Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 47
The Dance

   "Oh, the table cloth's on fire!" exclaimed Justin, swatting away the fire with a rag.
Savannah and her friends tittered at the sight of Justin trying to put out the fire. Justin's mom walked over and poured a cup of water over the cloth. Justin's mom blew out the other candles on the table to prevent anymore fires. Judy looked at Savannah's dress in awe. Savannah had on a purple dress with sequined appliques over the gown  and black heels. Her mom had done her hair up in an updo, pinning silver butterfly clips in her hair. Everyone had told her how beautiful she was.
"Savannah, you look awesome!" enthused Justin, his way of saying she looked gorgeous.
Savannah was flattered. For the past hour her and her friends had been dancing to music, eating croissants, and other finger food. Savannah pretended to like the croissants.
  At first she wasn't sure if it was Justin's house or not because it was pretty small. She thought they had tricked her. Even though Judy's house was small, she thought Justin's would be bigger. She guessed not everyone in Paramount was filthy rich like Andy and Reese. In fact, only a small portion were. She walked over to the table and took another sip from her sparkling cider. The sweet, soury taste sizzled pleasantly down her throat.
"Picture time!" Missy called, walking outside onto the patio deck.
  Justin and Judy's mom took several pictures of them. Justin joked how it looked like The Corleone family picture. Savannah laughed since both Judy, Justin, Carter, Lucas, and Maris were Italian. She wondered what Carter, Lucas, and Maris were doing. They were probably having just as much fun as she was. She couldn't wait for Carter to see her all dressed up. Her mom was nearly crying when she saw how she looked. She couldn't believe how mature her daughter had gotten. Savannah used to be the hyper child who seemed to have ADHD who wouldn't quit getting into trouble. 
  Judy put an arm around Savannah, grinning broadly into the old fashion camera her mom was using. Judy's mom kept saying how beautiful Savannah was. As if it were her own daughter. Judy kept saying how her mom was embarrassed her in front of Savannah, but she didn't mind. Her own mom had embarrassed her in front of Holly.
She then took a few shots of her and Justin and Judy. Justin did a few bunny ears behind Savannah's head, making her laugh. The party was going pretty well. She felt so happy that she thought she was going to die any moment. It was the kind of happiness she got when she was at Church and she felt good about what the preacher had told her.
  She silently thanked God for blessing her a happier life. It was so much better than Graysville. She had made friends, became popular, got to be on Homecoming court, and even went on a few trips with friends.
"How's your boyfriend?" Lindsay Murdoch asked Savannah.
"He's doing great." she answered. "I feel bad about not going over to Andy's house to see him."
"Yeah, but at least you're here." Justin said. "I guess Andy isn't so bad."
"He's still a douchebag." Deena remarked, smiling at Savannah.
Savannah thought people underestimated Andy. Sure he could be a jerk at times but he was also fun. Justin told her it was like saying "It may be stupid, but it's also dumb." Savannah let out a laugh. Andy was a sweet person deep down and had a huge passion for animals. He wasn't the insane PETA type of person who put animals before humans, but he still loved them.
  Justin's dog that reminded her of Andy's dog came up to her. He gave her a friendly lick on the hand. Savannah seemed to have been a dog whisperer. No dog ever hated her. Even the dog in the neighborhood she used to live on never barked at her. And he barked at every person that passed by the house he lived at.
"What's his name?" she asked Justin.
"Pippet." Justin said, rubbing the dog's fur.
Savannah was shocked. That rhymed with her dog Tippet. She told Justin that and they both started laughing. Going to the dance made her feel good. All of her friends would be there and they would play good music. Andy suggested all the music for the dance.
   Savannah and her friends arrived at the dance in Justin's mom's "luxurious" station wagon. Savannah was entertained throughout. Justin made obscene jokes and Judy took random pictures of her and Savannah. Judy, Justin, and Holly were truly her best friends. Tamara stopped them as they hopped out of the car.
"Savannah!" she screamed. "You look like a model!"
She took a picture with her before hugging her.
