Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 66
She Who ......

For Uncle Gordie.. Who planted the seed.
Organizing Grandpa
And sprucing up the home,
Ensuring that the fridge is stocked
And that the toddlers do not roam.
Fussing over flowers
Cooking tasty pies,
Gossiping with girlfriends
Complaining how time flies.
Engaging with the milkman
Making cups of tea,
The days are oh so busy
For She Who Lives with me.
Arguing about the finance
Taking all the kids to school,
Feeding shaggy dogs their biscuits
Stroke the cat upon the stool,
Keep the salesmen at a distance
And religious callers out,
Loves pink roses in the sunlight
Dainty daisies spread about.
Be the bedrock of the family
A steady arm on which to lean,
A true and understanding partner
A loving mother in between
Gentleness to daughters
And guidance as it goes
Whilst in the face of true adversity
She is a tigress to all foes.
Yelling at the sports field
Put a plaster on the knee,
There's not a moment left unoccupied
For She Who slaves for free.
Dealing with the problems
Keeping egos in the jar,
Being sexy when the moment's right
When it's wrong she keeps afar.
Sensitive in tender moments
Feminine with class and taste
A million dollars in the mirror,
Not an eyelash out of place.
Managing the household
Rewarding with a treat,
Serving up the family roast
Followed up by delights sweet.
An oasis in the desert
For the warmth is there to see,
And there is quiet satisfaction
In being She Who Sits to Pee.
North Shore Tow Bars
5th November 2008


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