Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 2
Sound of Silence by Rose Hala



It was going on two hours since Samuel had been rushed to hospital and here they were, being held at the theatre by the police who were, in turn, waiting for the F.B.I. to clear them to leave. The three friends nodded at each then stood. Enough was enough! They were going to the hospital to check on their compadre and nobody was going to stop them. Daniel opened the door of the dressing room. Just as he knew, security was standing right outside.

"We are outta here."

“Sorry,” the guard held up a hand. “You're supposed to remain here."

Daniel, normally quite placid, found himself digging deep to keep control of his temper. “Its not the man’s fault,” he reminded himself. “He's just doing his job.”

Behind him, Daniel heard Carl mutter something in Spanish. He’d bet money Carl was swearing. They were all on edge, because none of them had heard anything regarding Samuel. Daniel looked at the guard.

"Look, we've got to go to the hospital. Tell whom ever comes looking for us that we've gone and, if they wish to see the members of the Choir Boys, then that’s where we'll be, at the hospital." The guard looked as if he was considering the idea, Daniel kept going."This isn’t just about us, you know. Samuel's family has no idea this has even happened but that won't last long with the press around. We need to find out how he is so we can get to his mother before the media does. She can’t read about it in the morning paper."

Daniel had driven the point home.

"I'll tell the Feds where to find you. Good luck. I hope your friend is ok."

Utah shook the guard’s hand, said a heart felt "Thanks," then left with the other guys.


Samuel was the focus of emergency activity when they finally arrived and their vigil began in a small waiting room down the hall.

Carl paced around the room and glanced up at the clock on the wall. Only ten minutes had lapsed since the last time he'd looked.

"Dear God," he thought. "What the hell is taking so long?"

Daniel and Utah looked up at him from where they were seated. That’s when Carl realized he had actually spoken his thoughts out loud. He shrugged his shoulders.

"I hate this. Nobody's telling us anything." He gestured to the clock. “We've been here nearly an hour and we've not heard a damn thing!

I hate hospitals and I hate bloody waiting!"

Daniel and Utah exchanged a significant look. Carl, the usual fun-loving friend, was a Spaniard which meant he was like a fire cracker, volatile when lit and explosive when riled. Tonight, he had every right to be a bit volatile. They were all on edge.

“Gentleman.” The voice came from the doorway. “You can come with me.” Thankful to be getting out of the waiting room, they followed the doctor, each of them thinking about the fate of their friend.


Carl, Daniel and Utah stopped dead, turned sickly pale, and stared in disbelief at the Intensive Care sign and double smoke-stop doors. The security guard posted outside the door wasn't lost on them either.

Bloody hell…!??

All eyes turned to the man in the white coat. The Doctor assured them. "This is a precaution. Your friend is stable but hasn't regained consciousness yet." Seeing the guys exchange looks he continued. "Look, your friend sustained a glancing blow to the head, recovery from this kind of trauma takes time. Rest is the best thing for him now."

Daniel looked at the older man, unspoken questions in his eyes. The Doctor sighed.

"I'm sorry, young man. We've done all the tests we can do for now and, at this stage, everything is clear and looks good. There's no sign of any permanent damage, but until he wakes up and we can conduct a more thorough examination, there is no way to know for sure."

Daniel nodded his thanks then took a deep breath to prepare himself to see Samuel.

As they entered the dimly lit area there was the sound of a wind tunnel as the three classically trained singers all let their collective breaths out. Normally they would razz each other about things like that, but not today.

The Doctor opened the door slightly then turned to the three young men,

"I must warn you, because he's not conscious, we have to monitor him." Carl looked at him impatiently,

“Yeah, yeah. You told us this, Doc." The Doctor continued. “I just want you to be prepared, for what you’ll see.”

Utah entered the room first. "Mein Gott!” he thought, "That man is Samuel?"

Daniel followed him into the room then grabbed a chair, sat by the bed, and took Samuel's free hand, his other hand had a tube attached to it. Carl stood behind Daniel and uncontrolled tears rolled down his cheek. Carl wiped at them impatiently. He had wanted to be strong for Samuel and he wasn’t and it didn’t make him feel better that he hadn’t been the only one.

 He looked away from Samuel, and for a moment, made eye contact with Daniel and Utah. Tears welled but did not fall. Nodding, the three emotional members of The Choir Boys gazed down upon their brother. They needed to be strong now, for Samuel.

They were so caught up in the moment that none of them heard the door open.

"Hello,” the nurse said quietly. “I understand you plan on staying. When you’re ready, there are some coffee and sandwiches in the waiting room for you. It may be a very long night.” Utah smiled, taking particular notice of the ID on her uniform.

"Thank you very much, Shirley. That’ll be perfect."

