Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 45
It's A Fantastic Life

  "Are you ready?" Marjorie called from downstairs.
Savannah hopped off of the computer and ran downstairs to meet her mom and step-dad.
"Miss Homecoming Queen!" Marjorie cheered, clapping her hands as Savannah entered the living room. Savannah laughed. She wasn't exactly homecoming queen. A girl who was senior named Sharon Cassidy was. She was just on court. Either way her mom was still elated to see that her daughter was getting popular. Dave stood at the bar putting his money into his wallet. They were supposed to be at the Kite Race by four-thirty. Savannah was so excited because her friends were all going to be there. Andy had promised to bring snacks and drinks for them to gorge out on. She checked her hair in the mirror before walking out the door.
  Holly sat in the built in concrete seats in front of the river. The ground was elevated into steps that led all the way to the flat surface near the river. A boy name Tommy White sat next to her whispering in her ear. Savannah guessed it was her Homecoming date.
"Hi," she said to them.
Holly's face lit up, revealing her yellow-and-blue braces. "Glad you could make it."
"You knew I would come." she said, sitting down next to her.
Tommy extended his hand to her. "Oh, by the way I'm Tommy."
Holly gasped. "I am so rude!"
Savannah laughed, shaking his hand. "That's okay."
  Carter and the rest came over carrying drinks. He passed the blue Gatorade bottle to Savannah. He knew it was her favorite flavor. Savannah thanked Carter and took a sip from it. Savannah saw Monica sitting next to Andy. She wondered where her boyfriend Kaleb was. Andy seemed to have noticed that too, of course, because he asked her what happened to Kaleb.
"I broke up with him." Monica said sadly.
"Aww..." Andy said insincerely, laughing inside.
He wanted to do cart-wheels, do a triple back flip, fly, thank God and Jesus, dance; do anything to show his happiness of Kaleb's permanent absence. 
 Savannah leaned her against Carter's shoulder, letting him stroke her for a little while. Holly leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Did you guys do it yet?"
Savannah chortled. She knew Holly was only joking, but she didn't want to do anything with Carter. She was only fourteen and she thought having sex for the first time on her wedding night was more important and sexier. She looked at the water which was moving swiftly. The current was low and the water was pretty steady. It was beautiful. Little things fascinated her. Her mom often called her easily impressed and impressionable. Everything fascinated her. 
 Andy nudged her on the shoulder. "Do you think I'm going to win?"
"Of course you will!" she insured, smiling sweetly at him.
He had entered himself into the Kite Race. His partner Reese beckoned him to come in the boat with her so they could get started. He got up and went over to her.
Savannah watched them prepare their rainbow color Kite as one of them held on to it. Reese was in a black wet suit matching Andy's outfit. Her hair was tied into a tight-ponytail making her look professional. They both wanted to be marine biologists because they were interested in ocean related subjects. 
  Holly took out her video camera and started filming her friends. She focused the camera on Savannah who was wrapped in Carter's embrace.
"Say something." Holly told her."
"Something!" Savannah said cheerily.
Carter leaned into the view of the camera and made funny faces. Holly then turned the camera to Mark and Lucas who flipped the camera off. Elisha did a few poses, mocking Maris's dance moves. Savannah giggled as she watched Maris poking her lips out as the camera gave her its attention.
"It's starting!" Savannah exclaimed as the race was starting to take off.
Holly filmed Andy driving the boat as Reese skied along the water. All of her friends cheered as they took the lead. They were winning!
As Andy and Reese passed them, water splashed Savannah and the others. She squealed in excitement as water hit her face. She used to stand by the river when she was seven with the neighbor kids hoping a boat would pass by, splashing them with the dirty water.  
  Fifteen minutes later, Andy and Reese came back flaunting their large trophy.
"We should split this in half so we could both keep it." Reese joked."
Andy laughed. "You keep it. I have enough trophies to last me a long time."
He flashed Savannah a smile who was digging into the bag of Cheese-Its. He snatched the box from her, spilling them into his mouth. Savannah giggled as she watched the scene. She would have never guessed that the annoying, weird, "racist" guy with braces would be a good friend of hers.
   Carter hugged both Elisha and Savannah as they stood on the court at the football game. Savannah's hair was done in loose curls, making her look fresh and innocent. She was in a white dress that wasn't really the dress she was going to wear at the dance. She wanted to be a surprise for Carter and her friends. He picked her up first before doing the same to Elisha.
"You both look great." he complimented.
"Thank you!" Elisha smiled. "The Kites are whooping those Hounddog's ass!"
Savannah looked at the scoreboard and saw that the score was 52-7.
"You suck!" Andy shouted at the visitor's section, forming his hands into a triangle to imitate a blow-horn.
"That's not good sportsmanship, Andy." Savannah chided.
"Shut up, slut." he teased, but saw Savannah's face deflate a little bit. "It was only a joke."
"Oh, I knew that." she lied.
She needed to stop being so sensitive.
   "I loved how the water splashed on us during the Kite Race." Danielle remarked.
"Yeah, that was the best wet t-shirt contest ever!" kidded Carter.
Savannah laughed exuberantly. Little jokes like that got her going. People always told her she had a good sense of humor. She was known for being the funny one. Holly came over with Jamie shaking lint out of her hair. Jamie wasn't disappointed that Carter and Savannah were dating. She could care less. She was too busy hanging out with Darien.
  "Is that what you're going to be wearing the dance?" Jamie asked Savannah.
"Oh, no." she answered. "You'll see what I'll be wearing tomorrow."
"You look pretty anyway." Jamie smiled. "Can I take a picture with you all?"
"Sure," she said, putting an arm around Jamie and Carter.
Holly, Elisha, Andy, Reese, and the others stepped into the shot. Jamie had some guy take a picture of them. Savannah had been in so many pictures it wasn't even funny. There were over four hundred pictures of her tagged on Facebook. Including the one of her and Carter laying in bed fast asleep that Reese had taken. Savannah had begged her to take it off but Reese told her to thank her later.


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