♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 5
I know your mad but cant you talk?


       I woke up before the alarm clock. I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday afternoon. So much fighting in such a small family. There was a knock on my door.

'' Come in. '' I called.

'' Jay, can you tie this ribbon in my hair? '' my little sister Leah asked. I smiled at her.

'' Yea, come on over. '' she was only 5. She just started kindergarten.

'' Mrs. Mcloud said she remembers you and hopes Im not like you. ''

'' Oh she did. Don't worry, your nothing like me. '' I smiled at my days in her class. I just finished putting in the light pink ribbon that stood out in her blonde hair.

'' Thank you. '' she kissed my cheek then skipped out of my room. She was my favorite sister. So sweet and innocent. Oh ya, I had more! There was Jamie, Luke, Brandon, and Emily. Brandon was older then me. He was in college. Jamie is 14. Luke is 12 and Emily is 8. Emily was the recluse of the family. She hated going to places with us. She hated our dad. I put on some jeans and a white T. I knocked on all my siblings doors to make sure they were up. That was one of my 'chores.' I went downstairs and sat at the table. Jamie gave me a weird look.

'' What? '' I asked.

'' Your hair. ''

'' Jamie, guys dont care about there hair. We wake up and we go without looking in the mirror. '' I explained. She snorted and poured her cereal.

'' Jay, could you take me to get a game after school and all? '' Luke asked.

'' Uh.. ya sure. '' I looked over and saw Emily and Jamie chatting secretly.

'' Hey girls, no secrets! '' I told them. That was a rule in this house.

'' Chill Jay, its just girl talk. '' Jamie rolled her eyes.

'' Well lets make it boy talk as well. '' I said. She sighed.

'' I was just telling Emily about the cute guy -- ''

'' Ugh. '' I groaned.

'' Let me finish! The cute guy down a couple streets. ''

'' Whats he look like? '' Emily asked trying to sound interested.

'' Blonde hair, a mix of green and blue eyes -- ''

'' Free Erdman? '' I almost choked on my banana.

'' I think so, does he live in a big house? '' she asked.

'' Um ya, he has a twin sister named Lexi... ''

'' Yup that's him! '' she chirped. Great my sisters in love with Free Erdman.

'' He's too old for you.. '' I said taking another bite of banana.

'' Love doesnt have boundaries! '' she got defensive.

'' Um yes it does! He's not going to want to date a girl 4 years younger then him. ''

'' How would you know! You stupid jerk! '' she ran from the table and slammed a door.

'' That was mean Jay! '' Emily snapped and ran after Jamie. I rolled my eyes.

'' Do you think I'm right, Luke? '' I asked.

'' Hell no, I like a 16 year old! Someday were gunna get -- ''

'' Woah! No your not! Now leave! '' I said shocked.

'' What about you Leah? Do you think I'm right? ''

'' I think.. you should get.. a girlfriend. '' she said cutely.

'' A girlfriend huh. ''

'' Yes. '' she smiled.

'' Who should I ask out? '' I smiled at her words.

'' Lexi Erd girl. '' she laughed. Then I frowned.

'' Um no. '' I said.

'' Well why not? ''

'' Lexi isn't exactly fond of me... ''

'' Then make her like you. Pwease? '' she got all big eyed. Was I seriously going to promise my 5 year old sister that I would try to make Lexi Erdman like me? Yes.

'' I'll.. try.. '' she laughed and skipped away.





      Too make Lexi like me was like trying to tell a strawberry the blender wont hurt it. I wasn't sure if I would see Free or her today. I got out of my car and walked to my friends.

'' Hey Jay, whats up? '' they asked.

'' Nothing much. '' I said.

'' Anything new? ''

'' Um have you seen Lexi? '' I almost whispered. They laughed at me.

'' Why would you want to find her? '' they kept laughing.

'' I promised my sister I would get to know her better.. ''

'' You promised Jamie? '' they laughed harder.

'' No, I promised Leah.. '' they all fell on the ground out of breathe.

'' Shut up! '' I kicked them. They got up and calmed down.

'' Anyways, she's by her car. '' Chase said. I nodded at him and went to find her. She was with her friends sitting in the back of her truck. What the hell was I doing?! Was I seriously going to try to get friendly with her before the dare, when im suposed to mock her?! Here I go..


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