Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 11
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala


They were done. It was 3.30PM and the scattered debris was now in orderly sorted piles. There was still analysis and thousands of photos to review but the most difficult, time-consuming job was completed.

Stan turned to Debbie. They had been dancing around each other since lunch and the sizzle between them still viable.

“Thanks for your help. I couldn’t have finished this nearly as quickly on my own. You were brilliant.” He held his hand out for hers. Debbie couldn’t stop smiling at him. He was so cute and she could still feel that current than ran from his finger on her lip.

“It was my pleasure.”

Stan slowly pulled her towards him. Their lips came together in a feather soft kiss that blossomed into a dancing of tongues. When they pulled apart they were both shaken.

“I think we’ve earned a cool swim in the lake. Why don’t we head for the watering hole?” Debbie just nodded in agreement. Speech was beyond her at the moment.

Stan was annoyed with himself. He had been meticulously collecting the evidence by the book but he had completely forgotten the ‘book of romance.’

“Down, Boy,” he said to himself. “You can’t just ravish a woman when you’ve only known her for five minutes.” He wasn’t seventeen anymore and he knew better than that. Besides, he really liked her and, if he wanted this to go further, he had better behave himself a damn sight better. “Idiot.” Stan berated himself as he collected the Thermos.

The watering hole had been a tiny pond that had widened over time to almost the size of an Olympic pool. It was fed by a mountain spring that was almost crystal clear and, today, coolingly refreshing on overheated skin. Stan opened his eyes as was floating and caught Debbie looking at him.

“Like the scenery?”

“It’s ok.” She laughed at his hurt expression and aimed a splash at his chest. He dove and she squealed when she felt his hands on her legs. They were nose to nose when Debbie’s arms, almost with a will of their own, went around his neck. Stan arms his went around her waist and he pulled her close. He would review the “book of romance” tomorrow. Right now, it was just too hard to resist her, he was too hard to resist her. The cool waters of this pool hadn’t extinguished the heat between them, and Debbie felt herself responding to the heated desire in Stan’s eyes.


Janey shifted in her seat. What she was about to do went against all department regulations, but she had already broken a few rules during the interviews and didn’t care. It was time for a well earned break. Janey knew that the gorgeous hunk in front of her wasn’t single. Someone who looked that good would never even make it to the shelf never mind sit there. She was also well aware of the affect she had on men so the fact that there had only been a passing reaction from him meant he had to be taken or gay. For that honey to be gay would be a real crime against humanity.

“We’ve done enough. I’m going to straighten up here and take my Harley for a ride. Would you like to join me?” Utah didn’t hesitate.

“ That would be great.” He’d love feeling the wind in his face again and, to experience the sound and power, that only comes from having a Harley between your thighs. “ I’ll go and change my clothes.”

Janey dropped the recording in a yellow evidence bag and sealed it with tape and an official stamp. The tape was a developed forensic composite that, although it looked normal, was slightly tacky to retain fingerprints. Tampering with these bags is a serious offence and evidence from this tape had been used in court more than once.

The seal marked the bag as property of the F.B.I. Just like the rest, this was labeled and marked as requiring two copies. One would go to Steven Casey, as requested, and the second would go to Mac for analysis. The original would to be sealed in another bag and stored in the F.B.I. Evidence vault.

Utah had to admit it, he was impressed.

This was a lot of bike for a little girl! Ok, so she wasn’t so little with the way she filled out that black leather cat suit. He would have to be blind not to notice. What was it his good friend Carl said?

“Now that I’m married it’s ok to look, but don’t touch. Look. That’s ok, that’s allowed.” It seemed like a good policy to Utah.

Janey wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to give this cute guy a squeeze around the middle.

“Here,” she said, casually tossing him the keys. “You drive.” Utah caught the ring and straddled the bike, bracing it with his foot while Janey climbed on behind him. Before he turned the key, Janey leaned forward.

“Utah, there are two things you should know about me. Firstly; I don’t poach on someone else’s territory. Secondly; I’m no fraidy cat, so, floor it, baby.”

The Harley roared to life and Utah felt Janey scoot up snug behind him and her arms go tight around him. Utah laughed out loud and thought about how great it was to be alive. Janey wrapped her thighs around his tight butt, and nearly strangled the man’s mid drift with her arms. She smiled to herself.

“Life. It didn’t get much better than this.”


Mickey studied the map in front of him. There was a hell of a lot of country between Las Vegas and Canada. Where was the best place to take out a truck? It had to be somewhere fairly remote. The longer it took for the authorities to get to the wreckage, the better. The truck had to be disabled and the gear inside smashed as well, but there was not a chance in hell that he would ever trust that idiot Hammer with a stick of dynamite again, so explosion wasn’t an option. This needed a different approach.

There was also the little matter of getting rid of a certain liability. Mickey didn’t see any reason that he couldn’t solve both problems together. Why the hell not?

He reached for one of the Havana’s he had smuggled into the country. As he leaned back in his leather backed chair he smiled. A plan was forming in his clever mind. Hammer could hobble the truck anyway he chose , barring explosives. All Mickey needed to know was where Hammer intended to hit the truck and he would take care of the other business as well. Just like this cigar, life tasted pretty damn good at the moment.

The phone on his desk buzzed.


“It’s Hammer.”

“ Come up. The door’s open. ”

Mickey removed the gun from his top drawer. If that idiot was still sloshed, he wouldn’t make it out of this bloody room. Mickey could find another player, but was reluctant. He really wanted to kill these proverbial two birds with one very large stone.

Hammer knew Mickey was planning to ‘take him out’. It was just a question of when. He had messed up and the price for mistakes was costly in this business.

Damn it, why had he blown his money in Mickey’s strip joint? Sometimes he could be so stupid. No bomb, that was just as well. They cost money and Hammer knew that all it took to knobble a vehicle of any kind was a cheap pair of wire cutters on the brake cables. A leak could remain undetected for miles, allowing for a clean get away. Hammer grinned at the plan.


Maria was making good time. It was a glorious day and she had been sipping her double shot latte since she left Nevada. She smiled. Life felt good.

She downshifted to take the hill and rubbed the dashboard of her Big Mac. This truck was worth more than her house. She had know way of knowing the truck’s value would change in twenty-four hours.






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