♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 7
Hitting the wrong button when calling for help.


      I just wanted to avoid everyone. Since I was kicked out of my house I couldnt really do that. Me and Free were stuck living at his friends house. I could have stayed with my friend but I didn't want to. We stayed with Aron. I just wanted to go somewhere to relax. I decided on the park. I got in my truck and drove there. It was just a few miles from school. I parked under a big oak tree. I grabbed the blanket from the passenger seat and layed it on the back of the truck. Then I just layed out and relaxed. The sun felt so good. It felt a little too good and I fell asleep. When I woke up, freezing rain poured down. I had no idea how long I had been asleep in the rain but my skin was a red blue color. Stupidly I wrapped the soaked blanket around me. I needed to get inside my truck. My hands were numb. I searched for my keys everywhere! I coulnt find them! I looked inside the truck. They were in the ignition! I tried to open the door. Of course, it had to be locked! Damn it! It was like those movies. I looked around the parking lot. Nobody else was there. My cellphone! I took it out. It was hard to press the keys from my numb fingers. I called Free. Ring. Ring. 'Im sorry the person you are trying to call.. ' I closed the phone. Damn his phone was off! I tried to call Cassie but somehow I missed her name and hit someone elses. I didnt care who it was I just needed help! Ring, Ring, Ring. Answer!

'' Hello? '' Someones voice said.

'' He.. hello.. '' my lips were numb as well.

'' Um who is this? '' the man asked.

'' Lexi Erdman, who is this? ''

'' Jay Gould. Lexi whats that sound? And whats wrong with your voice? '' he asked. Damn! I had to call him out of all people?! Dont even ask me why hes in my contacts. I needed help.

'' Listen Jay, I'm in the Red Caboose Park, I got locked out of my truck, I am freezing to death! Everything in my body is numb! I can barely talk! Please, can you come and get me?! '' I tried to say clearly but my voice quivered a lot.

'' Hold tight. I'm on my way! ''

'' Please hurry! '' I said before we disconnected. I curled up in a ball in the corner of my truck. It was maybe 10 minutes later until I heard a car pull up.

'' Lexi! Lexi! '' Jay's voice called out in the rain.

'' Jay! Ober heber! '' was all I could get out. I heard him jump into the back of the truck then cuss.

'' You look like hell! '' he shouted over the rain.

'' I can't get up. '' I said. He picked me up bridelike.

'' Damn your freezing! '' he hissed as my side touched his stomache.He jumped off of the car and quickly put me inside his.

'' What about my truck? '' I asked.

'' You can get it later! '' He turned up the heater as much as it would go. '' Here I brought you these! '' he took out 2 cotton blankets. He rapped them tightly around me.

'' How long have you been out there?! '' he asked.

'' What time is it now? ''

'' 7:23. ''

'' Around 3 and a half hours. '' I said. We were already on the road. I had no idea where he was taking me. I didnt care. My teeth chattered. Every couple of seconds he would look at me then look back at the road.

'' You any warmer? '' he asked.

'' A little. '' I said. I was still bone stricken freezing!

'' The rain got you good. '' he said. I nodded.

'' Damn it! '' I remembered.

'' What!? '' he asked alarmed.

'' Free, he has no idea where I am! '' I said.

'' I'll call him. Whats his number? '' he had his cellphone out.

'' 328 - 5647. '' he dialed the numbers and waited for Free. He finally picked up. I could clearly hear his voice through the other line.

'' Hello? '' he answered.

'' Free, its Jay. ''

'' What do you want?! '' Free said. It sounded like he was crying.

'' Listen, I have Lexi with me and -- ''

'' You bastard! You kidnapped her?! What the f- ''

'' No, no! Just let me explain! '' Jay explained to Free.

'' Oh, well how is she?! '' he asked.

'' She doesnt look to good. '' he admitted.

'' Put her on the phone. '' Free ordered. Jay handed me his phone.

'' Hello? '' I said, my voice still shakey.

'' Lex! How are you? Are you ok? '' he asked.

'' Not really. I still cant feel most of the things in my body. ''

'' Damn I'm sorry. ''

'' For what? It's my fault I locked myself out of my truck. ''

'' Ya but my phone lost reception and I could have gotten you earlier. '' he said.

'' That's At&t's fault not yours. ''

'' Still, tell him to drop you off at Arons. '' he said.

'' Ok, bye see you in a few. '' I closed the phone. I told Jay the directions to Arons house.

We rounded Arons house a few minutes later.

'' I'll take you in. '' Jay said. He got out of his seat and came over to mine. He carried me bridelike again. Exept this time he held me even tighter. The door opened almost immediantley after he knocked on it. Jay walked into the house. The house was small so the first floor looked like a basement. Exept with bathrooms, computer room, and a room with a couch and t.v. Jay layed me on the couch.

'' Damn you look horrible! '' Free hissed.

'' I'll run you a bath! '' Aron whispered as he ran to the bathroom. Jay and Free knelt down beside me. I started coughing and sniffeling.

'' You've got a bad cold. '' Jay mumbled.

'' Hey dont worry, I'll go get the truck tomorrow before school. '' Free said as he wiped the hair away from my face. I nodded. Free went through my bag and got out some pajamas. At least he didnt touch any of my bra's! I was warm enough to wear I could stumble to the bathroom. I stripped my wet clothes off and sunk into the hot water. It felt sooo good.




   I felt so much lighter and warmer. I was very very tired though. When I got out of the bathroom I saw Jay was still there. I looked at the clock, 8:47.

'' You look much better. '' Aron said. I smiled.

'' I feel much better. '' I said. Jay got up from the floor.

'' Well I guess I should head on. '' he said as he picked up his keys.

'' Jay, thank you so much for coming to get me. I know were not great friends, but it means a lot that you came out to get me. '' I said as I hugged him tight. When we departed Free shook his hand. He smiled at him.

'' Thanks Jay. It means a lot to me also. Thanks for getting her. Your not that bad. '' Free smiled even wider. I think Jay just earned Free's trust.

'' No problem. I thought she was fooling around at first. Just to get me soaked in the rain but uh.. '' he didn't seem to have the words to finish his sentence.

'' Thanks a lot. '' I smiled and hugged him one more time.

'' I'll see you guys around. Get better Lexi. '' he smiled and went out the door. Free hugged me before we all climbed into bed and went to sleep. That night I dreamed of Jay. 



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