Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 15
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala



Jiayi gave Daniel one last, lingering look before turning to the stables with Diane. At the moment, she was too upset to even speak to him. She had never come this close to hating him in her life before. It was infuriating. Why wouldn’t he accept the fact that she was an adult?

“He treats me like I’m nine when I’m nineteen, damn it.” They continued walking down to the stables in silence.

Daniel felt bad. That look he had seen in his sister’s eyes had cut him up hard. He knew she wasn’t a baby any more. He just didn’t want her to know he knew it; at least, not yet anyway.

He had, in essence blackmailed her into going, using Diana as a pawn. He wasn’t feeling very proud of himself right now. There would be some serious fence mending to do when this was all over.

Karen Daikin arrived last night. Part of Mac’s team, Karen’s specialty was Profile and Crime Analysis.  Karen had a sharp intellect, she was of slim build, blond, five feet six inches tall.  Earlier on she had been briefed and introduced to everyone.

Mac was thinking about Peter. It was 10:00AM and he was still in his room which was odd for him. Steven and the guys had finished with the personal effects and had laid a false trail of itineraries, venue schedules, and included some restaurant brochures provided by Maria.

“Here Sammy, I make a pizza for you; herb, tomato and no cheese.” Maggie wheeled the cart into the living room.

“Oh, Maggie, I should marry you.” Everyone laughed, knowing Samuel hated cheese of any kind. Sam took the plate and kissed her cheek.

“Oh, you young charmer. Mind you, if I were thirty years younger I would be carrying you down the isle.” Sam laughed. He loved this tough old softy.

“I never thought I would say this,” Mac shook his head slowly. “But I’m a bit concerned about Peter. He should have been up by now. I might have check to make sure he’s alright.”

Angie nodded, “I was thinking the same thing myself. He’s a pain in the ass, but he’s still an agent.”

“Now’s the time to check the truck. We’ll meet at 2.30PM to discuss our findings. Angie and I will go now. I don’t want to be here when Peter surfaces.”

“Great idea, Sue. I’ll come as well. Maria, were going to need you, too.” Karen turned to Steven and The Choir Boys. “ And you could help us identify the items on the truck’s cargo log. Let Stan and Mac look after the lovely agent Sands.”

Mac grimaced “Oh yeah. Thanks a lot, Karen. Effective immediately, you’re no longer on my Christmas card list.”

“He’s all right,” Maggie said.

“ Um, pardon? What did you say Maggie?”

“I said, he’s all right. ”

“Who?” Mac was a bit confused.

“That other fella. I fix it so he have a real good sleep.”


“Oh, my God! What have you done to him?”

“Now, Maguilita,” Daniel just shook his head.

“Oh, don’t worry about him. I not use rat bait on him. I just gave him two of Sammy’s pills.”

“Two? My God, Maggie I only take one tablet and that makes me sleepy enough.

“Don’t worry. I hear the shower going. He’s up”

“And I am out of here.” Sue stood up and left quickly and the rest followed.

Stan and Mac were left sitting at the table.

“Bloody hell. That was like ‘The Charge Of The Light Brigade.’ Stan, will you stay please? I would like a eyewitness to be present when a certain someone comes through the door.”

“Sure, Mac. Are you sure you don’t want me to get Maggie’s ‘rat bait’?” They laughed at the picture of the tiny old lady swinging a bat that was almost bigger than herself. And, she had got the best of The Head of The F.B.I. ….with just a couple of small pills. That little old lady was something else.

The door to the dinning room opened. The moment of reckoning was at hand.

“That bitch did something to me. I swear she did. I don’t sleep like that normally. She must have put something in my coffee last night. Come to think of it, it tasted a little funny. What the hell do you know about this, Mac? If I find out you’re behind this you’ll be wearing cuffs.”

“Take it easy, Peter. It’s the country air. I slept like that the first night I arrived,” lied Mac

“You’re full of shit, Mc Donald.”

Mac inclined his head in the direction of the coffee pot.

“Have a coffee and chill out, Peter. If you’re worried that it’s spiked, then pour me one as well. In fact, you can pour me one anyway.” Peter gave him a one fingered gesture as he complied. Peter handed Mac the coffee then took a seat.

“What the hell are you still doing here? You’re no longer involved in this case.”

“That’s not entirely true. I work for Steven Casey now. He the group’s producer along with Sonic Muzic Corporation so that makes me very involved in this case.”

Peter sat there like a stunned fish, opening his mouth repeatedly, but seemingly incapable of speech.

“What’s more, Stan, Sue, Angie, and Janey are working for me so the only official F.B.I. Agent here at the moment is you.”

