♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 9
The dare.


     Today was the day. The big dare. Since it was the first week of school they let us off on friday. I grabbed my skateboard in case she forgot hers. I got in my accord and drove to the hill. My friends and her friends were there and some others. I got out.

'' Alright Jays here! '' Dan said. I grabbed my skateboard and walked over to them.

'' She here yet? '' I asked.

'' She says she'll be here in 1 minute. '' Mimi called out as she shut her phone. She really did show up one minute later. She parked her truck and came over to us with her skateboard.

'' Let's do this! '' she shouted. Everyone yelled and woo hooed. Her friends looked like they were going to pass out. I smiled at her. When she got to me she smirked.

'' You want to use my board? '' I asked her.

'' You probablly did something to it so that I'll crash. '' she said.

'' Nu uh look. '' I got on it. She got on hers.

'' No thanks. '' she said. She got in her position. A bad feeling crept down my body.

'' Ready set go! '' someone yelled.

'' No wait! '' I yelled and grabbed onto the back of her shirt. But she was already going and so was I.

'' What the hell are you doing?! '' she yelled as we zoomed down the street. You could here everyone yelling after us.

'' Jay! Jay! '' my friends yelled as everyone ran after us. I tried to keep my balance. It was  hard. We were going at probablly 90 speed. I tried dodging all of the cracks and holes. My wheel got stuck on one and I almost fell forward. Lexi was in front of me. She was having a hard time keeping her balance as well.

'' Damn! '' I yelled for no reason. Then I heard a loud scream. I looked at Lexi. She was loosing her balance. Half of her board was coming off of the ground. I realized I was yelling as well. We were both screaming our heads off and probablly about to die. There was a street light coming up. I shifted to the left of the road. Then I timed it and I jumped off of the board. I gripped the pole and felt my head bang on it and then I swung around it. Then I thudded to the ground. I could still here Lexi scream though. I realized I was shaking like crazy. I grabbed my board and tried my best to run but I stumbled and fell every now and then. Then she did something I wouldnt even think of doing. She got to one side of the road and ran right into a car that was parked on the side of the road. There was a loud thud. She was thrown all the way to the top of the car. The alarm was going off and from what I could see, she had blood coming from her head. I ran as fast as I could but I kept falling from being dizzy. She had enough strength to get off of the car but she collapsed on a bench. I finally got to her. I looked up the hill. Everyone was still running with pale faces. I fell down next to her.

'' Lexi.. '' I panted as I patted her hand. She was shaking as much as I was. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

'' Jay, your head it bleeding.. '' she said with her voice quivering.

'' So is yours. I'm sorry, this was a stupid and dangerous dare. '' I said. She didnt reply. Everyone got to us just then.

'' Are you alright?!'' everyone was shouting. Someone had brought down there car and opened the doors.

'' Come on lets get them to the hospital! '' he shouted. Half of my friends picked me up and the other half got Lexi. Everyone started retreating back to there cars. Chace came with me and Maddy was with Lexi.

'' Are you ok man? '' Chace asked.

'' My head kills.. '' I moaned.

'' It's ok, were going to get you guys checked out at the hospital. '' he said. I nodded. I listened to Maddy and Lexi.

'' Lexi, stay with me! Dont close your eyes, stay with me! '' she yelled.

'' What wrong with her?! '' Chase asked.

'' I think shes about to black out! ''  she said with a pale face. The guy driving handed Chase a water bottle.

'' Here! '' he gave it to Maddy to give to Lexi. She gulped down half the bottle. Then Chace gave the rest to me.

'' Maddy, take off your scarf and wrap it around her head! '' Chase demanded. Things were starting to turn black.

'' No! No! Jay! Jay stay awake! Jay, come on, stay with me! '' Chase yelled. I fought to keep everything from turning black. '' You can make it! Were almost there! '' Chase gripped my shoulder.

'' Everythings turning black.. '' I mumbled.

'' Jay, were turning into the hospital! Fight it! '' Chase yelled. I looked over at Lexi. She was looking at me with a worried look. I yelled once from the pain. Then I couldnt fight anymore. I let go and the blackness took over.


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