to let my client see his lawyer? I can make a few phone calls to get this matter sorted out. I think I’ll start with the District Attorney.”

“No, no. Ah, there’s no need for that, I’ll show you the way.”

They went down a corridor and then stopped by a door with a grill in the transom.

“Joe, it’s Barnes. I’ve got Mickey’s lawyer here and he wants to see him.”

“It’s after 7PM. No visitors, no exceptions. You know that, Barnes.”

“Joe, everyone is entitled to legal council, anytime, anywhere. It’s in the bloody Constitution. Look, Joe. I’m on the front desk and I don’t have time for this bullshit. Just open the damned door.

“Ok, keep your shirt on, will ya?” Joe opened the door and stepped into the hallway, replacing Officer Barns, who went back to reception. Mickey’s “lawyer” followed Joe down another corridor before they stopped outside a holding cell.

Mickey had been right. Pulling this off would be a piece of cake. Security was a joke. His nephew’s school had better security than this stupid joint. The officer opened a door and went to go inside with him,

“Sorry. I need to talk to my client in private. You know. Confidentiality, privileged information….” The officer nodded.

“Call me when you’re ready.”

“Thanks. I’ll remember that.”

“Any trouble?” Mickey asked.

“Nope, anybody could get past these clowns. So how you want to play this?” He took a cigar out of his pocket and handed it over. Mickey put a match to it and sucked hard before answering.

“Everything’s ready, right? Ok, then just follow my lead.”

“Ahhhhh. Help! He’s choking me. Help!” They could hear someone running and then the door burst open. In a perfect choreography, the officer was hit from behind with the glass ashtray and he crumpled to the floor. The two men switched his clothes with Mickey’s then they hoisted him into a chair and slumped him over the table as if he had fallen asleep.

On their way through the reception area there was no sign of the first cop but, as they exited the building, he came around the corner. Both men froze. It had been so easy so far. They couldn’t blow it now.

“To hell with it,” Mickey decided. He confronted the officer.

“Where have you been? I’ve had to show this guy out myself, and his bloody client is in there snoring.”

“It was quiet and so I just nipped out for a quick puff.”

“Just don’t let it happen again,” he reprimanded the young officer as he headed for the door. “Don’t worry about that prick sleeping in the chair. Leave the bastard there. It’ll serve him right. Let him wake up cold and stiff after hassling us,” he said over his shoulder. With one push they were outside.

“Now where’s the car? We’ve got a long drive and I’ve got a date with some merchandise. We’ve got to get it before anybody else does.”

On the floor in the back was just what he wanted ~ weapons and maps one of Kansas City and one of Denver. If he failed to recover the merchandise or, if it wasn’t enough ‘security’ against The Ring, then he would go after the other thing they were protecting, The La La Boys themselves.

“Damn it! This is a military base!” Mickey was pissed off. The drugs were right in front of him, he just couldn’t get to them.

“What we gonna do now, Boss?”

“ Well, we can’t get the bloody stuff, that’s for sure.” Mickey spat on the ground in disgust. A Military Base. He looked through the wire netting at the bright red delivery truck parked in the compound; so close, yet so damn far! Not even The Ring took on the Armed Forces.

“Ok, now we’ve got to go for plan ‘B’ and that means driving all the way back to Colorado.”

“I’m beat and I’m starving. Can’t we get a bite, stay the night, and then go back to Colorado.”

“Of course we can’t stay the night. This isn’t a goddamn holiday.”

“Hell, I’ve gotta eat.”

“You’ll eat in Denver. I’ll buy you the biggest steak on the menu for breakfast. In the meantime, stop your whining and start the car. Tomorrow we’ll ‘borrow’ ourselves a van. We’re going to have a full house once we’re joined by a load of fancy pants Choir Boys.”

“Choir boys?”

“Yeah, very valuable Choir Boys.”




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