“You bastard. You did this. I’ll have your bloody guts for garters. You’re jailbait, the whole lot of you, if you even think about looking in the office where the evidence is kept. And as for you,” Peter said, pointing at Stan, “if you so much as open the bloody gate to where the plane wreck is I’ll slap the handcuffs on your sorry arse as well. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!! ” He raised his voice and shouted the last few words as Stan and Mac stood. They were done listening to him.

“Well, I think that went well, don’t you Mac?” Stan asked as they headed towards the hanger. They looked at each other and roared with laughter. Peter didn't even know about the truck yet and he wasn't going to until they were ready to involve him.

They had made quite a bit of progress but it was noon and they were getting tired. None of them had gotten a lot of sleep and it was hotter than hell in the hanger. The truck would have to be moved outside because there wasn’t enough space to check the engine but the moment they took it out in the open Peter would be all over them.

Karen’s blouse was soaked with sweat. She peeled it away from her body again but it was a loosing battle. She had had enough. She took off her gloves and clapped her hands to grab everyone’s attention. It was too damn hot to shout.

“Ok, let’s break for two hours. I need a shower and I think I’ll have a power nap. Then I’m afraid it’s time to lift our skirts and expose our secret."  Everybody sighed gratefully.


Samuel was standing in the shower letting the cool water run over his body when he heard the shower door open. Rachel was holding a plastic stool from the bathroom. Placing it away from the spray, she told him to sit and stood behind him with her hands in his hair.

“Tilt your head back a bit, Sweetheart,” she said as she squirted shampoo in his hair. She loved its aroma. It smelled of wild herbs, musk, and man. Sam groaned as she massaged his scalp. It felt so good. She rinsed him, then shampooed again, and followed with an

ever-so-slowly, one area at a time, careful massage with his conditioner.

“Oh, God, that feels wonderful.” She glanced down at him and smiled to herself. His eyes were closed. He wore a look of pure ecstasy on his face, and he was clearly aroused. When his hair was done, she soaped her hands and massaged his shoulders, his arms and his neck.

She rinsed him with the nozzle in her hands. As she rubbed the soap off his chest she caught his nipples with her nails. She leaned forward and absorbed his groan in her mouth and chased his tongue with hers.

Samuel was in the middle of a cool shower and he was on fire. He was hot, hard, and ready for her. He took her hand and guided her on top of him.

“God, you’re beautiful.” Samuel knew his fans thought Rachel was lucky to have him but the truth was he was the lucky one. The love he felt for her was so intense it sometimes overwhelmed him.

As she straddled him, he captured her mouth in a kiss reminiscent of the one she had just given him. Rachel was enjoying herself. It was incredibly sexy playing the aggressor and he was so wickedly responsive.

She placed both hands on his shoulders and gyrated her hips slightly. Samuel groaned deep in his throat. He put his hands on her hips and matched her rhythm.

“Oh, God, Rach. I can’t make this last long.” Rachel lightly bit his ear lobe.

“Then fly with me.” Samuel barely heard her words. The ground beneath him shook and, as he exploded, his mind shattered as fireworks went off in his head. Rachel shattered right behind him as the room swayed and the lights behind her eyes burst into a million tiny stars.

The love between them almost tangible, so powerful, so strong, and so right. Silently they clung together through the after shocks. Sleep? Powernaps? Who needed them?


In a highrise in the financial sector of Las Vegas, a well manicured hand reached for the phone. The gold cufflinks with a capital ‘R’ inside a circle were the only indication of who he was and the organization he controlled. He was strictly behind the scenes, hands off, and a ghost; faceless and nameless to all but a very select few.

He engaged the speaker while it was still ringing, and pushed a green button on the console to his secretary. He would have a coffee in front of him within five minutes. The flashing light on the speaker phone indicated the other party was awaiting instructions.

“Did you plant the print on the clipboard? Good. What about that idiot he hired? It’s sorted? Brilliant. Ok, he…what? Money? What money? Nearly two grand! Mickey wouldn’t give him that much. Mickey wouldn’t give his own mother that much money. No, that fool probably robbed some joint. Look, place the money in a plastic bag and don’t touch it with your bare hands. Then give it to Mickey. Yes, especially the ones with blood on them. If this job goes south then we need a fall guy to take the heat.”

Mickey was really pissed. Hammer had disappeared into thin air and so had the bloody truck. Christ, how could an eighteen-wheeler just disappear? This was no Tonka Toy.

