♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 4
Jays p.o.v. - Not everyone gets off the hook easy.

                                                               Jay's P.O.V



      She just stood there with her friend Mimi. I didn't actually think she would exept the second dare. The only reason I changed the dare is because the look on her face said ' wow really? That's the easiest dare I've ever had. '

'' Your on! When? '' she said.

'' Friday 9:30 A.M. ''

'' Alright '' we shook hands. I watched them as they walked away. I heard her friend disagree and argue with her. As long as her brother didn't know then it was all good. I walked back to my friends. They were all anxiously waiting for me.

'' So what did she say? ''

'' We have a change of plans. She's going to be skating down Dead Mans Hill. No protective gear. '' there faces were all shocked.

'' Her skating down Dead Mans Hill? '' Chase questioned.

'' Ya, I decided Crowley's Barn wasn't good enough. ''

'' Dude, she wont make it. '' Shaun mumbled.

'' If she didn't think she couldn't do it then she wouldnt make it. '' I said.

'' So you gave her a dare that she could easily do? '' Chase eyebrows raised.

'' Hell no. I said she thinks she can do it. I didn't say she could do it. '' There faces became bright. They grinned.

'' So when is it? ''

'' Friday 9:30 A.M. But remember, her brother cannot find out. '' I warned them. They all nodded.

'' What if he does find out? '' Dan asked.

'' He'll try to talk her out of it er somethin. I dont know! I dont know how twins work. '' I dug my hand into my pocket for my keys.

'' Why don't you make it more interesting and bet? '' Chase asked.

'' Cause I don't have anything to bet! ''

'' Oh ya, you got robbed haha! ''

'' Shut it Shaun! '' I walked off to my car. I heard Free Erdmans voice. He was talking to his friends on the other side of a big van. I leaned against my car and listened.

'' You guys wanna grab some coffee at starbucks? '' Free asked.

'' Nah I'm good. '' most of them said.

'' Ya sure. '' the others agreed.

'' So dude, what was that thing in the cafeteria about? '' someone asked.

'' What thing? '' Free asked casually.

'' Your sister.. ''

'' Oh that. '' I did see her doing something weird at his table today. But I had no idea what it was about. I moved a little closer.

'' She wanted to know who I liked. Whenever I wont do something she does that silly puppy dog act. ''

'' How can you not resist? She looked so cute! '' one of his friends said. Im not sure why but when he said that my fist clenched.

'' I fell for it the other day. It's hard but its getting kinda old. '' Free said.

'' Her little ass sure can run fast. '' his friend laughed.

'' Dont stare at my sisters ass! '' Free hissed. I saw his friend put his hands up like he was innocent. Thats a note. Cares much about sister. Haha thats a weakness.

'' Someones a little overprotective! '' his friends laughed.

'' How can I not be when every bastard in this school is looking at her and drooling?! '' Free almost yelled. Another note. Overprotective.

'' Chill. You know we'll protect her if anything goes bad and your not here. ''

'' Whatever. Why are we talking about her anyways? '' Free said frusterated.

'' I dunno. Do you guys have twin intelepathy? ''

'' I dont know! Usually when I want an apple shes in the kitchen eating one. I guess. ''

'' Who's older? ''

'' Me. By like 1 minute. ''

'' You guys have the same hair color, eyes, but shes a little shorter then you. ''

'' Dude! Were twins! Of course we look alike. You guys are such idiots sometimes! '' Free yelled. They all shrugged. They switched the topic to hockey so I decided to leave. I got in my crappy honda accord. The ride home wasn't long. But it wasn't short either. I had to pass the Erdmans house to get there. When I was about to pass it I saw Lexi sitting on the roof listening to music.

'' What the hell are you doing up there!? '' I yelled to her as loud as I could. She looked down at me and rolled her eyes.

'' Trying to listen to music but some bastard is interrupting me! '' she yelled.

'' Shouldn't you be practicing? ''

'' Skateboarding? '' she asked.

