♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 11
I hate explaining!!!


     That was one of the most boringest weekends ever! I had to stay in bed for 3 days. Suckish right? My family was pretty pissed at me, so they never came to talk or check up on me. I was somewhat happy to go back to school. Despite the looks people gave me. I was looking for my friends. But everyone I passed asked how I was. The word spreaded faster then stomache virus. Even a teacher asked me how I was! Most people called them my 'battle marks.' I called them my stupid teenage mind marks. It could have been worse. I was lucky. I was lucky, until I heard another rumor about me and Free. I was walking along the courtyard when some juniors started laughing and pointing. What I didnt know is that they were doing that to me.

'' Whats so funny losers? '' I walked over there.

'' Your old man hates you and kicked you out of your house! '' how the hell did they know that? I thought they had to be drunk. But they weren't.

'' Were did you hear that from? '' I said trying to keep cool.

'' Jay. '' Wtf!

'' You can't believe everything you hear. '' I said.

'' Sure.. we'll 'pretend' like it didnt happen! '' one winked and said.

'' You guys are ass holes. ''

'' Your a piece of trash that got put out on the curb. ''

'' I'd like too see you get kicked out of your house. ''

'' I don't need to get kicked out to show that I pretend to be tough and cool! '' I felt my eyes start too water so I went on. My vision was blurred and I didn't know who I ran into.

'' Lexi, why the hell did you tell people that our dad called us orphans and kicked us out?! '' Free's voice said.

'' I didn't! Those guys back there said Jay told them! ''

'' Jay? Theres no way! He wasn't with us then! '' was Free considering I told people? I think he was. Why couldnt it have been him who told everyone?

'' How do I know you didn't tell everyone, huh?! '' I yelled in his face.

'' Why would I tell people that! ''

'' The same reason why I wouldnt! ''

'' I dont know Lexi, you've been doing some pretty stupid things lately. '' he crossed his arms.

'' Free, I swear I did not spread that around! ''

'' I'm not sure I can believe you right now. After all, you never told me about your stunt. '' he hit my shoulder as he stormed off. I cant believe his! My own freakin brother doesnt believe me! It's not even a thing to get mad about! Instead of crying, I was furious and stormed off to Jays friends. He wasn't in school today.

'' Is Jay the one who's telling crap about my family?! '' I hissed in Chase's face.

'' We heard it from him. '' he shrugged.

'' He told you in words? ''

'' He was sleep talking. ''

'' You can tell him I hate him! He's making my brother blame me! So you better shut this bogus rumor up, or someones gunna get hurt. '' I walked away from them. Leaving confusion on there faces. I must have been out of my mind because I was in my truck going to Jays house.



    I knocked on the door loudly. His mom answered the door.

'' Um yes? '' she asked.

'' May I come in? Thank you! '' I pushed past her without her even saying yes. She gave me a bewildered look. She decided to leave me alone and went to the kitchen. I ran up a flight of stairs hoping his room was up here. I barged into a room. It was a bathroom. I went to the door that was closed. I almost ripped the door open and slammed it behind me. It was his room. It was a cream color. With 3 posters, a bed, a dresser, and a desk with a computer. He was on the computer and jumped when he saw me.

'' Lexi what are -- ''

'' Shut the hell up! I want to know why the whole school is talking about my family! '' I yelled. He was shocked and just stared at me.

'' Because the word is, me and Free got kicked out of our house and our dad called us orphans! '' which was partly true. We did get kicked out, but he didnt call us orphans!!

'' Listen, I overheard and saw what happened that day. But, I did not spread it! I sleep talk! My friends heard me say that and they spread it around! '' he said calmly.

'' Why should I believe you? We've always hated each other! There was only one time I depended on you! One freakin time! I still owe you! But I don't believe you! '' I screamed.

'' Lexi, I swear on my life, I. did. not. tell. anybody. You should give me your trust by now.'' he was feet away from me now.

'' You don't deserve my trust. '' I hissed.

'' You owe me. All you have to do, is give me your trust. '' he said. I didn't answer to that. ''Why do you think Im trying to convince you I didn't say it on purpose? '' he asked.

'' To get out of it. '' I almost whispered.

'' You've known me too long. I wouldn't beat around the bush this long. And you know it. '' he said. That was true. He would have told me straight out if he did it. I felt like an ass.

'' Ok, I -- I believe you. '' I finally said. He smiled a little.

'' Do you trust me now? '' he asked. I felt a lump in my throat.

'' Yes. '' I croaked.

'' Please, don't lose trust in me. Especially after this. '' his voice shook. The unexpected came. He put his hands on my cheeks. They were slightly shaking. He leaned forward. My brain sorta went dead. I realized I was leaning forward too. Our lips finally met. His lips were hard at first, but became softer as the kiss went on. My lips burned and I was running out of breathe. I felt out of control. My hands ran through his hair. Then my phone rang. I tried to ignore it at first. The ringer kept going on and on. Finally, I gained control of myself and was able to get my phone out of my pocket.

'' He-- Hello? '' I said in deep gasps of air. Jay was breathing hard also.

'' Lexi? Whats wrong with you? '' Free's voice said.

'' Um, nothing.. '' I said in more gasps.

'' Listen, I'm sorry I blamed you for the thing. I was just tired and mad. ''

'' Its ok. Um I gotta go. '' I said.

'' Where are you anyways? '' he asked.

'' Jays.. '' I whispered.

'' So that explains the -- '' he trailed off.

'' Ya, bye. '' I closed the phone. Jay was staring at me. His breathe was still uneven.

'' I should go.. '' I said.

'' Um.. ya ok. See you tomorrow. '' he said.

'' Tomorrow.. right. See you.. then. '' I waved and ran out of his room and out of the house.




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