Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 43

  Andy sat slumped in his desk, trying to ignore Dexter poking his back. It didn't help. Dexter kept snickering and jabbing at him. Trying to be patient, Andy moved his desk forward so Dexter couldn't reach him. But Dexter did the same.

"That's it!" Andy hissed to Jen.

"Remember what I said..." she warned.

"But he's---!" he whispered harshly.

"Be the bigger person."

Jen had told Andy to not do anything mean to Dexter whenever he bothered him. Andy had tried, but it was so hard. Andy ignored the urge to punch Dexter in the face, even though he felt that he desperately deserved it. Successfully ignoring Dexter, he forced a smile at Jen and turned to the board.

Maybe the teacher will get him. He thought bitterly.

 Mr. Connery walked around their section, passing back papers to them.

"Congratulations, Andy." he smiled.

Andy felt better. At least Mr. Connery wasn't so weary at him after all. He looked at his test sheet and saw that he had made a hundred percent. If he could give himself a five, he would do it. He turned to Palma who smiled at him.

"A plus." he boasted.

"Twins!" she said, raising up her sheet of paper that had a big smiley sticker on her paper.

Andy thought maybe he shouldn't break up with Palma. With her new haircut, she looked even prettier. He didn't understand why he wanted to break up with her. Sometimes he didn't make sense at what he was doing. He guessed it was the alcohol he kept consuming at parties. Savannah was right, he needed to cut down on it.

 After class, they sat on one of the benches in the hallway. He put his arm around her and patted her shoulders.

"Homecoming is tomorrow." he said, kissing her on the cheek. "Are you excited?"

"Nope," Palma smiled. "I'm ecstatic!"

Andy couldn't wait for homecoming. He knew their school was going to win the game and homecoming was always a time to reflect on the school year. Tomorrow was the Kite Race and he was looking forward to it. Sitting by the river, eating hot-dogs, making jokes with friends, and throwing food to the ducks, attracting them to him and having them beg for food.

He saw Dexter walking up to him in that same red hoodie he wore more than once a week. He also had on disgusting pajama bottoms that made him look sloppy.

"Can I have a quarter?" he asked Palma.

Before Palma could say yes, Andy said no. Dexter flipped him off and went to the next victims who were standing by the vending machines.

"He's interesting." she said. "I like him."

Andy groaned. Most people just talked to him to use him as a ploy to insult him behind his back. He couldn't believe that Palma or Savannah thought he was entertaining. Andy thought he was entertaining, but not in a way that could make him like Dexter.

Carter and Savannah came up to them. Carter had on a red shirt that said "SM" on the Superman logo.

"Who are you supposed to be?" asked Palma.

"I'm Sideburn Man!" he informed, touching his sideburns. "My super powers are flying, morphing, and growing out my sideburns!"

"Ooh, scary!" teased Palma, wiggling her fingers.

Savannah chuckled, sitting down next to Andy.

"Why aren't you coming over to my house for homecoming?" he asked her.

Savannah told him about how Judy had invited her over to her house and that she wanted to spend more time with her friends. Andy understood.

"That's cool." he said. "But looks like Carter won't be escorting you to the dance."
Savannah quivered her full bottom lip. "I know, but I'll still see him at the dance."

Carter put his hand on her thigh, rubbing it tenderly. Savannah flinched a little bit, shaking him off her leg.

   "You're going out to eat with us after homecoming, aren't you?" asked Palma.

"Of course." she said. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Carter tickled the back of her neck, making her giggle softly. Andy thought Carter was lucky. Savannah was beautiful and gorgeous. He nodded at Carter making reference of them boh having hot girlfriends. Carter returned the nod, absently waving at a couple of girls who shot Savannah a look.

  Just then, Megan, Shelbi, and Andrea Mendez came over.

"Hi!" Megan singed, sitting down next to Carter. "How's my lover boy."

She smiled at Savannah, but it was a devious smile. Savannah thought it was funny.

"Good," he said. "How's Oliver."

"Still hot." she joked. "What about you, Savannah?"

"I'm okay."

"Terrific!" she trilled. "I love your super hero shirt. Where'd you get it?"


