Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 4
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala


Daniel looked at the cup of coffee the officer had just brought him and decided to pass on the experience. The coffee looked like something that was laid on the surface of the road.

"Excuse me, Officer. Can I have a glass of water please? I'm a bit coffee'd out after last night." The others echoed the request and there was a chorus of, "Yeah, yeah water,” “Me too," and "I'll have the same thanks.” The officer shook his head. Who in their right mind drank water instead of coffee?

"It's your funeral," he shrugged as he turned away. Mac grimaced at his choice of words.

“Ok , lets begin.” Mac reached over, turned on the tape recorder and faced the three men.

“I know you’re world famous celebrities and I want to assure you that this tape is for the purpose of this investigation. It may be classed as evidence and could be used in a court of law. Are you ok with this?”

The three nodded their approval.

“Our manager, Steven Casey, is going to want a copy of that tape, and he doesn’t want any press involved until he arrives,” Daniel said. While Steven hadn’t actually said that, Daniel knew Steven well enough to know that this was the way he would want things.

“Normally we don’t do this with out a court order, but we’ll do it this time.” Mac didn’t want to think about what his boss was going to say about this breach of procedure but he had questions and, if this was the easiest and quickest way to get answers, then so be it.

“Did any of you see,” Mac consulted the report in front of him, “Mr. Ziarre get shot or who the shooter was?”

“I saw Sam fall but thought he had tripped,” Daniel replied.

“I just saw him fall. Yeah, he just fell. And his face was all bloody. God, there was so much blood.” Carl shook his head. The scene he was describing still too raw in his mind and he was fully aware that the vision would stay with him for a long time.

“I may have seen a movement by the side door. It was dark, you know, but I think someone left the concert that way. Then I saw what Carl saw. Sam fell, his face was bloody, and then all hell broke loose. I tried to calm the people down. The paramedics took Sam to hospital and, when we tried to go with them the police told us it was now a Federal matter and we had to wait for you guys to show up.” When Mac raised an eyebrow, Utah continued.

“ Well, we waited for over an hour? Anyway, what would you have done? Trust me. When you spend over sixteen hours a day, every day with the same guys, they become like your brothers. Tell me would you have been able to just sit and wait?” Mac shook his head.

“I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes to be honest with you.” Utah nodded, appreciating the man’s honesty.

“Well, then you understand why we had to leave when we did.”

“Can you describe the person in the doorway?”

“ It was so dark, you know? But I’m sure it was a man.”

“ What makes you so sure?”

“The way he moved. He was furtive and sneaky and he was dressed all in black. And, in the exit light he looked about my height and had a slim build.”

“Sheesh. You remembered all this after seeing the guy for maybe only a minute? I’m impressed.” Utah shrugged his shoulders at Carl’s comment.

“I think I only remembered him because he didn’t look or act like our fans normally do.”

“Ok, lets just clarify this. None of you actually saw your friend get shot or who shot him, correct?”

“Correct,” all three answered at once.

“And you’re” Mac inclined his head towards Utah, “you’re pretty sure you saw someone leaving via the side door, a man who was acting suspiciously dressed all in black.” Utah nodded again.

“Yes, that’s pretty much it.”

“Ok, what about Mr Ziarre. I know you were on stage singing, but did any of you notice anyone paying him particular attention? Did he seem upset in any way prior to tonight or say anything to any of you?”

“No,” came the chorus in response. Then Carl remembered something.

“Hang on just a second. When Sam joined me on the step like he always does, he seemed a little disturbed by something. I made a joke and he laughed then we carried on with the song. The rest of it you know. I don’t know if it had something to do with this or not but he carried on like nothing was wrong.”

“I guess that’s it then. We’ll need to interview Mr Ziarre as soon as we get the word from the Doc and hopefully he can shed some more light on this.”

Mac turned off the recorder then gave the tape to the officer in the room.

“Here, take this to Phil and tell him to make two copies.” While Mac was replacing the tape with a new one, his phone rang.