Daniel saw the blush from Shirley's neck before she turned and left. He smiled and shook his head. Another Unicorn was born.

The top of Samuel’s head was covered in bandages and, with a tube coming out of his mouth, he was hardly recognizable. They couldn’t do anything for him now. But they had gotten to see him and fully intended to spend the night right next door in the waiting room.

“This is a nightmare.” Daniel was in the waiting room stirring a much needed cup of coffee. He glanced over at the wall clock and grimaced; 4:AM? Where had the night gone?

“Jesus, Utah. Eight hours ago he was on stage singing with us, and now…?”

Utah placed a hand on his shoulder. He knew how Daniel was feeling.

“ Are there any changes?" Carl asked, rushing back from his few minutes outside in the fresh air. Utah just shook his head.

" Utah, you’ve got to call his mother,” Daniel said with a sense of urgency. "You’re the only one who can speak French. I’ll call Steven and we have to tell the girls. Damn it our cell phones are with the police, so we had better get to a phone quickly, or else the press really will beat us to it." Just as Daniel stood to look for a public phone, Shirley walked back into the room.

"I'm going home soon. I just came to see if there was anything you needed before I go."

Daniel and Carl looked at Utah. Some Utah-Charm was required here.

“ Shirley, we really need to use a phone and our cell phones are still with the police. We've got to call Samuel's family, our families, and our manager before they hear it from the press."

Utah’s dimple cut deep as he smiled at her. “We really enjoyed the late supper. Thank you."

Shirley, blushing profusely, and somewhat stunned by that 100 watt smile said,

"Let me see what I can do." Then backed out of the room. Shirley was only gone a minute when she returned with her cell phone.

"You can use mine, I have another phone in the car. Its fully charged. Use it as much as you want, but outside. There are no cell phone calls allowed inside the hospital. When you've finished, hand it to reception and I'll get it off them tomorrow, sorry, today. Err, when I start my next shift." Utah took the phone and raised her hand to his lips.

"You’re an angel. Thank you." Again Daniel could see the rise of color cover her face.

Just as Shirley opened the door to leave, the ICU nurse ran past followed by the doctor. Something was happening in Samuel’s room. The three men knew enough to stay out of the way despite the urge to run into the room behind them. They took their places in the doorway.

The Doctor checked Samuel then turned to the three observers.

"Your friend is coming round and objecting to the tube in his throat. It can come out now."

The Doctor bent over Samuel,

"Mr. Ziarre, we’re going to remove the tube but you have to stay still.” Samuel didn't seem to hear him and became increasingly agitated.

"Please. The more you move the longer it’ll take us." The doctor placed a hand on his shoulder to try and restrain him.

"Sam!" A loud voice rang out from the doorway and Samuel quieted. The Doctor beckoned Carl closer.

"He heard you. Tell him to lay still so we can withdraw the tube. I know he’s a singer and I don't want to bruise his throat." Carl took Samuel's hand.

"Sam? Sam!" Samuel’s eyelids fluttered and Carl continued. "Sam, you have to lay still, my friend, and do not move, okay? Sam? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand. Please, just squeeze my hand, my brother."

After a few anxious moments Carl let out the breath he was holding and for the first time in what felt like days, not hours, Daniel and Utah saw a genuine smile light up the Spaniards face.

"My God, he did it. He squeezed my hand. Yeah, I'm sure of it. Sam? Come on, you can do it. Squeeze my hand again, my friend." All eyes focused on the clasped hands; seconds felt like minutes. Carl looked up at Utah.

"Did you see that?" Utah shook his head, still intently focused on Sam's fingers. Samuel’s index finger twitched, then another until he had his fingers curled around Carl's hand. Daniel let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank God."

“Sam, can you hear me? Lay still. The doctor is going to remove the tube.” While Carl was okay with holding Sam’s hand, he was the queasiest of the four and turned away until the doctor announced the removal of the tube was done.

"Mr Ziarre?" Samuel slowly opened his eyes and immediately tried to clear his throat to speak. The Doctor placed two fingers over Samuel's lips. " No. Your throat needs time to heal. Give it another two hours.” Samuel, aware of what he had been told, nodded slightly.

"Very good. Now, until we see how you go through the next few hours, it's best not to have anything in your stomach. The nurse will bring you some shaved ice. It’ll keep the your throat moist and help with any swelling."

The doctor, seeing that his patient had drifted off to sleep, turned to the other men.

" You know, it's an old saying but in this case it’s true, sleep really is the best medicine for him. And I think you guys could do with some yourselves. Well, if you'll excuse me, I've got some rounds to do."

Daniel, Utah and Carl all shook his hand and as he left the room Daniel grabbed the cell phone and walked out of the hospital followed by Utah. There were some serious phone calls that had to be made.













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