♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 12
Jays p.o.v - girls are confusing

                                                              Jays P.O.V



     I fell on my bed. Thinking if that really just happened. First she was mad, then understanding, then passionate. Whichever it was. I liked it. My lips still burned. I felt her lipgloss on my lips and wiped it off. I was in thought when my mom called and broke me out of it.

'' Jay, dinner! '' my mom yelled.

'' Coming. '' I yelled back. I made sure my hair wasnt too wild and my clothes were neat. Otherwise my mom woulda known what happened. I marched down the stairs and sat at my seat. We were having chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Yum? I just globbed some mashed potatoes on my plate and dug in.

'' Your such a pig.. '' Jamie remarked.

'' Your the one with chicken. '' I said with my mouth full.

'' Yes, but the skin is good for you. '' she said.

'' Ya, its good for a heart attack. '' I said with food spraying out of my mouth. Leah started to cry. She backed her chair far away from the table.

'' Whats wrong? '' Luke asked anoid.

'' I don't want heart attack! I wont eat! '' she whined.

'' See what you do? '' Jamie hissed at me. '' Jay was just joking. Right Jay? '' she stared daggers at me. I looked at Leah's worried face.

'' It's ok. It wont kill you. '' I winked at her. That was enough for her. She grabbed her hands around the leg and started nibbling. It discusted me. I thought Jamie would care for carbs and junk. But no. I didn't eat much. A bag of popcorn would have done me good all day. I finished but still sat with everyone.

'' So Jay, I was thinking we could do guitar hero tonight. '' Luke said. Any opportunity he had to spend time with me, he went for it hard.

'' I guess a couple rounds wouldnt hurt. '' I said. He smiled big then shoved beans in his mouth. Luke looked just like me. Black hair, blue eyes, athletic body. It was a minnie me. Haha. He was a good kid but needed lots of attention. I looked at Jamie. She seemed pouty. She kept smashing her spoon into her potatoes.

'' Of course, It's a boy night only, right? '' Jamie mumbled.

'' Thats right! Right Jay? '' Luke asked.

'' They can play if they want. '' I shrugged. Jamie smiled. Luke and Emily gave me a sour face.

'' No! They cant! It's only you and me! '' Luke shouted frusterated.

'' Chill Luke. '' I said getting up.

'' No! Your a.. a.. -- '' I quickly walked over to Leah and covered her ears before he finished.

'' Big fat goth ass hole! '' he shouted. Thats when mom came in.

'' What did you just say?! '' she yelled. Luke shrank down into his seat.

'' Nothing.. '' he mumbled.

'' Come with me. Your spending 5 minutes with soap in your mouth! '' mom shouted as she dragged him away. Most kids got a spanking or grounded. But we had to suffer by sucking on soap. One of the grossest things ever. Luke screamed and cried. He was acting like he was 5. Most of the time I was home I had soap stuffed in my mouth.

'' So... mom said that girl came over again. '' Jamie said. I nodded at her. But of course I wasn't going to talk about her.

'' What did you guys do? '' she asked hesitantly. When I didn't answer she smiled. '' I've been waiting for you to get a girlfriend. '' she picked up the dishes and went to the kitchen.



     I drove to school. As soon as I got out of my car my friends and girls surrounded me.

'' Hey man! '' my friends said.

'' Jay are you OK?! '' the girls asked. They were all talking at once.

'' Shut up! '' I yelled at all of them. I pushed through them. They all followed. I really wanted to see Lexi. Someone threw there arms around my waist. I turned to look. It was a girl named Charlotte. She was a petite girl with black hair and gray eyes.

'' Hi Jay... '' she said dreamily.

'' Not now. '' I said as I unpinned her arms from my waist. I turned around. Why was everyone following me?! I glared at them. Hoping they got the message. Message not recieved. They still followed.

'' Guys, quit following me. '' I finally shouted. The girls retreated but the guys came around me. They all smiled and walked on. Of course, I found Lexi in the back of her truck with her friends. I sneaked around it and jumped on. Her friends screamed in fright. She just cracked up laughing. Her friends gave her a bewildered look. Probablly expecting her to yell at me. I smiled at her. The sound of her laughter was like my favorite song replaying in my head.

'' Lexi.. are you ok? '' Maddy asked.

'' Yup. '' she got up and jumped out of her truck.

'' Where are you going? '' I asked confused. She stuck her tongue out at me. Then she darted from the parking lot. I jumped down and chased after her. She was in my sight. I could hear her laughing. She was very fast. She went around the corner. I tried to keep up with her but didnt see her. I saw Free.

'' Free! '' I yelled to him.

'' Ya? '' he asked.

'' Have you seen Lexi? '' I asked.

'' No.. '' he broke out in laughter.

'' Ok where is she? '' I asked. Then he started running. Lexi was on his back! Even with her on his back he ran faster then me. I was about to grab her backpack when a teacher came into view.

'' Mr. and Mrs. Erdman my office. '' he said. The fun was over. Lexi slid of his back and they walked away with the teacher. Oh crap.


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