“Yeah, Mac here. What do you mean there’s been an incident at the hospital?” The three men jumped to their feet and Mac held up his hand for them to wait.

“What do you mean you don’t know all the details yet?” Mac shook his head, wondering where in the hell they hired these kids from?.

“What is the count. Three victims. One in the…are you serious? … the morgue?

Oh hell. Look, I’m heading over there now and I want that damn hospital more secure than Fort Knox, and tighter than a ant’s behind and answers to be ready when I arrive. Do you understand me?” With that, Mac pushed a button on his phone which triggered a red light outside the door signaling an officer was required in Mac’s office pronto. The time to act was now. He continued.

“I’m sending reinforcements. This is now an international crime which means that we, The FBI, are in charge and that hospital is now a crime scene. Do you get the picture? Good. Now see to it!” An officer entered the office.

“You called Sir?”

Mac, by now short on both patience and time, said, “We need reinforcements at County General; as many as you can find; A.S.A.P. Think you can handle that?”

“Yes Sir,.” he answered before he turned and left.


A uniformed officer got behind the wheel of squad car and flipped the siren on. Mac addressed the men in the back.

“ I wish I could tell you more but we’ll find out once we get to be the hospital.”

The three singers didn’t speak. Their thoughts were going off in a million directions. They were trying to be positive, but all the while one word kept surfacing. “Morgue.”

The siren was silenced as they approached the hospital. When it turned into the driveway, Mac shook his head to do a double take.

“What the hell is going on here?”

There were women, hundreds of them, holding cards, flowers, stuffed toys and few held placards with massages for Samuel.

Mac had never seen anything like it. They were everywhere, surrounding the car from all sides. The passengers were easily visible. They screamed and waved well cards and banners that said “WE LOVE YOU, SAM,” and “GET WELL, SAMUEL.” The throng surrounded the car and made progress nearly impossible.

“ Stop the car,” Utah said. “Is there any way I can speak to them from in here?” Mac handed him a microphone and flipped to the speaker.

“Hello, Ladies.” He waited a few seconds for the screaming to subside before he continued. “Please, listen to what I have to tell you. This is very important. We need to get inside right away. Samuel’s in trouble. As soon as we know something, we’ll tell you but please let us pass.” He handed the microphone back and Carl and Daniel slapped him on the back.

Mac stared as the women moved away from the car and cleared a path right up to the hospital entrance. He couldn’t believe it. It was like Moses parting the sea. He would get free beers down at his local for weeks on this story alone.

They entered Emergency to avoid the press at the front door. They followed Mac who was being led by an officer stationed there. When they walked right past Samuel’s room in ICU, their hearts dropped.

“Oh, God, Where is he?” Daniel took a deep breath and stopped dead. He couldn’t take another step, neither could Carl and Utah.

Mac stepped up close to them, put a finger to his lips, and whispered,

“Trust me.”

Still apprehensive, they nodded and followed the men in front of them.

After a few turns through the corridors, they stood outside a room with two armed officers. Mac quietly introduced the singers to the officers and opened the door.

“ Oh, my God, you all look like shit,” Samuel laughed. He was happy to see his friends. The strangers around him wouldn’t or couldn’t answer his questions.

Both Carl and Utah went from relief to wanting to give him a hefty punch on the arm. Only the bandage around his head saved him.

“You should talk.” Daniel responded with a relieved smile. “Love your outfit, by the way. I especially like he matching hat and dress. Very chic.” Samuel laughed again. It was good to see his comrades again.

From his chair in the circle around the bed Mac began.

“ I know you all have a lot of questions, especially you, Mr Ziarre,” Sam interrupted, “Please, call me Samuel.”

“Ok, Samuel. I will try to answer you, but I need some answers as well. It might take some time.”

As if on cue, a tap on the door announced the arrival of a refreshment trolley. Mac stood and poured four cups.

“Gentlemen, how do you have your coffee?”

”Black.” came the response from the doorway. All heads turned as Mac shook hands with Steven Casey.






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