Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 46
Homecoming Party

  "Hey, guys!" Stephanie piped, walking into Andy's large living room.
She was wearing a blue dress that looked similar to Reese's only it was four inches shorter. She had on six inch heels making her look taller.
"I told you not to invite her." Reese hissed to Elisha.
"Oh, Andy did it." Elisha mumbled.
She didn't mind Stephanie, but she was annoying. Sometimes Stephanie did and said the wrong things. They were okay, but they weren't the best of friends. 
"Holly," Andy joked. "I miss Kaleb."
He was wearing a tan colored tuxedo looking more refined.
"He doesn't miss you." she said, dressed in a black dress.
She fixed herself in the mirror before setting down on the Victorian couch. The dance didn't start to eight and it was only five o'clock. She took a sip of her Sprite before turning to Elisha.
"Maris isn't mad at Lucas anymore." She pointed to Maris kissing Lucas in the corner.
Holly liked that Maris easily got over situations. That made her less complicated to deal with.
She walked over to her date Tommy, preparing to pin the corsage onto his tuxedo. He looked cute. He wasn't the best looking, but he wasn't the worst. She was glad he was his date and not Peter. Peter had been really annoying ever since she had dumped him. At first she felt bad for him, but then she just had to laugh. All this time he had been ignoring her and now he wanted her back. She smiled to herself.
 All the parents came down cooing at how grown their children look. They took group shots, then couple shots, then all girl shots, and finally all boy shots. Holly took several individual shots with her friends. Carter stood over with Jamie chatting excitedly with her. Holly snickered because she knew Jamie was looking forward to meeting up with Darien at the dance. She had paid her cousin off to keep her from telling on her mom. Holly thought it was a genius idea. 
 Andy started to go to make cocktails when Holly reminded him that they were breathalyzing at the dance. Andy's face turned pale and he stormed back into the room. She laughed. Andy always needed his alcohol. He sat down next to Palma, who was in a black dress with a plunging neck line and silver heels, putting his hand on her knee. At least he wasn't going to break up with her after all. Holly thought Palma looked cute with her short hair crimped. But Holly thought she looked better herself. 
"I wish Savannah was here." Carter told her. "Who's going to put on my corsage."
"She'll do it at the dance!" she said. "I can't wait to see. I love her so much!"
Savannah was the best person she knew. They only known each other for about a month but they were already like sisters.


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