Gucci's not Everything
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Chapter 1
The Big/Bad News

“Finally, I beat you.  I beat you”, shouted Ethan in my ear.  “I am the Monopoly champ.  Uh huh, you lost.  L-O-S-T lost.”  He does a cartwheel across the den floor.

            “Oh shut-up, Ethan.  It seems like a boy GENIUS would have figured out how to beat me at Monopoly a long time ago, but you just beat me now.  Besides I let you win.  I could’ve beaten a nine-year-old with my hands tied behind my back,” I snap back.

            “Then why didn’t you win?" Tori says looking confused.  “I mean like, he is nine,” she adds.  But before I can respond her phone rings.  “Hello.  Daddy, yes, it’s me.  Home, but we’re having so much fun.  Ok send Margaret to pick me up not Leroy his ears are so big I can’t even look at myself in the rearview mirror.  Thanks smooches bye.” She makes a kissing noise.  “You guys Margaret’s picking me up soon.” Tori cries.

            “Right when it started getting interesting.  Well, what do you wanna do while we wait?” I say.  “Go outside, play a board game, have a snack?”

            “Go outside in this dress yeah right, this dress is one-hundred percent cashmere.  I don’t even think about going outside in this dress.” Tori scoffs.

            Ethan cuts her off before she gives us a speech on fashion, “Then how about we watch T.V?” he suggest.

            “Nah…I know let’s talk about our first day of school tomorrow.  What are you all wearing?” I ask hoping they’ll like the subject.

            Ethan get’s ready to say something, but Tori cuts him off.  “I’m wearing these new shoes I bought yesterday they’re greenish blue with black wedges and they’re pointy at the tip with a diamond border.  And I’m wearing these new black skinny jeans I bought.  They’re one of a kind made by KcoYona Batouwn...” I cut her off before she can say anything else.

            “We should just wait until tomorrow to see what we’re all wearing,” but before I can say anything else the doorbell rings.  “I’ll get it.” I shout down the stairs.  By the time Tori, Ethan, and I all got to the door we could see the limo out the front window.  “It’s Margaret ,Tori.” I say with an overdramatic sad face.

            “Aw, I’ll see you people tomorrow.” Tori says picking up her purse that has her name in pure diamond.

            “Bye.  I should be heading home too.” Ethan says.  “Can you give me a lift Tori?”

            Tori looks at him in disgust, “No, I will like so like not pick you up, Ethan!” she exclaims.

            “I meant a ride.” he declares.

            “Oh, then, yes, I can “give you a lift,” come on.” She says imitating Ethan.

            “Bye, Cami.” they say in sync.  I watch them pull off.

            “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!” all of a sudden I hear my mom scream in her room.  I run as fast as I can to see what’s wrong, but my big brother Kendall beats me.  When I get their all I see is my dad smiling and my mom crying, hugging, and kissing my dad.

            “Get a room!” Kendall cries.

            “What’s wrong?  Why, did you scream?  Is everybody all right?” I say all of it so fast I get a headache.

            “Everything’s fine,” she says, “your father has just told me some great news.  And, well, Charles you tell them.”

            “You guys know my business has gotten a lot bigger in the last few years, and well we’ve made more stores in different states because of how well we’ve been doing, and…”

            “Charles hurry up and cut to the cheese!” my mother says impatiently, “I mean chase,” she says correcting her mistake.  “Just hurry and tell them the important part.”

            “And, well, your mother’s songwriting career has really taken off lately with Ke$ha, um Alicia Keys, Lonestar, Selena Gomez, um, um Demi Lo…”my mother cut’s him off before he can finish.

            “Um, um, um Lovato Demi Lovato, huh, we’re moving to Santa Barbara, California.  For heaven’s sake Charles could you have gone any slower?!” she says it so fast my headache gets even worse.

            “We’re moving to Santa Barbara?  Awesome!” Kendall says answering his own question.

