Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 44
The Parade

 Reese and the other cheerleaders sat on the float as they went past a bunch of elementary school kids. She thought they looked tiny and adorable. She passed a pom-pom to one of the little girls who told her she was pretty. Ahead, Elisha and Savannah sat in a white convertible waving at people. They were originally supposed to be in separate cars, but Elisha insisted on them sharing the same car.

It was a little chilly outside and overcast, but that didn't spoil the moment for Reese. She felt important to be apart of a parade. No one had ever made her feel this important in her life. Her friends never took her seriously and her teachers always underestimated her working abilities. This was her chance to show them who she was.

   "Look," remarked Dominique, pointing to the news people. "We're on TV."

At least Reese got her fifteen minutes of fame. She straightened her white pleated skirt and wiped lint off of her cheerleading jacket.

"I asked Ryder to the dance and he said yes." informed Dominique.

Ryder Armstrong was a friend of them from middle school. Dominique technically "stalked" him in the eigth grade because she had a huge crush on him.

Reese told her she was happy for her and then turned her attention back to the crowd. They rode downtown, getting a view of the beautiful shops. Their downtown area had an old-fashioned feel to it. As if it were in the roaring twenties. Statues of people stood in front of stores decorating the beautiful small downtown.

In a few minutes they would be at the school entertaining their classmates. Reese hoped she look okay. John Griffin would be there and she didn't want to look sloppy. She consciously checked her hair in her compact mirror.

"You look fine, Reese." said Dominique. "Take a chill pill."

People always told her that. It was something that always described Reese. She often got hectic when important events like this happened. Even though she wasn't the one on court, this was just as important to her than the other girls.

They reached the football field that was detached from the school. Applause and cheers erupted from the stands. Reese searched for her friends, but all she could make out was a bunch of people acting rowdy. She could hear Kellyanne Rodger's voice booming from the PA speakers.

"Coming up is the Paramount cheerleaders!" she said perkily, cheering afterward.

More applause came from the student body. Reese beamed as her float moved along the track. Danielle was standing on the football field waving at her. Reese waved at her friend, blowing her a kiss to exaggerate her happiness.
Evan stood up, waving at her date Delbert Winstead. Reese giggled. Evan always did something stupid at situations like this.

The loudest applause came when Savannah and Elisha came up in the car. Savannah grinned and waved at the four thousand people in the audience. Elisha waved also, doing a signal to get Mark's attention. Reese wasn't sure if Mark could see it or not, but only one could hope. A rose flew at Savannah, having her successfully catch it. She looked to see where the admirer came from, but she couldn't see them. She just shrugged and kept on grinning.
Reese sat back and enjoyed the ride. She was expected to see Savannah and the homecoming game all dressed up in her purple dress. It looked so gorgeous on her when she tried it on. Everyone would be looking at Savannah. She was proud to have her as a friend.

"My first homecoming game." said Evan. "Can you believe it?"

"I can't even believe it!" enthused Reese. "I feel like a celebrity."

She felt like she was floating up in the air and into the heavens.

 Savannah sat next to Elisha, admiring the people in the stands. Every one of them liked her. They really really liked her. She never felt this popular in her life. Elisha smiled warmly at her as if reading her mind. She hoped Elisha couldn't because she didn't want her to think of Savannah as a popular worshiper. She looked ahead and saw the football players. Carter, Damien, Davey and some other boys waved at her. This was the happiest moment of her life. Everything seemed to have been falling into place.


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