♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 3
Harlan Academy - Senior Year!



I ran down the flight of stairs. Free was charging behind me. I pretended to fall.

''Ow! Ow!'' I whined. Free crouched down beside me panting hard.

''Lexi, you OK?'' he panted. I laughed and pushed his head down. Then I ran to the kitchen. My hand slammed down on the car keys the same time Free's did.

''I'm driving!'' I shouted across the table.

''No, I am!'' he yelled. He ripped his arms back which made me fall onto the table. He dragged me until I was laying on the floor with my hands still clutched to the keys. He yanked even harder and my fingers fell. '' Victory! '' he shouted as he ran outside. I quickly got up and swung my gray messenger backpack over my shoulder. I raced outside.

''Free!'' I yelled just as he started the engine.

''Too late!'' he yelled out the window. The car screeched and backed out of the driveway. I chased after it.

''FREE! You suck.'' I yelled as loud as I could. He stuck his hand out of the window and did a loser sign. That's usually what happened every morning before school. Except I always got in before he drove away! We fought over who got to drive the silver 2010 Nissan 370Z . I quickly got the keys to the 2010 Sport Trac truck. yeah were kind of rich but we don’t live in a giant house. I stepped on the peddle. My plan was to find Free, make sure he was with all of his friends, then embarrass him. I parked the truck in the front and went to find Free. My friends found me instead. They all ran towards me with smiles on there faces.

''Lexi, baby!'' Mimi shouted. I put on my best smile and opened up my arms. They all ran into them. We all said the 'I missed you! You look great! ' speech.

''Excuse me guys, I got to talk to Free.''

''Can I come?!'' Cassie begged. I shrugged.

''Sure why not.'' she followed me as we looked for my bro. As we wondered around school different boys would come up and talk to me.

''Lexi want to go to the movies?'' some boy asked.

''Um, I don’t like movies. Got to go bye!'' then I would take Cassie's hand and we would dash to another place. We finally found him in the back courtyard with his friend. There was a girl next to him with a flirty face. His expression said no thank you.

''I'll kill her!'' Cassie hissed as she had daggers going into the girls back. I put my hand on her shoulder. I put my finger over my lip. I quietly crept up behind him, than I pounced! I put him in a head lock.

''What the hell?!'' he choked out.

''Dude is that your sister?'' one of his friends asked.

''I don’t know I cant tell!'' he pointed to himself.

''Hey Lexi!'' Free's friend Aron said.

''Sup Aron.'' I accidentally let go of Free to give him a knuckle touch.

''Ha!'' Free said as he sat on me. UGH! He laughed and got up. But someone else grabbed our attention. It was Jay and his friends.

''Hey guys look, its the twin crap balls!'' Jay pointed to us. I walked fastly toward him.

''Shut the hell up!'' I yelled in his face. He smirked and licked his lips.

''Make me.'' he almost whispered in my ear. I grabbed the hat he was wearing and ran.

''Hey! Get her! That’s my favorite hat!'' Jay yelled to his friends. The wind whipped my face. My hair was flying in the breeze and I was laughing. I heard the thundering of thousands of footsteps. I glanced behind me. First there was Jay and his friends, then Free and his friends, then my friends. I could feel someone was close behind me. I ran faster until cramps started to come in my stomach. I heard them all yelling at each other.

''I swear if you touch her--'' Free yelled.

''You'll what? Pound my ass?'' Jay yelled back. I then became scared, plus I was tired. I changed my direction and ran towards were some guys were throwing a football. I checked to see were everyone was. I still had a good lead.

''Lexi!'' Free called. Then I felt something nail me in the head. I tumbled to the ground. It was blurry for a couple of seconds, then it was clear.

''Whoa! You OK?'' someone asked. I looked up. It was Reese, last years football captain.

''Uh...'' I said dumbly as I stared at his muscles.

''Lexi, are you OK?‘' he asked again. I replied with a nod. He held out his hand. I grasped it and got up. '' Sorry about that. ''

''It's fine, It's my fault, I wasn’t watching were I was going.'' just then everyone got to us. One of Jays friends grabbed my arms like he was going to handcuff me. He took the hat from my fingers and pushed me into Reese.

''What’s your problem!?'' Reese shouted at the guy. He just rolled his eyes and gave the hat to Jay. Jay spat at my feet and panted.

''Your a good runner. But you just cant win.'' he hissed. Free came up behind him and kicked him in the back. He fell in the mud pile. He hugged and panted on me.

''You.. OK? Do.. you have.. a bump?'' he spoke slowly. I shook my head. He grabbed me by the shoulder and punched Jay in the shoulder as we went by.

''Um bye Reese..'' I said over my shoulder. He didn’t seem to be paying attention.

''Hm? Oh bye.'' he said in a lost tone.


''Reese totally likes you!'' Maddy said to me as we headed to the cafeteria.

''He was completely lost in your eyes!'' Mimi squeaked. I rolled my eyes at them.

