♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 13
Waiting is boring.


      I went to all my classes. Wondering what happened to the Erdmans. I soon found out at lunch. Lexi's hair was up in a ponytail and Free's hair was wild. They had mops and brooms and buckets of water. Ya, they were the janitors. They cleaned while everyone else ate. I stared at my plate, unable to look at there sad faces.

'' What was up with you this morning? '' Dan asked.

'' Buzz off. '' I said throwing a grape at him. He shoved my shoulder. I gave him a dead arm.

'' Theres the old Jay. '' he said whincing in pain.

'' Shut your mouth. '' I hissed.

'' No. '' he said pushing me again. He was trying to make me angry. Working.

'' Im dead serious. Leave me alone. ''

'' Not a chance. '' with that final poke, I launched out at him. We were on the floor wrestling. He was laughing and everyone else was rooting behind us. I wasn't sure who was winning. I was ontop, then him, then me, and so on. Luckily no teacher seemed to be coming to suspend us. I felt little hands on my shoulder. A girls hands. I didn't listen though. Now we were standing up and punching each others guts. I threw a punch but Dan dodged it, and it flew into the girls face. She yelled in pain. I looked down at her. Damn. Lexi. She was holding her eye and her lip was bleeding. She was helpless on the floor. She looked up at me with a scared and horrified expression. I bent down next to her.

'' O my gosh, Lexi, I'm so sorry. '' I put my hand out to touch her face. She slapped it away and scooted backwards. Her lip was quivering and she looked scared as hell. Everyone was shocked at only stared at us. '' Im sorry, Lexi. '' I said. She shook her head. Her eyes were wide with fear. I could tell at that moment, she didn't trust me anymore. Not even Free cam over to help her.

'' I thought you were.. nevermind. '' she said discusted. She got up and I assumed she went to the nurse's. I scowled at Dan. His fault! I punched his arm and left the cafeteria. What had I done? She finally trusted me. And now she didn't. I feel like a bastard.


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