♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 10
Lexi's p.o.v The recover.

                                                           Lexi's p.o.v.



       Chase was yelling at Jay to fight it. Jay slowly turned his head to look at me. Then he yelled. There was so much pain in his face it was heart breaking. His pupils got smaller and then his eyes shut.

'' NO! '' I yelled which sent a shock through my body.

'' Jay! Jay! No, no, no! Jay open your eyes! Jay open your eyes! '' Chase pleaded. His eyes didnt open. Then the doors opened and I was taken out of the car and put on a gurney. They took me into a bright room. They took xrays of my body. They said I had a minor concussion and my left hand was broken. They put 5 stitches across my forehead and wrapped my arm in a cast. The stitches were kinda in the middle from my hairline from straight up where my temple is. They were slanted and very noticeable. I got a plain white cast. They gave me some pain relievers and said I could go in an hour. A nurse came to tell me how much it would cost. In all its was way more then I could afford. I had to tell my parents.

'' How is Jay Gould? '' I aked the nurse before she left.

'' Mr. Gould has a concussion, has 7 stitches, and broke his middle finger. '' she said.

'' Oh, well may I see him? '' I asked.

'' Yes, he'll be leaving in 3 hours. We want to monitor his concussion to see if he will have any troubles at home. '' she said and left. I got up to find his room. I went to the waiting room and saw everyone sitting and reading magazines.

'' Hey guys! '' I said as I came closer to them. They all looked up and smiled but then frowned.

'' The nurses wouldnt tell us what was wrong with you, so whats wrong with you? '' we laughed.

'' I have a minor concussion, I have 5 stitches, and my hand is broken. Jay has a concussion, he has 7 stitches, and broke his middle finger. '' I said.

'' Wow. ''

'' I'm going to go see Jay now. They said I can bring someone, so I'll take Chase. '' everyone moaned. But Chase was happy. We found him in the recovery room. He had just woken up.

'' Hey Jay.. '' I whispered. He smiled at us.

'' Hey. So whats wrong with us? '' he asked. I told him what conditions we were in.

'' It's not too bad. '' he mumbled.

'' Weres your stitches? '' I asked. He pointed to the right side of his head. They went along his hair line. Lucky! They werent as noticeable as mine. We all sat quietly until a nurse came in.

'' Lexi Erdman. Your family is here. '' she said. Damn it!



      I found my mom, dad, and Free waiting in the lobby. I slowly walked over too them.

'' O my God! '' mom and dad both said. Free's mouth fell open.

'' Um, hi. '' I said quietly.

'' What happened too you?! '' they yelled angrily.

'' Skateboard accident.. '' I mumbled.

'' We heard there was another boy involved. Who is he? '' they demanded to know.

'' Jay Gould. ''

'' Ugh, we might as well pay for him, it was probablly your fault anyways! '' dad yelled.

'' It was n... '' then I thought. Was it really my stupidity that almost killed both of us?

'' Mr. and Mrs. Erdman, your daughter has a minor concussion, needed 5 stitches, and broke her hand. '' she said in a little voice. My parents went to the front desk to fill out papers. I sat next to Free.

'' What were you thinking! Lexi, you are such an idiot! '' Free yelled.

'' I know. ''

'' You almost died! Your lucky you only had minor injuries! '' he yelled.

'' I know. '' I started crying. It hurt to cry.

'' The important thing is your safe.. '' Free said quietly. Our parents came back.

'' Lexi, we want you to take Jay home and apoligize to his family. '' was all they said. Then they left.




       Chase brought me and Jay back to the hill. My truck was gone so I assumed someone drove it back home. Jay shook hands with Chase and we went to his car.

'' I'll drive. '' he said.

'' No, the doctors said your not allowed to drive. ''

'' You can't drive with a broken hand! ''

'' Um ya I can! '' I got into the drivers seat. The drive to his house was silent exept for him giving me directions. We pulled into his driveway. It was only 1 in the afternoon.

'' You know its not your fault. So you dont have to apoligize. '' he said.

'' Ya, but we should tell them what happened. I have to let them know we payed for you. '' I said as he knocked on the door. A girl younger then us answered the door. Her eyes got big.

'' What the hell happened to you?! '' she yelled. Jay stepped into the house. I followed him. We found the rest of his family in the living room watching t.v.

'' O my God! '' his mother yelled like mine. We told them what happened and our injuries. I told them I was sorry and that we payed for him.

'' Jay, this weekend your resting! '' his mother said before she and her husband walked off.

'' Jay, who dis? '' his little sister asked.

'' Leah, this is Lexi. '' Jay knelt down beside her. I got on my knee's also.

'' Jamie, she's the girl with the cute brother! '' she laughed cutely. I looked over at the girl who opened the door. She blushed and ran from the room.

'' Jay got boo boo's? '' she asked.

'' Ya, I got a lot of boo boo's. '' he said.

'' I make them better. '' she kissed all of his broken places.

'' You have boo boo's too. I make them better. '' she kissed my head and hand. She smiled big and laughed.

'' They feel much better now! '' I smiled at her and tickled her stomache. She layed on the floor and laughed. Jay joined in. Then she begged us to stop so we did.

'' I better get goin.. '' I said. I got up and started to walk to the door.

'' I'll walk you out. '' Jay said behind me. We were on his porch. I wasnt sure how this would go.

'' I guess I'll see you around. '' I said.

'' Ya um-- ''

'' Jay, are you going too kiss her? '' Leah popped her head out and asked.

'' Leah, go back inside. '' he said.

'' But I wanna see you kiss her! '' she pouted. Jay's cheeks turned pink. I made sure Leah was watching then I kissed Jay on the cheek.

'' Is that good enough for you, Leah? '' I asked. She nodded and laughed. '' Bye Jay. '' I said as I turned to leave.

'' Do you have a ride home? '' Jay asked.

'' Um no, I'll just walk. '' I said. He didnt argue. I walked down the street with a smile on my face and a skip in my heart.



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