'' No, to dance with that giant nutcracker in the corner! ''

'' Why do you care? I'll do what I want when I want! So flick off! '' she said childishly.

'' Whatever! '' I stepped on the peddle. I hate her! I hope she trips on the hill! I looked at myself in the mirror. Same old spiked black hair and blue eyes. At least I didn't have the kind of hair that made me look emo.




      I decided to float in my pool since it was still warm out. Just as I was about to dive in, my anoing neighbor Sammy popped her head over the fence.

'' Hey Jay! '' she greeted.

'' I'm kinda busy Sammy! '' I yelled over my shoulder as I got in the position to dive.

'' Ok, I was wondering if you wanted to ride skateboards around the neighborhood when your done! '' she quickly said. It's not that she wasnt attractive or anything. Its just that she was anoing! But I did feel like skateboarding.

'' Sure.. '' then I dived in. It felt so good. I did a couple laps then got out and shook my hair. I went inside and put on some basketball shorts and a tanktop. I grabbed my board and knocked on Sammy's door.

'' I'm over here! '' she said. She was in her tanktop, and short shorts. We went to the curved hills then the straight ones.

'' Hey lets go this way! '' I told her. She followed me to the Erdmans house. The breeze felt good. I dried my wet hair fast. I slowed down just a little. I saw a giant long rope thing made out of sheets hanging from Lexi's window. She must have snuck out. I felt like finding her. I kept going. Sammy was still behind me. We rode into town. I was looking both ways but I wasnt looking straight and I ran into someone. Luckily it was only Lexi.

'' Damn you! What are you trying to do?! See how many times you can run me over in a week?'' she shouted.

'' Sorry! Maybe next time you can yell, hey look were your going! '' I shouted in her face. I'm not sure why I was blaming her when I knew it was my fault.

'' Your unbelievable! You selfish jerk snob! '' she stomped on my foot and walked away. Ouch! Sammy looked at me in confusion.

'' Lets just go home.. '' she said quietly. I nodded. On the way back it was like on the way there. Silent. We had to pass the Erdmans house again. Ugh. It was different this time. Lexi was about to burst into tears. Her father was scolding her and pointing at the sheet rope hanging from the window. I told Sammy to go home already. I got close enough so that I could hear but they couldnt see me.

'' You can't just sneak out of the house! '' her father yelled. His face burning red.

'' Well I did! Stop acting like I killed someone! It's not that big of a deal! '' she yelled.

'' Yes it is! You disobeyed me! You and your brother treat me and your mother like crap! You need to show some respect, or your ipod and a lot of your other possesions will be taken away until you learn to respect us! ''

'' What kid wouldnt disobey you?! Your mean, overprotective, and I don't remember the last time you told me or Free you loved us! '' she snapped. Tears poured down her face. Her mascara was running down her face.

'' Lexi Star Erdman! You will not speak to me like that! '' her father was furious. She had a cool middle name though. Star. Mine was Schalar. Jay Schalar Gould.

'' Too bad! I just did! '' she yelled. I could feel the tension between them. Just then, Free pulled into the driveway. He looked at Lexi then at his father.

'' Whats going on? '' he asked. I didn't hear but his father told him something. Free's face became furious as well.

'' Dad that is so unfair! '' he took Lexi's side and stood next to her.

'' Freeman I am the adult! What I say goes! ''

'' I looked up too you! Now your just a piece of crap! '' Free shouted in his dads face. There dads face became sad and hurt. What he just said nailed that man in the heart.

'' Freeman Spirit Erdman, Lexi Star Erdman, I want you out of this house for the rest of the week. '' that was his last words then he went back into the house. Lexi broke down and fell into Free. He hugged her and rubbed her back. I heard him whisper to her.

'' Lexi it's ok, everything will be fine, he just needs to cool down. '' she mumbled something into his chest but I didn't hear it.

'' Come on. Let's go see if we can stay at a friends. '' They broke apart. They went through the back door of the house. Usually when I got mad with my dad I was just grounded. I had never been kicked out of my own home.


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