Shelbi joined in the conversation. "I must have it! I'm stopping by today to get it!"

Savannah smiled. She had thought those girls had hated her, but she found out she was wrong. Megan had held the door for Savannah a few weeks ago only to shut the door in her face. Savannah couldn't tell if it was an accident or on purpose. Andy knew that Megan was testing Savannah. It was something Megan always did. Andy knew well enough that Megan can be a total bitch. Even cruel. But she was still the sweet person she was since the third grade.

   "Have you found your dress to homecoming?" Andrea asked.

Savannah thought she looked like a younger version of Jessica Alba.

"Yeah, it's really pretty." Savannah explained. "Holly helped picked it out for me. My mom likes the dress, but my dad in Kentucky hates it! He says I should be on birth control."
"When do I get to meet your dad?" Carter asked her.

Savannah smirked, pausing for a moment. "Eventually..."

Which to her eventually always meant "never".

"Birth control!" exclaimed Shelbi. "That's insane! Your dad sounds like he's crazy."

You have no idea. She thought.

Andy ran his fingers through her hair. "At least your dad isn't a nerd. I swear, my dad thinks he's Stephen Hawking."

Savannah wished her parents were nerds. Then they could help her on her homework better. Andy loved his dad, but they looked nothing a like. It was strange how he picked up his grandfather's physical traits more than his dad. The only similarities he and his dad had was that they were both smart and enjoyed science.

A day passed and the day was completely off. Classes were only twenty minutes long and people were throwing frisbees and footballs in the hallway. Andy, Lucas, Damien, and Mark played tag in the hallway. Just because it was spirit day, didn't mean that teachers couldn't scold at them. Mr. Roosevelt told them to stop running.

"There goes our fun." Damien said. "Teachers blow."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Andy said, bumping his head up and down to a 2pac song on his Iphone.

He wasn't too embarrassed to listen to old hip-hop because Savannah still listened to LL Cool J and Slick Rick.

Speaking of the devil, Savannah was rolling in the hallway in her heelys. That was a huge fad in the seventh grade. Andy remembered getting told by several teachers to not roll in the hallways in his heelys, but Savannah seemed to be immune from getting caught. This time she was wearing Andy's soccer jersey for blue and white day. Andy had loaned it to her so she could look "cool enough to wear Andy's clothes".

"Sup?" Damien said to her, high-fiving her.

"Everything." she grinned. "I love light blue days!"

Light blue day was a day they had once a year at Paramount High on the day of homecoming. It was called that because blue and white created a lighter blue color. So it was basically blue and white day combined together.

"Why are you wearing those." Damien asked, pointing at her pink heelys.

"I need to reference the past." she said simply, wiping lint off of her jean shorts. "See ya!"

She walked off, but the boys followed her.

"Are you going to the library?" Andy asked her.

"Why are you following me?" she said, laughing.

"Because we love you." he said foolishly, catching her and pulling her into an affectionate hug. He squeezed her for dear life.

"Uh, Andy," she said, "I'm loosing circulation."

"Do you think I care?" he said, squeezing her hard.

"Are you like stalking me?" she laughed. "Because if so, I'm going to have to get a restraining order on you."

   "Everyone has a restraining order on Andy." said Mark.

Andy shot him a look. "Because I'm a dangerous mother-fucker."

Suddenly, Danielle popped out of nowhere, giving Savannah a hug. Savannah seemed to be prone to hugs...and Danielle.

"You and Elisha won!" she exclaimed. "You'll be in the parade today!"

"Thanks to us." Lucas said, giving Savannah a hug as well. "We all voted for you two. Pretty girls deserve to be Homecoming queens."

Savannah smiled. She never thought of herself as pretty. She always thought she was ugly, but ever since she kissed Carter at the hotel she felt beautiful.

"You'll be leaving today at eleven." continued Danielle. "Good luck! Say hi to the little first graders for me!"

"I will!" she enthused, grabbing both of Andy's hands and jumping up and down with him.

Andy smiled. Savannah looked so happy and cheery. He never wanted to see her upset.


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