Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 3
Sound Of Silence by Rose hala



Utah paced as he waited for Daniel to return with the cell phone. Reception was lousy. There was too much interference and they both couldn't just walk off in case Carl, who had stayed with Samuel, came looking for them.

Utah thought about the phone call he would have to make to Samuel’s mother shortly. He was anxious to get it over with. While he knew her well enough after all the time in the group, how the hell was he going to tell her Samuel had been shot? Hello, Mrs. Z. Oh, by the way Sam's been shot in the head and is in the hospital. Utah grimaced. Oh yeah. That was subtle…

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. It was Daniel and he was smiling, odd in light of all that happened tonight.

Daniel, seeing the look on Utah's face, laughed and slapped him on the back.

"It's fine. Everyone's been informed.”

Utah looked doubtful. "You were only gone five minutes."

"I'm a fast talker." He knew it was coming so braced himself for Utah's brotherly punch to the arm, then continued. "Grant borrowed a phone from one of the security guards and phoned John, who phoned Steven and managed to reach him at his home in London. He and Rachel will be arriving tomorrow."

"What about Mrs Z?"

“ Ani is with her." Utah’s girlfriend, Antoinette, lived close to Paris and was already at Mrs. Z’s so she wouldn’t be alone. “The reception wasn’t brilliant but at least everyone has been told. Oh, I almost forgot. Steven wants us to get John and Gary a bottle of scotch each." Utah let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank God I didn't have to make that phone call." It was definitely worth the bottles of scotch for their Personal Assistant, John Vazey, and Musical Director/ Drummer Grant Wakefield.

Carl, who had stayed with Samuel, was relieved to hear that Steven would arrive the next day. If anyone could make sense of this mess, he could. Steven Casey was the creator of The Choir Boys, a quartet who sung hymns with an operatic flare and an added pop twist. Carl, Daniel and Utah were all operatically trained singers, though each voice was as unique as the individual. Carl was a rich-toned, powerful, baritone. Daniel was an experienced tenor with a penchant for the higher vocal range, whilst Utah had a smooth, mellow, well balanced, tenor voice. The pop twist came from the pure un-trained voice of singer/songwriter, Samuel. In the three years since their inception, they had released two #1 best selling albums of popular ballads right behind their two #1 albums “Choir Boys Sing” and “Choir Boys: Rhythm & Hymns.”

Daniel crossed to the other side of the bed opposite Carl. Samuel had color in his cheeks again. The tube had been removed and he almost looked like his old self despite the bandage around his head and the small drip-line going into the back of his left hand.

Daniel stared at the clock on the wall “6AM,” he thought. “Where had the night gone?” He rubbed his face with his hands and tried to recall what day it was and when he'd last had some sleep. He gave up on the day and as for sleep, who knew?

"He almost looks better than you guys do." At the sound of the doctor’s voice the three turned.

 "Why don't you get some sleep? There’s nothing you can do until he wakes anyway. We have some rooms available. They’re just down the hall and we can notify you if there are any changes in your friend’s condition. When he wakes up, he's going to feel confused, disorientated and most likely have a hang-over sized headache. He's also going to have a lot of questions that only you three can answer. My advice is to sleep while you can. Your friend is recovering and should be more alert later on today but, for now, he's doing what you should be doing. It's not just him that needs to recover, you know? You’ve all had a shock to the system. And, if you don't let your bodies rest, you'll end up in a hospital bed beside him." They knew he was right. Carl was the last one to leave the room. He glanced back toward his friend lying in the bed. "Later, mi amigo," he said softly.


It was close to noon when the three returned to the familiar waiting room, feeling more human again after a few hours of sleep, a shower, a shave, and a change of clothes. All things considered, the three Choir Boys decided they looked pretty darn good. Daniel grinned at Utah. He gestured towards the clothes they were wearing, which had been dropped off at reception for them.

"These will probably cost us another bottle of Scotch." Utah laughed and recounted their earlier conversation to Carl.

They hadn’t been there very long when the door opened. Shirley was balancing a tray which Carl took from her and placed on the coffee table. She had brought sandwiches, savories, and an assortment of sweet treats and invited them to select their drinks from the kitchenette down the hall.

"Shirley this is wonderful."

"It’s from my mother. She runs a bakery and is a big fan of yours."

Shirley gave him a small smile. She seemed a bit on edge.

"You should know your friend was awake a little while ago. He only opened his eyes for a minute and started to speak until he muttered something about his head hurting. He was given some pain killers then drifted off to sleep again."

"What did he say? You can tell us. We're his brothers."

"He said, ‘That’s the last time I go out drinking with that bloody Spaniard’ That's it. That's all he said." Shirley waited for the laughter to subside. " While you were sleeping a Federal Agent came to interview you. The Doctor said you weren’t to be disturbed. That was about 10.30. The agent said he would be back after lunch."

All eyes turned to the clock on the wall. It was 12.15PM. Thanks to Grant, who had off the dropped fresh clothes and toiletries, at least they would be presentable.

Only a few minutes later Dr Evans entered the room.

"Well, gentlemen, I can't stall him for ever. He’s in the Reception waiting room and he's anxious to speak to you."


Agent Scott “Mac” McDonald watched as they walked towards him. They didn't look like superstars, not that he had met so many. He’d just assumed they’d look different somehow.

Mac shook hands with them then led them to the waiting squad car.

“ I've got a lot of questions for you."

Daniel got in the car then replied, " We've got a few questions we’d like answers to ourselves."

Tony Menza swore as he watched the three men get in the squad car with the Federal Agent and drive off. He had screwed up big time. Mickey was going to break his knee-caps, or worse. He thought he'd taken care of things but that bloody frog was still alive and the Feds were sniffing around like dogs. He had to fix this fast.

Tony's cell buzzed. He cursed when he saw who was phoning him.

"Hey Mickey, how are y…? What? Oh sure, Mickey, I done what you wanted. I whacked that nark just like you said. You heard about that already?! Don't worry I'm gonna take care of it shortly. In fact, I'm outside County General now. What? Wait? Wait for what? Awww, Mickey I don't need no help. I can whack this guy easy.

“No. Oh no, Mickey, I would never question your decision. Well, ok then. How long am I supposed to wait for this guy to show up? Fifteen minutes? OK, what ever you say, boss, but if he isn't here in fifteen minutes, I'm doing the job myself.”

Mickey hung up on him and dialed another number.

"Yeah, it's Mickey. Listen. I've got a little job that needs fixing. How would you like to wipe your slate clean and earn for yourself a bonus of 150G's? No, not the President and the bonus is yours if it can be done within fifteen minutes. Great. Let me give you the details.”

Tony walked casually into the hospital. He had already verified the Frenchman’s room number when he called the hospital reception from the car.

The guy Mickey was supposed to send was a no show. Anyway, how hard could it be to kill someone lying in a hospital bed?

He hid from view beside the drink machine and waited for the posted security guard to leave for the men’s room.

Tony heard a thud, then approaching footsteps as he ran to the room. He opened the door quickly and tried to calm himself as he pulled the gun and silencer out of his pocket. “ I’ve gotta make this quick.” he thought.

Shirley noticed the security guard was missing and quickly alerted reception from the nurses station. Anxious to get back to Samuel she turned the corner in time to see a man running from his room.

A piercing scream rent the air followed by the thudding sound of a body hitting the floor. Then, in a busy hospital in the middle of the day came the worst sound of all. ….The Sound Of Silence.










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