the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 64
drowning noise

of every noise i hear
there's one i won't forget
it brings me back to times
when i held deep regret

the noise was a persistent hum
startling and rigid
but no matter where  i hide
i could never make it rid

i still recall the day
most vividly what i saw
but the coldness would not go
the bitter ice won't thaw

it was a usual morning
but the sky was a blanket of shade
the hills were covered in a layer
that never seems to fade

the noise was in the distance
but higher up was i
there i heard so clearly
the machine's impulsive sigh

the noise had gone on forever
i used to hate it so
but now if i could go back
and change all that i know

she stood by the hallway
baggages in hand
a rugged and sad face
with another man

"don't go!" i cried out louder
but the drilling drowned my out
i couldn't let her leave
but she didnt hear my shout

her eyes dimmed and she turned
to walk away with that man
i chased and reached out further
but she didn't see my hand

the drilling went on and on
as her face faded into the dawn
my cries became louder
as brighter the sun shone

yet no one heard my cry
they only caught the noise
before the drilling ended
i had lost my voice

everyone hates the drilling
but i shall hate it more
for it took away my chance
it closed my future's door

it drowned away my cries
it covered all my tears
as i screamed for my dearest
it fulfiled all my fears

the incessant noise continues
up till this very day
but i will always remember
how i coudn't make her stay

the drilling is to blame
for her wicked way
i live in self denial
recalling that fateful day


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