♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 8
Jays P.O.V sleeping can get you detentions.

                                                             Jays P.O.V



         I pretty much figured Lexi wouldn't be coming to school today. It suprised me that Free did. He drove up 5 cars away from mine in Lexi's truck. Strangely, he looked close to what Lexi looked like last night. His hair was wild. Wilder then mine looked when I wake up. His jeans were muddy and he had a hole in his shirt. He was limping and walking with his eyes closed. I decided to see what the hell happened to him over night.

'' Free.'' I called his name and jogged next to him.

'' Whoever you are, get the hell away. '' he snarled with his eyes closed.

'' It's me, Jay. '' I said

'' Oh, sorry bout that. Uh Whats up? '' he sighed.

'' Um what happened too you..? '' I asked cautiously.

'' Um, I went to get the truck early this morning. It was stuck in a heap of mud. I twisted my ankle while pushing it and the wind was really strong. '' he finally opened his eyes. His eyes were dull and a sad blue color.

'' That sucks. You gunna be OK? '' I asked.

'' Hopefully. '' was all he said. He closed his eyes again and somehow found his friends. I decided I should tell Lexi's friends she wouldnt be here today. I found them sitting in the courtyard swings. They all gave me confusing eye looks as I made my way.

'' Lexi's not here yet, Jay. '' her friend Maddy said.

'' Ya I know, I came to tell you guys she wont be here today. ''

'' What? Why? ''

'' Um... she has a bad cold. '' I wasn't sure if Lexi wanted the school to know she got trashed in the park.

'' Ya.. and why are you telling us this? '' they asked.

'' Because, I thought you needed to know. ''

'' How did you know she got a cold? '' Maddy asked.

'' Her brother.. '' was all I could think of.

'' Why would Free tell you? '' Cassie asked.

'' I cant tell you OK? Just dont even talk to Free today. If you see him you'll know why you shouldnt talk to him. '' I turned around to leave. My friends were coming my way. They were all laughing and what not.

'' Dude! Were have you been? '' they asked.

'' Here. '' I said.

'' Well come on! '' they yelled. I walked over to them and we all went inside the school.




        I'm not sure when, but I fell asleep in class. Guess what I got? Detention. I threw the detention slip in my locker and went to lunch. I got in line next to Dan.

'' I can't wait to see Lexi fall on her face this friday! What about you? '' he laughed. Oh ya, I forgot about that.

'' Um, ya me too. Splat. '' I chuckled dryly. I grabbed a burger and fries. I went to my usual spot at the table. Almost instantly after I sat down, Dan and Chase slammed there trays next to me. I looked around the table. Dan, Shaun, Davey, Miller, Adam, and Chase. We weren't the jocks of the school. We were more like the dare jokers. The jocks didn't even sit together. They were spread out. It seemed every table had a reputation of something. The only table that had a real name was the so called '' popular table. '' Which was mostly filled with cheerleaders.

'' So Jay, is it really true? '' Davey asked with a smile.

'' What? ''

'' The Erdman kids got kicked out of there house? '' how the hell did they know about that?!

'' Where'd you hear that from? '' I said playing with my fries.

'' You. ''

'' What? I never told you that! ''

'' Sure you did. In Lit. When you were sleeping. You sleep talk you know. '' Damn!

'' Um.. no. Just a dream.. '' I said.

'' Right... '' it was akward silence. Then I knew why. Someone smacked me on the head.

'' What the-- ''

'' Whats wrong with him?! What did you do to him?! '' Cassie said furiously.

'' What? Who? '' I asked confused more then ever.

'' Free! Why is he so broken! '' She threw her arm out in his direction. All the guys looked at Free and got the confused look on my face.

'' I told you, I cant tell you. But it's not my fault. ''

'' You say its not your fault but its your fault! '' she screamed. Everyone was staring at us. Even Free. Poor guy didnt know it was about him.

'' Cassie, can we talk about this later.. '' I mumbled.

'' NO! '' then she smacked me across the face. She was about to strike me again but I grabbed her wrist. Bad idea. She kicked me in the shin as hard as her little leg could.

'' Whats your problem!? '' Chase yelled at her. I just sat there holding my leg.

'' Him! '' then she marched out of the cafeteria. Everyone was still staring at us. I turned back around and stared at my plate.




Tomorrow was the big dare. I thought I should call her to see if she was still doing it.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Answer

'' Hello? '' a tired voice picked up.

'' Um Lexi? '' I asked.

'' Ya? '' she said with a little more enthusiasm.

'' Its Jay, I just wanted to know if you were... OK. '' wait ok? no I didnt call for that. Damn it!

'' Ya I'm fine. ''

'' Good. Oh ya, are you still doing the dare tomorrow? '' I asked.

'' Hell yes! ''

'' Ok, Ok. Um I gotta go. ''

'' No you dont. You just dont want to talk anymore. Ok bye! '' before I could say anything more there was a ________ on the other line. Was she mad at me? Saved me the trouble of explaining? Who knows. Was I really going to watch her make it or crash down a hill? Probally.


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