Shy Boys Win
Author: Summer

Chapter 6

(I've been trying to work on this chapter for a while, but my computer keeps messing up. Sorry this took so long!)

Jade watched the couple sitting on the bench from beside a tree. He leaned against the rough bark as they held hands and he waited for Matilda's train to get back to the station. It soon did, and as soon as she and her friends stepped off, the boy on the bench jumped up.

"Jasper?" The girl said, whining a bit. Jasper looked back and ran behind a bush that was by the roller coaster exit. He put a finger to his lips just as Matilda walked through the gates.

"BOO!" He yelled.

Matilda screamed and said, "Oh, haha, it's just you." She blushed and tried to calm back down. She looked up at Jade.

<i>There's that boy again.</i>

He shifted his weight on the tree and blushed, shaking his head again. The wind blew his hair a little, and he tried to scoot behind the tree, but only managed to get his pants caught. He quickly pulled them loose, and tried to look at Matilda under his bangs. She didn't really notice what had happened and he sighed.

"So, what have you guys been doing?" Claire asked Matilda.

"Uh, not that much, really, you?"

"We, er, just got here really, I saw you get in line for the roller coaster so I sat down here," Jasper said back.

"Oh, cool," Matilda said, trying not to sound too happy about the fact he actually cared that much.

"Um, hey, we should get going to the food area. I'm hungry," Amanda said, feeling the tension between the group rise. Matilda waved good-bye to Jasper and started to walk off. Amanda and Ivie followed her. Jade pushed himself off of the tree with his elbow, scratching it a little. He winced, but walked after them. He tried to keep himself within safe distance of her, but he knew she already thought he was following her. He was mad that it scared her a little, but, then again, who wouldn't be a little scared?


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