"Thank you," Savannah smiled, thinking Tamara's purple strapless dress was beautiful as well. "I love your dress."
"I love yours more." she said, touching the floral applique on her dress. "Where'd you get it?"
Savannah's mom had told her to get the dress from there. Savannah didn't think there would be any cute dresses there, but Holly had picked out the perfect dress for her. To Savannah's surprise, Winnie Crenshaw and her friend Ashlyn Quentin came up to her. Those were the girls that Savannah thought were talking about her on the first day of school.
  "I just wanted to let you know that you look so pretty." Winnie smiled.
"I agree." said Ashlyn. "You're in our journalism class, right?"
"Yeah," nodded Savannah.
"That's awesome!" praised Winnie. "We'll see you Monday, okay?"
"I'm looking forward to it."
"By the way, congratulations on making Homecoming queen!" Ashlyn noted.
Savannah thanked the girls before they walked away.
  "Aww... my little Kitten" Andy said to Savannah, engulfing her in his embrace. "Somebody looks all grown up."
Savannah giggled. "You look grown up yourself."
Holly gave her a peck on the cheek. "I knew you would look like a goddess. I hate you!"
"Yeah, why must you always look hot?" Jen joked.
"Pretty, Vanbear!" gushed Stephanie, pulling her into an affectionate hug.
Savannah honestly felt gorgeous. She finally saw herself through the eyes of other people. She saw Carter talking to Elisha and walked up to him. Carter met her gaze and planted a kiss on her lips. She pinned the corsage onto his white tuxedo before taking his hand. They all walked into the school, being breathalyzed by the staff. Savannah hoped Andy got to enter the dance.
Luckily he did.
  Mrs. Livingston came up to Savannah. Her favorite teacher. Mrs. Livingston looked gorgeous in her white blouse and long black skirt.
"Your dress is so beautiful!" she cooed. "And so are you!"
"I agree." smiled Carter, winking at Savannah. "But it's not the dress that makes her look beautiful, it's her that makes the dress look beautiful."
Savannah thought that was the nicest thing anyone had said to her. Mrs. Livingston asked to take a picture of her favorite student. Savannah obliged. She knew Mrs. Livingston would put the picture on her bulletin along with the other pictures of her beloved students. 
  Throughout the dance, Savannah was amused to see how crazy the dance was. It was like a clean-cut version of Girls Gone Wild. People were grinding each other on the dance floor. She was doing it with Carter, but it kind of awkward. Savannah was beginning to think awkward situations were funny. She had danced with Judy, Justin, Holly, Andy, and several of her other friends.
"Damn, Carter!" Darnell congratulated him, looking appreciatively at Savannah. "I approve."
Carter laughed. "Thanks, man."
Savannah saw a pretty Persian girl standing with Darnell. "Is that your girlfriend."
She smiled a hi at the girl and the girl smiled back.
"Yeah, we are kinda." he answered.
"What do you mean kinda?" Savannah said, playfully giving Darnell a stern look. "You better be fully dating her."
The Persian girl laughed. "I like her. I'm Leila."
"Nice to meet you." she said, shaking her hand.
  Savannah's favorite song "In My Life" by The Beatles came on. Carter put his arm on Savannah's tiny waist and began to dance slowly with her. A few of her other favorite slow songs came on like "Underneath The Stars" by Mariah Carey and "From The Bottom of My Broken Heart" by Britney Spears. But the song that really caught her attention was "Dreaming Of You" by Selena.
It was her all time favorite song. It was so beautiful and sad.
 She fell into Carter's chest, closing her eyes. She listened intently to the beautiful melodious intro. Carter kissed her fervently, running his hands down her back. He thought about putting his hands on her buttocks, but he realized it would have been rude. So he just kept his hand on her waist. Still enjoying "Dreaming Of You", Savannah felt herself spinning. Kissing Carter was like being in a forever lasting dream. He was such a great kisser. She wished she would have experienced it a long time ago. Never had she imagined ever meeting these people. She would have never known that Holly would be the best friend she should have had since the beginning of her life. Or Carter, the guy she should have met in middle school. Those were all her friends she should have met. Judy, Justin, Andy, Elisha, Reese and the others. She was meant to be in Paramount.

                               The End


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