Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 9
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala


“My God!!”, Bruce was looking at the photos Mac had taken earlier. “The debris is scattered over a half mile! The force of the explosion must have been incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this”.

“Stan will be here later. He’ll be able to explain it much better than I can but, from what I can gather, they used some pretty powerful stuff. I just hope they don’t try anymore stunts. It is a worry that they even got to the plane in the first place. I will be glad when back-up arrives.”

Daniel drew in a sharp breath.

“Mac, are you saying we may be in danger here? Mac? You have to be straight with me. My family. Are they in any danger?”

“I don’t think so. I’m sorry I can’t give you any guarantees but it’s been my experience that, if they don’t kill you when they have the chance, then they won’t kill you unless the situation changes. I just would feel better having my own people investigating this before the Bureau Chiefs show up and start trampling all over the scene like a herd of elephants. I want my people to have at least one to two days head start on the others.”

Lunch would be a barbeque, the last for a while because there would be so many people milling around here soon, that eating outside would be like eating in a goldfish bowl. Bruce helped Daniel at the grill.

During lunch, Mac sat by Annie. He turned to her, curious about something.

“Annie, Jiayi is quite an unusual name, how did you and Bruce decide on it?”

“ The name comes from China. We went there for a second honeymoon. While we were there I found a palm reader in one of those street markets in a little village. The lady doing the reading looked about 100yrs old and I felt a bit sorry for her. Half way through the reading, while rubbing the side of my hand, she stopped talking in the middle of a sentence.

It was really strange. Bruce and I just looked at each other. After a few seconds the woman said ‘You have girl.’

“What? Sorry?” We thought we had misheard her. She touched the same spot on my hand. ‘You have girl now.’

“ ‘No, we don’t have any girls, we have two boys.’ She looked up and pointed to my stomach. ‘You have GIRL!’

“Not long after I felt sick and put it down to something I ate, only it was the same the next morning. Bruce looked at me.

‘Are you pregnant?’ I started counting back and remembered what that old fortune teller had said a few days earlier. I didn’t think so, but suddenly I wasn’t so sure.

“When we returned home, I immediately went to see my doctor and you can see the results over there.” Jiayi was sitting on the patio talking to Diana.

“When she was born, we remembered how the old woman had been convinced I was carrying a girl so we decided on a Chinese name.

Daniel and John helped us. When I brought her home, Daniel said, ‘I like her, Mum.’ ‘Me, too,’ John agreed. We did some research and found Jiayi, which means ‘likable person.’ It just seemed to fit. What about you, Mac? Do you have any kids?”

Mac pulled a picture out of his wallet.

“This is Rebecca, better known as Becky.”

“She’s beautiful. What is she, nineteen? She looks like her dad.”

“ Becky’s eighteen going on thirty,” Mac laughed. “And she may look like me but trust me. She’s sassy like her mum.” Annie laughed. “Tell me about it. These kids know more at eighteen than I knew at twenty-five”

“Yeah, ain’t that the truth!”

“Hey! Maxwell Smart! Are you missing a couple of agents?” Everyone turned to look as two young women came through open doors onto the veranda.

Mac gave them both a big smile and a hug.

“Everyone, this is Sue Dale. Don’t let her size fool you. She’s small, but she’s an expert in the art of Karate and Kung Fu. So guys, that means she is very skilled with her hands.” Amidst the laugher Mac continued with the introductions.

“And this one, the one with the smart mouth who shows me absolutely no respect, is Angie Patterson. She may look like Barbie but what this young lady doesn’t know about weapons isn’t worth knowing.”

“Hey, ah Mac. Ah, are all your agents going to look like this?” Carl put on his most charming smile and, wiggling his eyebrows, stepped forward.

“Helllooo, Ladies, I’m Carl.” His rich deep voice made both their eyes widen. Samuel put his hand on Carl’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Ladies. He’s Spanish but harmless,” He explained as he reached for each of their hands. As is the French way, he kissed the backs slowly, before releasing them in turn. “Enchanté. I am Samuel.”

Utah and Daniel stepped up together smiling at the antics of their friends.

“Hi girls. I’m Daniel.”

“ And I’m Utah.” Angie and Sue fanned their faces. Dear God!

“Hey, Mac, Do all your special clients look like this? If so, we want to be Bodyguards. You know, Mac, like the movie.”

Mac led them into the study which Bruce had given him the use of. This room was now the base of the investigation. It would be used to store everything connected to this case. Mac would bring Angie and Sue up to speed while showing them the photos of the plane.

Within minutes they were joined by Stan Wilson and another agent who had just arrived.

Mac was anxious to determine a plan of action because the FBI bigwigs should be arriving soon. If they saw that matters were in good hands, then Mac hoped they would just do a quick scan and leave his team to get on with it.


Now that Stan was there, Mac abbreviated the meeting with a promise to resume later. He wanted to get Stan to the wreckage while the light was still good and it was going on 4PM. There was no way to gather the fragmented evidence in bad light. It would be too easy to miss something or worse, step, on something. Mac didn’t want to chance ‘altered evidence’ and have some of it inadmissible in a court of law.

The agent that had arrived with Stan stayed behind as she wanted to talk to Steven and The Choir Boys. She evoked an audible gasp when she entered the room. She looked like she belonged on the cover of Vogue. Daniel found his voice first.

“Hello. I’m Daniel.”

“How do you do? I’m Utah.”

“A enchanté pour vous rencontrer. I am Samuel.” He kissed the back of her hand and gave her a small bow of his head.

Carl, with a “Prince Charming” smile, also kissed the back of her hand.

“Hola dama hermosa, my name is Carl.”

“Holy Hell,” thought Janey as she took a couple of deep breaths. These guys looked like they just stepped out of an issue of Playgirl. And the one with the name of a State, Ohio ? No, what was it again? Hmmm, Utah? Yes. That’s it, Utah. He looked like the bloomin’ centerfold.

“I’m Janey Phelps and I’m with The Narcotics Division of the F.B.I. It’s a privilege to meet you all.” She looked at Steven, “I’m sorry, we haven’t met.” Every one, including Steven, had assumed she knew who he was.

He was somewhat taken back to find out Janey didn’t know him at all. Hell, even Rachel, who was Australian, had known who he was so he was a bit peeved this American didn’t.

“I’m Steven Casey and I manage this group of singers called The Choir Boys. You know, they are No 1 in 26 countries now. They’re pretty famous.”

Janey held up her hands “Sorry. I’m very sorry, Guys. I’ve been out of the country for eight months on a some remote islands with nothing but battery operated radio equipment. But I’m here now so let’s sit so we can go over what happened.” Debbie joined them at the table.

Janey recounted the facts as she knew them and made some notes from what they added. She explained that individual interviews would start tomorrow, then with the help of Stan, she would inspect the plane inch by inch.

Stan was the type of guy who oozed personality while, at the same time, exhibiting extreme confidence. Mac had always thought of him as a cocky - son - of - a -gun who could charm the leaves off the trees. He and Mac stopped at the table on their way to the wreckage and added a request of his own.

“I must ask that you stay away from the accident scene.”

“Accident? It’s no bloody accident! Some low-life blew up my plane!” Man, that redhead had a temper. Stan liked a woman with a bit of moxy.

“I apologize. You’re right. It isn’t an accident." Stan looked directly at the gorgeous redhead.

“You are the pilot, aren’t you? I could do with your help at the site. Do you think you could accompany me tomorrow?”

“ Of course.”

The guys returned Steven’s look of surprise.

Their Debbie was smiling in the midst of all this chaos. Now that was interesting. It was beginning to look as if tomorrow would be interesting to everyone.


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