Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 42
Sporty Day

 After the four day weekend in Cincinnati, Elisha had another event to look forward to. Homecoming. She walked through the hallways in Mark's soccer jersey. She already got into the spirit of homecoming. So many people were in sporty attires. Carter was in his IU football jersey, Savannah was wearing his Notre Dame football jersey which happened to be his all time favorite, Holly was wearing her cheerleading outfit from the seventh grade and Reese and Andy were both wearing soccer jerseys. Soccer and football tended to be the most popular sports among Paramount High students. Elisha stopped at Reese's locker, flipping her dark-blond hair.

 "Hey," she said. "Have you seen Mark.

"Yeah, he went to lunch." replied Reese. "Speaking of Mark, he asked to give you something."

"What is it?"

"Some note that Holly gave to him."

They both looked at the note in Reese's hand.

Maris is freaking out again. Says she's pissed at Lucas for talking to some chick with red hair. The red hair girl is a bitch, but Maris is totally going overboard. We need to talk to her asap.

  Elisha and Reese sighed. Maris was sweet, but she was so full of drama. They met up with Holly and Maris by the three water fountains. Maris's face was pink from crying.

"I'm such a loser!" she sobbed. "Why is Lucas doing this to me! Should I call of homecoming."
"No!" all three of them said in unison.
Elisha gave Maris a hug. "You're the one who's freaking out over nothing. Everyone knows you're a beautiful girl. Lucas always flirts with other girls. In the words of Savannah; it's nothing."
Maris smiled. "Maybe you're right, but Diana Foster is so annoying. Everyone knows she likes Lucas."

 Diana Foster was a girl that didn't like Maris for ages. No matter what, Diana would always cross her path. Elisha felt sorry for her because Diana had no life and hung out with the kind of people that did drugs on a daily basis. She was also best friends with Lucy Herat so that threw in a wrench in the works.

   "Diana is a whore." Elisha said simply. "You have nothing, and I mean nothing to worry."

Maris sniffed. "Thanks."

"Now let's get you a tissue." Holly said, putting her arm around her shoulders and leading her into the girls' bathroom.

    In study hall, Elisha leaned in Evan Cross's ear. "Who's your date to homecoming?"

"Delbert Winstead." Evan answered, chewing on a pencil. "As friends, not as a couple."

"Technically you're going as a couple." Demi piped.

"You know what I mean." Evan rolled her eyes. "Demi, you're so annoying."
Demi scoffed, rolling her caramel eyes. "I am just saying you're going as a couple."

"Quit being so technical, Dem-witted." joked Elisha.

"Haha. Very funny. I hope you know that my IQ is above ten."

Elisha sighed. "We know, we know."

She liked Demi. Demi may have been sometimes loud, sometimes overly-dramatic, and even talk a little bit to much but at least she knew what to say.

  "Is Savannah and Carter going." asked Demi.

"Oh, are they going out?" repeated Elisha. "Yeah, I think so. They're going to homecoming together. I mean, Savannah is going to meet up with us at the dance because she's going to another girl's house for the homecoming party. I am so happy for them. They make such a cute couple."

 Demi gushed. "I second that. Savannah seems like a really sweet girl. I don't know her, but we're locker neighbors and she's always nice to me. We talked for a little bit today."

"Can you believe that she's wearing Carter's favorite football jersey." Evan crooned. "He must really like her."

Elisha grinned. Not even Able got to touch that football jersey. She had seen Carter walking down the hallways holding hand during passing periods. Some of Carter's friends made jokes about them and a lot of people had been staring at them. Some of them had questionable looks on their faces. Elisha had told Savannah there might be people jealous of them. Savannah told Elisha not to worry because she wasn't mean. Elisha knew that not everyone would like Savannah, but she just agreed with her anyway.

  "I want you to meet my boyfriend." Savannah said, leading Judy, Vinnie, and Justin to Carter and Andy.

Andy gawked at Justin in recognition and familiarity. Savannah could tell he was thinking That's the guy I tormented in elementary school. But Andy  was able to cooperate and not say anything inappropriate.

"Carter, these are my bestest friends in the whole wide world." she gushed, showing her friends off to them.

Ever since their tender reconciliation, her and Carter had been closer and had been kissing at every chance they got. She loved that because she waited fourteen years to experience kissing and now did.

 "What's up?" Carter said to them.

"Nothing," Justin said politely, looking at Andy. "Cool to meet you."

"He is cute!" Judy whispered in Savannah's ear.

Savannah giggled. Judy and her had so much in common.

"We heard that." Andy smiled at Judy.

Another girl he found attractive.

"Didn't we go to middle school together?" Vinnie asked Carter. "We had Ms. Fisch for industrial tech."
"Oh, yeah!" exclaimed Carter. "I remember you. You were the girl who kept messing with the machinery and ended up getting your arm slashed."

Vinnie laughed, but shivered at the reminder. "Yeah, thanks for the reminder."

"Sorry, it's just that was a pretty memorable experience. Everyone was freaking out and crying. We all thought you were going to bleed to death."

Savannah was glad for Carter and Andy to meet their friends. They were awesome people who needed to know everyone of her friends. She never wanted to go back to Graysville again.


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