♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 6
Lexi's P.O.V is he becoming a friend or still a foe?

                                                              Lexi's p.o.v



        We were all sitting and talking in the back of my truck when he came.

'' Hey Lexi! '' Jay said with a smile as he jumped in the back with us.

'' What the hell do you want? '' I asked anoid.

'' I just want to talk. '' he said.

'' I just want you too leave! ''

'' Oh come on. I dont mean any harm! '' he said. Ugh I loved the way how his hair was so messy but hot at the same time! What the hell is wrong with me!? I didn't even realize I was staring at him so intently until Maddy snapped into my face.

'' Lexi, are you ok? '' she asked.

'' Um, yes.. '' I said finally taking my eyes off of Jay. I saw Mimi give me a playfull smile.

'' Um listen Jay, if you dont leave then I'm going to to get Free. '' somehow it didn't sound threatening at all.

'' I'm not scared of Free. '' he said.

'' Jay, please go away. '' I said rubbing my eyes out of tiredness. He sighed deeply.

'' Alright I'll leave. '' he hopped down from the truck. I couldn't stop staring at his back torso as he walked away. When I turned around all my friends were smiling at me.

'' What? '' I asked.

'' You like Jay Gould. '' Cassie squeaked.

'' What gave you that idea?! '' I said appalled.

'' Maybe this.. '' Maddy made her jaw drop and stared at something in a dreamy way.

'' I didn't do that! ''

'' No, but you were close too. '' she said.

'' You guys know how I feel about him. '' I said.

'' Or maybe thats what you think you feel about him. You really like him though. ''

'' I think you stayed underwater too long! '' I slapped her leg. The school bell rang. Thank God! We all ran into the school building.




We all got in line together. I got a cheese quesadilla and everyone else got salad.

'' What wrong? '' Mimi asked.

'' Tired. '' I said.

'' I don't think thats the reason. '' Cassie mumbled.

'' Shut up. I dont want to talk about it. '' I said. They left me alone. I heard a male voice say something to me, but my head was covered with me arms so I didnt know who. I looked behind me. It was Jay.

'' Lexi are you ok? '' he asked. I got up and threw my lunch away. I went to the bathroom. I want him to go away. Why was he being all friendly with me?! Did he feel bad for running me over again? I want him to go away! Hes messing with my mind! I went back into the cafeteria where Free was waiting with my friends.

'' Hey whered you go? '' they asked.

'' Bathroom. '' I sat down. Free smiled at me and went back to his friends.

'' You OK? '' they asked.

'' Dont talk to me! I dont feel like talking! '' I mumbled. '' Sorry, im just tired. '' I got back up and ran out of the cafeteria.


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