“I bet The Ring will have something to say about this mess.” In fact, Mickey would be very surprised if they used words. The Ring didn’t take kindly to mistakes.


It was only a matter of time now. They had gotten the eighteen-wheeler was outside and Stan , Angie and Debbie were under the hood. Debbie was more than a pilot. She was a aviation mechanic, which was, she would say, ‘just a fancy name for saying I fix the damn plane.’ Today her expertise made her invaluable in identifying the engine parts of the truck. Engine parts were all pretty much the same anyway. There were just minor modifications and changes in design.

“Oh no, here comes trouble.” Karen had just pulled the light fitting out to examine it when something made her look across towards the homestead. A cloud of dust heading their way and it was coming pretty fast.

Mac stayed inside the belly of the big beast. “Let that prick come to me,” he thought. Hell, that was a switch. It had been the other way round for years.

“Front and center, Mc Donald!”

“To hell with that,” Mac thought, not moving. “I don’t work for the S.O.B. now.”

“Don’t push me, Mac. If I have to climb aboard to find you, there will be a pair of cuffs in my hands with your name on them.”

Mac strolled out from the inside of the truck and climbed down from the trailer.

“What’s up?” Peter looked like he was going to explode with anger.

“Cut the crap and start talking and it had better be good.”

“Well, it’s like this. Maria here owns the truck and last night she had a slight accident. The brakes failed due to some outside help and Stan and I responded to the call.”

“ What the hell does a truck accident have to do with you?”

“The brake line had been slit. And it’s not just any truck. Maria was hauling stuff belonging to Sonic Muzic Corporation and The Choir Boys which ties it in with the incident in Vegas.”

“That’s no longer your business, Mc Donald. The agent that was killed was F.B.I. and we take care of our own. We don‘t need you.”

“I’m not talking about that incident. Oh no, I’m talking about the attempt on Mr Samuel Ziarre’s life; twice I might add.

“Go to hell, Mac. The killing of a Fed takes top priority and you know it. Now stand aside. I need to see in that vehicle.” Mac shot a quick look at Maria. He hoped she remembered their little discussion earlier, but he needn’t have worried. She didn’t forget much.
“Excuse me, mister, But you didn’t ask me if you can board my truck.”

“You just stay the out of it or you’ll end up with a whole lot of trouble”.

“What do you mean, ‘stay out of it?’ It’s my truck. You stay out of it.”

“What did you say?” Peter put his hands on his hips.

Mac folded his arms across his body,

“ I believe she told you to stay out of it  so I guess you won’t be looking inside.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Peter moved forward but Mac stood in his way.

“Move aside before I arrest you.”

“Peter, you heard what she said. If you attempt to climb aboard, well, you’ll just have to arrest yourself.”

Carl and Angie laughed. They couldn’t help it. The rest was able to hold it in but the laughter was clearly visible in their eyes, and it didn’t look like it would take much to tip the balance.

Mac always stayed so calm and collected when confronted by someone who liked to yell. He never raised his voice which why he was afforded the huge amount of respect by friend and foe. Peter could see he wasn’t getting anywhere with him so he turned his attention to Maria.

“I’m sorry, but this is a Federal investigation and you have no choice. We have to have access to your truck. Tell Mac to step aside and let me board.”

Maria was getting nervous now. It was all very well with Mac giving directions and saying, ‘it’ll be ok,’ but she was a bit intimidated by this horrible man. She shot a look at Mac who smiled encouragement at her. Maria took a deep breath.

“Umm, don’t you need a warrant or something?”

“There isn’t enough time to get a warrant. I’d need to find a judge to sign it, then file it. And it takes over an hour to get to town. Look, if you don’t give me permission to look at your truck, I’m going to arrest you for obstructing justice.” Maria’s eyes widened as a stab of fear lanced though her.

“I’m going to give you the count of five and if anyone tries to influence you,” he added, looking at Mac, “ I’ll arrest them as well.” Peter smiled inwardly. She was on her own and he could smell her fear. She would give in for sure.

“That’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard in a long time. Peter Sands, head of the FBI, you should be ashamed of yourself, bullying a woman.”

Heads turned and they gasped at the sight of the woman who looked like she had come straight off the catwalk. She was flawless and she was wearing a sequined black number that didn’t leave much to the imagination. The men were gob smacked, even Peter. This vision was almost too gorgeous to be real but the command in her voice suggested otherwise.

The agents went to give the vision of loveliness a hug, albeit a careful one. After all, she was wearing a designer gown. Mac had no such qualms and enveloped her in a bear hug.

“Well, Cathy B., he said, stepping back and smiling at her. “ I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see you.”











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