Sound Of Silence
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 1
Sound Of Silence by Rose Hala

Sound Of Silence







Samuel took a sip of water and waited to start Unchained Melody. He shook his head and grinned as his best friend came back from introducing the song to the audience, with some flirtatious comments thrown in. Carl returned his grin as he came from the front of the stage and sat down beside him on the top step of three that were positioned between the band and orchestra. Set back from the front of the stage these steps created a tiered platform and enabled them to not only give their audience a concert, but an extravaganza as they used the whole stage, including the steps, to perform their songs.

Carl’s grin turned into a chuckle as he sat down, exposing dimples in both cheeks. He was a Spaniard, five feet, ten inches in height with a slim build, bronze Latino tan, and dark curly hair with an ever-present Ferdinand curl falling above one eyebrow. While it might look casual to some, it usually took Carl a good half hour of fiddling to get that curl ‘just right’. He was an unashamedly, unabashed, natural flirt, on stage. He loved to charm the women in the audience, as far as Carl was concerned it was part of the job, and he was very good at his job.


As Samuel walked to the front of the stage, somebody in the audience yelled, "Sammy" which was followed by screams and whistles. "Well", he thought, "who needs to flirt?" Samuel was a natural onstage and performing fed his soul. He was six feet tall with thick, brownish hair, a devilishly sexy accent, and stunning green eyes. When he smiled, woman the world over sighed with pleasure at the handsome Frenchman.

He scanned the audience, happy to see familiar faces. It was a sell-out tonight. He didn’t see one empty seat anywhere. And then something caught his eye. A fan was leaving the concert, in the middle of a song? That was unheard of. Standing in the light from the Exit sign was a man dressed in dark clothing. Samuel knew, when the man turned and stared at him, that he wasn’t venue security. Samuel felt a cold chill go down his spine. The strange man stared into his eyes then disappeared through the door.When Samuel handed off the song to the next soloist, he took his usual place on the step beside Carl. Carl noticed a strange look on his face.

“What’s up, my friend? Not enough Angels here tonight?” It was a standing joke. Each one of the Choir Boys had his individual fan base that was loyal to the member they liked the most. Samuel’s laugher in response was a bit hollow. He was still thinking about the man who had walked out. He’d tell Carl about it later.


In addition to Carl Martinez and Samuel Ziarre, there were Daniel Mason and Utah Borche in the group. Daniel was from America, six feet, four inches, tall, slim, with lush blond hair, a broad smile and an ever-present wit. He was the prankster of the group and laughter was never far away with Daniel around. With his gelled up hair he looked like he belonged on a surfboard.

Utah was Swiss which surprised everyone because his name was so American. The truth behind that was simple. He had been named ‘Ubar’ but the hospital had made a typing error on his birth certificate. His parents had decided to keep the name for its uniqueness.

Utah was five feet, ten inches tall and superbly fit. He worked out at the gym on a regular basis and he and Samuel would run together when they were on tour. His hair was shoulder-length when it was blown straight. His fans loved the curls that would creep back halfway through the concert from the heat and humidity mister used to hydrate the air. One deep-set dimple in his right cheek would come and go, and it had a major impact on the ladies. His fans likened him to Swiss chocolate; strong, smooth and very addictive.

The fans grouped themselves into Daniel's Disciples, Utah‘s Unicorn’s, Carl’s Cupid’s and Sammy’s Angels. It was always easy to know which were fans of which Choir Boy by the responses to the solos in a song and the handmade banners the fans brought with them. Daniel, Utah, Carl, and Samuel took great delight in working their individual fans within the crowd.


Ending the song in their beautiful operatic-style harmony, Samuel bowed his head acknowledging a familiar fan in the front row. As the crowd cheered, Samuel felt something strike the left side of his forehead. Immediately, he crumpled to the stage.

Carl, who saw him fall, rushed to his side.

"Dear God," he whispered when he saw the blood. He looked up at Daniel.

“La ambulancia!” It didn‘t matter that Carl slipped into Spanish. The meaning was clear. He was almost beside himself. God, there was so much blood. Carl wondered how the hell his friend could survive losing so much?

“La madre de Dios, lo ayuda.” Carl prayed as he pressed his handkerchief over the wound.

Daniel saw Samuel fall and assumed he’d lost his balance but, when Carl looked up at him, his usually bronzed face whiter than his own, Daniel knew something was seriously wrong. "We need an ambulance!" Daniel yelled. He looked down at the widening pool of blood, "Hurry! For God’s sake, hurry!”

When Samuel fell the audience gasped and a collective “Ooooooh” sounded. But, when he failed to get up, the crowd of eighteen thousand people fell silent. Utah didn't think he would ever forget that deathly sound of silence.

In a heartbeat everything changed. There was noise and chaos like he’d never known before. Yells for an ambulance. A gut wrenching scream from the crowd, followed by another scream, then another...

"God!” Utah thought. “It's like a bloody horror movie!"

He looked into the crowd. People were huddled together crying. Some had fainted. He suddenly realized the crowd weren’t actually looking up at the stage directly, but at the large screens off to the side.

"Bloody Hell!" Utah turned quickly to drummer Grant Wakefield, their musical director and the only guy with a direct line to the booth.

"Grant, tell them to cut the side monitors.” He shouted as he grabbed the microphone. Utah put the microphone up to his lips, looked towards the ceiling for a moment to gather his thoughts, then addressed the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please stay calm and don't panic, an ambulance is on its way and it’ll make it easier for the paramedics to do their job if everyone remains calm.”

Someone turned on the venue lights and opened the doors. Utah heard the sirens.

"Thank God!" He muttered under his breath lowering the microphone.


A blood curdling scream reverberated around the theatre. Utah glanced down at the audience and was stunned by what he saw.

Approximately ten rows back near the side exit a man was covered in blood with the handle of a hunting knife sticking out of his chest. The paramedics entered and were quickly followed by the police.

What followed was the longest, most stressful two hours that Daniel, Utah and Carl had ever known in their lives.

Samuel was still unconscious when he was placed in the ambulance. The police requested all videos, pictures, and cell phones be handed over for investigation and no one was allowed to leave until statements had been taken.

All identification was checked and verified, everyone was a suspect until they were cleared, including the remaining Choir Boys. They weren’t allowed to leave until their statements had been taken. This was now a homicide, everything had to go by the book.




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