''If you ask me, I think he threw the ball at you on purpose..!'' Maddy's eyes sparkled.

''Yeah right, he hurts me so that I'll notice him..'' I grabbed a burger with fries and water. Maddy and Mimi got salads with milk and Cassie got a sloppy joe.

''Well not to hurt you, but to get your attention.''

''I'm not pretty enough to be with him.'' I said before I jammed some fries into my mouth.

''That’s what every girl says! You have perfectly tan skin, blonde hair, blue/green eyes, a beautiful figure, and your not a priss!'' Cassie went on and on.

''Gee Cassie, I didn't know you were so into me.'' I laughed. She pursed her lips.

''What about Free?''

''Well what about Free?'' I said with my mouth full of burger.

''So.. who does he like?'' Cassie asked.

''Um I dunno.. how should I know?!'' my voice shook.

''1. You live with him. 2. Your twins!''

''Well why don’t you go ask him out?!‘' I said annoyed.

''Will you do it for me? Please?!'' Cassie begged. I sighed.

''Fine.'' I walked over to Free's table. They were all laughing until they saw me. All eyes were on me. Free gave me a look that said 'go away or the IPO gets it! '

''Free, can I talk to you?'' I whispered.

''Sure, go ahead and talk. I’m not getting up.''

''Um, who do you like?'' I whispered into his ear.

''Her name is.. I'm not telling you!'' he grabbed my cheek.

''Please tell me! Don't make me use my puppy face..'' I threatened.

''It aint gonna work.'' he said loudly. I winked at him. I put myself in his lap.

''People are looking!'' he grunted. I gave him the big watery eyes. The quivering lip.

''How can you say no to that?!'' his friend Daniel asked. Free went on eating his lunch like I wasn’t even there. It had to work. It had to! I never lost at this game! Never! I made pretend tears go down my face. Then curled up in a ball on his lap.

''Aw she looks so cute! I cant even resist!'' Aron giggled. It wasn’t working! For the big finish.

''Fine, I guess.. you just don't love me anymore, I'm just another piece of crap you would throw at Jay. I'll just go forever.'' I got up and walked saggy. He turned around.

''You'll have to do better then that!'' Free smiled and laughed at me. Damn he's good.


School was suckish as usual and I just wanted to get home. I was walking with Mimi to the parking lot. Guess who we found? Yup, freakin’ ole Jay.

''Lexi! Wait up!'' he ran from his friends next to me.

''Listen I -- '

''Came to apologize?'' I said shocked.

''HAHA no! I came to tell you the dare.''

''Alright shoot.''

''I dare you to go inside Crowley's Barn and get the flag hanging outside of the window.'' he said in a scary tone. There was a story behind this barn. Like there are many stories about a certain house or farm in a movie or book. The story behind this barn wasn't that scary. People say that there was a man who made some kind of creature. The creature went mad one day and killed the man who created him. He ripped up the floorboards and threw the mans dead body inside. He killed all the animals and threw them in the hole as well. They say he still lives there in the top of the silo. They said they here him howl at night. The flag that hangs from the window is white. Until the monster killed everything. Then it was stained in a red maroon color. Blood. Now anyone who enters the barn will be added to the collection of dead bodies beneath the floorboards. Of course I didn't believe in this story. I believed the farmer passed away and his animals got loose or someone came and got them.

''Big wow. Come on you can do better than that!'' I hissed in his face.

''You backing down?''

''Heck no, I just thought you would come up with something more clever than that.‘'

''Fine. I dare you to skateboard down Dead Mans Hill. Without any protective gear.''

''Your on. When?''

''Friday 9:30 A.M.''

''Alright.'' we shook hands. Dead Man Hill was one of the steepest hills in TN. It wasn’t regular road. It was bumpy and had cracks. Lucky for me, Free taught me how to ride a skateboard when I was 8.

''Are you crazy!'' Mimi shouted at me.


''You'll be killed!''

''Your doubting my skills?''

''Never said that. But no kid has ever made it down that hill!''

''I will on Friday''

''Your nuts. Crazy. Dead girl!''

''Stop doubting me. I'll do it and make it. If I die you get my Ipod.''

''Don’t say that!''

''Too late!''

''Your unbelievable! What will your parents say about this?''

''They wont know and you wont tell them.''

''What about Free?''

''Free wont know either.''


''Nobody will know except us and Jay and his friends.''

''I’ll have 911 on speed dial.''

''Quit doubting my skills!''

''Fine. You'll make it down the first part.''

''Then die the rest of the way down?‘'

''Well sure.''

''Sounds like your planning on me dying.''

''Well I'm not planning on seeing you without a scratch.''

''Doubt me one more time an--''

''Ok, Ok, I wont, I swear.''


''I'll see you tomorrow.''

''See yeah.'' I got in my truck and slammed the door. I was determined to make it down that hill. I was going to practice. Here comes Lexi Erdman. :p


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