♥Hate me with Love ♥
Author: Spindlegal

Chapter 1
Lemme tell you about my life (Lexi)


     My cheek became chilled lying on the car side door. I lifted my head up and yawned. My twin brother, Free, still slept on his side of the car. His blonde hair was not as bright as usual because it was raining. His blue/green eye color was hidden beneath the lids of his eyes.

''Lexi are you awake?'' my mom asked. I gave her a tiny nod and put the headphones over my head like a headband. I listened to Boys like Girls. I started swinging my hands in the air as I danced to the music. I accidentally slammed the back of my hand into Frees forehead. His eyes shot open and he moaned. He rubbed his head and gave me a disapproving look.

“Lexi, if you don't let me get some sleep, I'm going to snap that thing in half." he held up my thin blue iPod. I quickly snatched it back.

''Well aren’t we Mr. Grumpy Rump!'' I grabbed his chin and ripped it back and forth. He smacked my wrist, which left a red stinging mark. I grabbed a chunk of his hair and pulled. He did the same to me.

''Ow, ow, ow!'' we both shouted.

''Don't make me come back there! You two are too old for this nonsense!'' our dad snapped. We both unwillingly let go of each other and crossed our arms over our chest. Free took out his comb and went through his hair.

''Psht, sissy...'' I mumbled. He rolled his eyes and set it down. I slid my hand onto the comb and went through my golden blonde hair. Except for the roots and some parts in my hair were black. From what’s been going on, you probably assume were moving or something. Actually were coming back from our summer vacation. Yup, summer has ended. It's time to go back to the crap hole they call a school. Free and I went to Harlan Academy. A public school. Home of the wolves! Yay? Woo - hoo? Thinking about school made me think about my friends. I missed Maddy and her bubbly personality. Her light brown hair and twinkly blue eyes. I missed Mimi. Her black hair and green eyes. I missed Cassie. Her middle neck dirty blonde hair with pink and green highlights on the sides. I missed them all. I was at the beach half of the summer without service. I needed to hear one of their voices. So I called Cassie. Ring, Ring, Ring, finally!!


''Cassie, its Lexi.''

''Hey girl! How was Gulf Shores?!''

''Great, besides Frees complaining...'' I shifted my eyes towards my bro. He was asleep.

''Complaining is acceptable for him because he's cute!'' she said.

''Cassie, this is my brother were talking about!'' I chuckled.

''Don't worry your cute too!'' she added. Oh yeah, did I mention Cassie had a HUGE crush on Free? Or could you guess?

''Mhmm, so what have I been missing?''

''Nothing much. Except Jay dared you to do something when you get back.'' ugh stupid Jay.

''Tell him I accept.''

''You don’t even know what it is.''

''I don't care what the damn dare is! I'm doing it! That dumb ass is full of bull!'' You know how there’s someone you cannot stand? Yeah, Jay is one of those people.

''Pardon your French.'' She giggled. That's what we always say after we cuss.

''Sure, sure. Alright well I got to go.''

''Ok! See you when you get back!''

''Chow for now.'' I hit the end button. Carelessly I threw my phone on the floor.





The car was filling up with gas and I was inside the gas store. Dad told us to pick out a piece of candy er something. I was looking at the bags of chips when Free started saying,

''Got to pee! Got to pee!'' he darted towards the men’s bathroom. I laughed at him and decided on a little bag of Doritos. When I went to check out Free was already there.

''You got out fast. Did you use a urinal?'' I laughed out loud. Frees tan skin from the beach turned slightly pink. He elbowed me in the stomach and stomped out of the store. I saw the cashier ladies face was also trying to hold back a laugh. I quickly paid for my stuff and skipped out of the store. I sat back into my chair and nibbled the Doritos.

''Lexi, did you just walk out of that store by yourself?'' dad asked.

''Um, yes...'' I said with my mouth full.

''A 17 year old girl should not be alone around here! Why didn't you walk with her, Free?'' he yelled. Free and I looked at him with a 'are you serious? ‘expression.

''I’m capable of walking into a store and back by myself.'' I said. Dad rolled his eyes. He was always the protective stubborn type.

''Still. Think next time, Free!'' and by the tone in his voice the conversation was over. Pretty dumb conversation. I felt something hard hit my face. I looked at Free. He was shooting his nerf gun at me.

''Wow, real mature Free!'' I threw the ball back at his face.

''Shut up.'' he mumbled.

''I already did!'' I yelled. Mom came into the car with a disappointed look on her face.

''They told me opposite sex twins would be a joy. They would look out for each other and comfort one another. Yeah right.'' mom mumbled. She said that often. The first time I heard it I was offended. Not so much now though. Free stuck out one of his blue sour straws to me. I gladly grabbed one and sucked on it. He started laughing.

''What?'' I asked annoyed.

''I licked it!'' he laughed harder. EW, freak!

''I don’t care!'' I said bravely taking another bite.

''But you actually do. You just don’t want to admit it!'' his grin widened. I whipped his face with the remains of the sour straw. He shrugged and laughed. Luckily after a couple more hours he fell asleep. But it didn't matter, because we were home. Back in Tennessee! TN baby!



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