Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 7



            We all sat there and stared at each other. No one knew what to do. We sat silently, trying to think of something logical to say to Katherine.


Nick finally broke the silence.


“Does this mean I may not get Yu-Gi-Oh?”


I smacked myself on the forehead and saw Molly try not to crack a smile. Katherine looked down at her feet. (Well I’m guessing that’s where her feet would be since you could only see the top part of her body on the screen.) I still didn’t understand why she wouldn’t just appear to us in person. Why she insisted on appearing on a television screen.


“I guess that I should introduce you all to each other.” Said Katherine.


She pointed to the little girl on the other side of the room.


“This is Melanie, Nick you’re the same age as her. Nate’s Melanie’s older brother and Marissa is Nick’s older sister. “


She then pointed at the tall boy with blond hair.


“This is Josh”


She went on to introduce the boy with brown hair as Tim and then to introduce us to the boys.


“So…” said Tim “What now?”


“Excellent question” replied Katherine “I have no idea. I mean- I could give you mare challenges but-“


“Hey that wouldn’t be fair!” yelled Molly “All of the challenges were physical and they’re boys! They’d win!”


“I’m not a boy!” protested Melanie.


“Wait a minute” said Josh “All of your challenges were physical? All of ours were mental, probably because we’re boys and you’re girls. Testing our weakness.”


“Are you calling me a girl?” asked Nick. 

“No…” said Josh.


“Look, I’ll give you a mix of challenges if you all accept.” Said Katherine. “Do you?”


We all looked at each other, not sure what to say. I knew all eight of us had come a long way and wanted Kid Island. But for some reason no one said a word.


“Do you?” asked Katherine again.


Finally we all started nodding, then finally we starting talking to each other. To our teams and our opposing team.


Katherine told us that each team could pick a name and a color but every team member had to agree with it.


Nick wanted to be the Red Goldfish but everyone else disagreed, we finally settled on the blue Atlantic since we lived so close to the beach.


Ironically, the other team settled on the blue Pacific.


So out team was assigned light blue and the other one was assigned dark blue. I looked down to see my yellow tank top change into a light blue t-shirt. I looked over at my team who had the same color shirts. The Blue Pacific’s shirts had changed too into a navy blue.


“Next I want you all to chose a team captain” Said Katherine “ This person will have a very important role in the next few challenges that you will face. Pick someone who if responsible and a very good leader.”


So my team chose me and the other team chose Nate as the leader. Weird…the two people with younger siblings on their team.


Anyway, a yellow band appeared around the arm of my T-shirt that read, CAPTAIN.


The same thing happened to Nate.

“Alright” said Katherine “Now that we have that settled it’s time to start your third challenge. Ready?”

We all nodded nervously, not knowing what to expect.

Katherine made Nate and I shake hands. He smiled then said.

“Good Luck”

I smiled back.

“You too Nate.”

Then all I saw was a green flash and the games began.




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