            “Moving, how do you expect Tori and Ethan to survive their last year of middle school and the first year of high school without me?!  We can’t move, not to Santa Barbara my life is in the snow not the desert.  Moving would be like throwing my whole world off balance.”

            “Camibear, don’t you think you’re being a little over dramatic?” my mom asks.

            “No, and don’t call me Camibear!” I say heading to my room in tears.

            When I get to my room I see my pet duck Squint asleep on my bed.  I IM Tori and Ethan the news on my laptop, but they don’t respond back.  So I put in my favorite movie Pirates of the Caribbean, but I can’t seem to concentrate with the fact that Squint is slobbering on my hand and I’m moving all the way across the country.

            “Camille,” I hear my dad holler my name up the steps, “Honey, we want to talk to you about moving.”

            I feel a giant chill come onto my shoulders so big that it wakes Squint up.  I try to answer them but my voice is so shaky it hurts when I breathe; so I just start to cry in my blanky I’ve had since I was one.  Then I hear the door crack open.

            “Camille, Sweety, are you alright?” my mother asks coming towards my bed.  All of a sudden Squint pops his head up and starts snapping at my mother, for some reason he never took much of a liking to her.

            “I don’t want to move, not to California.  That means new school, new house, new friends, and what about Squint?” I say while he snuggles in my lap and quacks.

            My dad comes around to the side of the bed I’m sitting on and sits down.  I lay my head in his lap because I know if I make eye contact with him I’m going to burst into tears.  “Us moving wouldn’t change a thing you’d still have Tori and Ethan as friends and yes, it would be a different school and house, but as long as we’re together it’ll be alright.”

            All of a sudden Tori’s and Ethan’s face pop up on my laptop’s screen and their doing skype with me.  “What do you mean you’re moving?” they say in sync.

            “You can’t move,” Ethan says, “we won’t let you.”

            “Chill out Ethan it’s only like to Santa Barbara Street in Cali-fornia town; wait, does that say, Santa Barbara in California State?  No, you can’t move; I won’t let you.”Tori says.  I look at her eyes getting ready to cry up a storm.

            I can’t help it I try to hold it in, and then all of a sudden I hear Tori crying in the background.  “You alright?” my mother asks.

            “Why would I be alright with my best friend moving half way across Rhode Island?!” Tori squeals.

            Ethan sighs “It’s not half way across Rhode Island; it’s all the way across the United States.  I think you need some help with your geography homework or something.  Mr. and Mrs. Dublin if you don’t mind me asking when exactly are you leaving for California?”

            “Well, the set date is about two months from now, but it may be a little earlier depending on how long it takes us to find a decent apartment and how long it takes us to get are stuff moved out.” my mother says trying to hold her excitement in.

            “Mom, Dad, can Tori, Ethan, and I have some time alone?” I say sounding desperate.

            “Uh, sure.” my mother says pulling my father out the room before he makes any faces.

            “So, this is the end, huh, you guys?” I say with my eyes red from tears.

            “Don’t think of this as an ending, but as a new beginning.” Ethan says with his toothless smile.

            “Ethan, get serious this is like the death of our friendship.  Will probably all stop talking to each other the first week she’s gone!  All our memories gone, never to be remembered again in the History of Tori, Camille and Ethan, uhhhhhhh!” Tori starts to cry like it’s the end of the world.

            “Tori, don’t you think you’re being a little over dramatic?” Ethan says with a tear trickling down his rosy cheek.

            “No,” I say with so much power in my voice I scare myself, “she’s not being overdramatic!  First we’ll probably stop talking to each other little by little!  Then we won’t remember all the fun times we’ve had.  And last we won’t be BEST FRIENDS!”  Then I grab my laptop and hug it like it’s really Tori and Ethan.  The next thing you know the only thing you can hear in my room was pure crying.  I couldn’t leave, not them, we’re “The Three Musketeers’, the two Amiga’s and the one Amigo, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger.  To sum it all up, we were best friends.


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