Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 6
The Two Cs

Days went by, slowly moving. No word had come from Kid Island. Nick had tried to go back through but had failed to get through the barrier.  After a while the thought of going back was a distant memory. It didn’t seem real to me anymore. Like a dream.

            Summer started drifting away and it was August. I would be in sixth grade soon, at the middle school. I was scared, definitely. But I was also excited.

            So anyway, it seemed that Kid Island had forgotten about us. Like Katherine didn’t need us anymore. Like she found someone else.

Molly and Nathalie came over almost twice sometimes three times a week. Sometimes we would try to figure out why my family had moved but whenever I asked my parents there was no response.     


            It was the second week of August and the four of us hadn’t been to Kid Island in five weeks. Molly and Nathalie were over, helping me entertain Nick.


“I want to play a game!” Nick screeched.


“You always want to play a game,” I said “and you can’t stand playing ones that people besides you have created!”


“Yeah…” said Molly “and we don’t like your games.”


             I thought he was going to throw a fit until a green light blinded us.


            “Welcome back!”

It was Katherine! We were finally back! Back in Kid Island!

Nick suddenly forgot about his game and started jumping up and down.


“We’re back, we’re back” He sang.


I felt like jumping too until I saw four kids standing across the room.


There were three boys who looked about my age and a little girl who looked about Nick’s; the exact opposite of us. They looked as confused as we did, staring at us and then at Katherine.



“Who are they?” asked a tall boy with blond hair. He had a deep tan and reminded me of the moving guy I had seen so many weeks ago. The one who made us go in the closet.


Katherine looked like she was in the most awkward situation ever.


“Sit down everyone” she said.


So we did, we all sat down on the small beanbag chairs around the room, right in front of Katherine’s screen.


Katherine sighed.


“I should have told you all this a long time ago. Alright, here it is. Kid Island is not as small as you think it is. Actually it is much larger. It spreads throughout almost the entire United States but no one can see it.  There are on two entrances. At the two Cs.”


“What are those?” asked Nathalie.


“Connecticut and California” Katherine said “Not only do they start with C, but they lie on seas, Connecticut on the Atlantic, California on the Pacific, The two Cs.”


“So?” said another boy, this one with red hair and freckles “What does that have to do with us?”


“Well, Nate” said Katherine “You live in California right?”


“Yeah” said Nate.


“And Marissa, you live in Connecticut right?”


I nodded.


“So both of you found the entrance to Kid Island in the same summer. That’s never been done before. Heck, not two groups have found it in the same decade!”


“I don’t understand” wailed Nick


“Neither do I” said the little girl with the boys.


“Be quiet, Melanie” said Nate. I figured they must be siblings because they had the same blue eyes and same color carrot red hair.


“That’s ok Melanie; I’ll try to explain the best that I can” Said Katherine. “Kid Island was developed a very long time ago- even before your parents were born”


“Whoa” said Nick “That’s a way long time ago!”


“Shhh“I said “Listen!”


“To survive it needs kids in it. Four to be exact. I gave you challenges to see if you would be able to keep Kid Island running. It’s not an easy task you know.”



“But…” I said “There are eight of us.”


“That’s the problem” said Katherine “There can be four and four only. Four of you will have to leave Kid Island forever and never come back.”



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