♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 2
Home at last!


The car eased into the driveway. I was already jumping up and down in my seat. Some people might say 'why would you want to leave the beach? ' Here’s 3 good reasons why. 1. I'm tired and somewhat disgusted I had to share a room with Free. 2. No friends. 3. Bad sunburns. The car finally came to a halt. I jumped out of the car and started doing cartwheels. Free got out of the car and smirked at me. He thought I was childish. Before he stepped into the house I jumped on his back. He almost fell over but caught himself.

''Get off of me!'' he yelled trying to detach me from his back.

''Never!'' I shouted.

''Lexi, get off!'' he said firmly.

''No, carry me upstairs!'' I whined.

''You have legs use them!'' he snarled. I tapped the side of his ribs like a horse. He sighed deeply. I gently slid off his back but blocked his path. I was going to use the puppy dog face. I made my eyes get all big and sad. Then came the quivering lip. Then I curled up in a ball on the floor. I heard him sigh quietly. I won! He crouched down beside me.

''Fine, I'll carry you.'' he mumbled. I lifted my head up and smiled at him.

''He can carry you after you help us with luggage!'' mom yelled from the car. I got on Free's back anyways. He carried me back to the car. He got his and my luggage than carried it all back inside. Him going back and forth was making me tired. I put my head on his shoulder. I could feel his muscles tighten when he picked something up. I smelt something familiar. He used MY shampoo!

''Why did you use my herbal essence?'' I shouted.

''Cause my Ax ran out.'' he said simply.

''Well now your hair smells all girly.'' I grabbed a strand of his hair and twirled it.




''Would you two shut up!'' our dad roared. Something caught my attention.

''Put me down!'' I hissed at Free.

''So now you want down!''

''Free!'' I kicked him rapidly. He let me off. I chased the light blue moped that passed our house. It was Cassie! '' Wait up! Cassie! Hey! hey! '' I ran and waved my hands in the air. I heard Free calling my name. Whatever. I continued to chase after Cassie. Then I knew why he was calling my name.

''Look out!'' a familiar voice said. By the time I turned my head, I was already flying through the air. Then tumbled on the ground. I looked next to me. Jay was laying there. Ow, my body felt scratched. Luckily he was riding a ripstik not driving a car.

''You bastard!'' I hissed at him.

''You were in my way!'' he said.

''No, I am the passerby! The person with the thing of transportation is the one held responsible!'' I slammed my fist on his back. He moaned. I felt someone’s hands on my waist and pick me off the ground. Free.

''You OK?'' he asked. He was holding my shoulders and staring into my eyes. They were filled with fear.

''No, this bastard slammed me to the freaking ground!'' I pointed at him. Jay picked himself off of the road and started towards his board. Free let go of me and went to Jay.

''Watch were your going next time! You almost made my sister into a pancake!'' Free had Jays shirt twisted up inside his fist. The bad part was, Jay and Free were the same age and size.

''Let go of my shirt.'' Jay growled.

''No! Not until you apologize!'' there faces were inches apart. I slid in-between them.

'' Forget it Free. '' I tugged onto the sleeve of his shirt.

''Whatever. Next time you do something like that you'll have a butt full of fist!'' Free growled.

''Oh, you mean like this!'' Jay pushed me so that I flew into Free. Free put me to his right side and kneed Jay in the crotch. Then he picked me up bride like and started running home. You could hear Jay's loud moaning from a distance. I was proud of my brother. But now, Jay was his enemy like Jay is mine. He ran upstairs to my bedroom and put me on my bed.

''You OK?'' he asked. I shrugged and looked at my hands and knees. They were scratched and bleeding. Free went into my bathroom and brought back band-aids and bactine. He gently applied it to my wounds.

''Thanks.'' I almost whispered. He looked up at my face and smiled.

''No problem.'' he stood up.

''Please don’t tell mom or dad.'' I begged.

''I wont.‘' he smiled and walked out of my room.

''Free!'' I called. His head popped into the doorway.


''I love you.'' I smiled shyly. He looked a little shocked at first but then happy.

''Love you too.'' he smiled and disappeared. Free can be a load of bull sometimes, but like today, he can be caring and nice.


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