Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 16
Cold Shower

  "I don't get it." Carter told Andy. "One minute we were kissing, the next minute she was leaving."
Andy sat on the living room couch tossing a baseball up and down, catching it in his hand each time. Carter couldn't fathom Savannah leaving like that. He actually thought their moment was getting good. But he had a feeling she was nervous. He felt bad about coming onto her a little bit too strong.
  "I think you may have laid it on a little bit too thick." Andy responded, putting the baseball down on the white coffee table.
Carter sighed. What Andy said was kind of hypocritical. This was the same guy who felt Palma up on the first day they started dating. But the look in Andy's eyes told him he was serious. He hoped it didn't affect Savannah's opinion on him. When she put his hand on his crotch, he felt completely aroused. But then she stopped.
  "What was the last thing she said before she left?" asked Andy, taking a sip from his glass of water.
"'I need purple.'" he answered.
Andy nearly choked on his water. He couldn't stop laughing. When he had finally swallowed down the water, the sound of his laughter could be heard from everywhere. Carter just looked at him like he was insane. He knew Andy never took anything seriously, but Andy was acting like a jerk.
"I'm sorry, man," Andy said, regaining his composure, "it's just funny."
Carter didn't understand why Savannah had said what she said either. He had to laugh himself, but he couldn't help feeling guilty at what happened.
 Carter had never really done anything with a girl. It was usually just kissing. Most of his old girlfriend usually lasted a month and half. But this was High School, not middle school. Everyone was more mature when it came to dating. Only slightly.
"Have you done anything with Palma?" Carter questioned Andy.
"Nah," he said, "I mean, we kissed, we touched, we dry-humped, but nothing else."
"We just kissed and she touched me in the groin."
"Lucky bastard."
"Until she suddenly pulled away and left the room."
"Maybe she realized how small your dick was."
"Not funny."
  Andy grinned. He was having a kick at Carter's expense. Carter watched Andy take out his iPhone and started punching in numbers. He put the phone to his ear and waited for a couple of rings. Carter wondered what he was doing and who he was calling.
"Hey, Lucas!" Andy yelled into the phone. "Carter here had to take a cold shower after Savannah ditched him at his house."
"Give me that!" shouted Carter, trying to snatch the phone from Andy, but Andy held it above his head.
Carter could hear Lucas laughing on the phone. Andy was going to tell the world about this incident.
"You've got to stop." Carter said sternly.
  Andy shrugged. "I feel sorry for you. You were this close to getting your dick sucked. Lucas agrees, too."
Finally, Carter took the phone from Andy's hands and put it to his ear. "Goodbye, Lucas."
Hanging up, he tossed the phone onto Andy's lap. He just sat there with that same ridiculous smirk on his face. His warm-honey skin was pink from laughter. It wasn't like Andy was out of character. He had done things like this to Carter and other guys. Carter had done things like this before. It was just that Carter was extremely confused when Savannah walked out on him. He thought about the things she could have been mad at him for. Maybe that comment him and Andy made a week ago about gay males shouldn't kiss in public and gay females should. But she had gotten over it. Then what could it have been?
  On Monday, Carter found Savannah talking to her friend Judy outside the school library. He stared her long legs in those jean shorts. He wished she wasn't that hot. When Savannah saw him, she blushed a little bit. Taking the hint, Judy walked away from them.
"Hi," Carter smiled, waving at her.
Savannah smiled slightly, looking down at the floor. "I'm sorry about what happened Friday, I just had to get home by six."
Carter wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or not, but he accepted it anyway. "That's okay. You didn't think I came on too strong did I?"
"No, not at all!" she said quickly. "It's not you, I was just under stress."
Carter kissed her on her delicate forehead. "Okay, I'll see you later."
"I'll text you during class?" she grinned, returning to kiss on his lips.
Carter wrapped his arms around her, prolonging the kiss.
Great. he thought. Now I need another cold shower.


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