Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 41

Holly woke up in her bed to find Savannah still cocooned in Carter's embrace on top of the covers wrapped in a blanket. The stuffed unicorn laid next to her, nestled in her arms. They were still wearing the clothes from the day before so nothing inappropriate happened. Holly thought Savannah looked younger and more natural in sleep.

I guess Savannah and Carter's argument made a full recovery. She thought, snickering to herself.

Just then, Savannah rose out of her bed, looking tired. A few seconds later Carter did the same.

"Well, good morning, my little sugar pies!" Holly greeted affectionately. "What were you guys doing last night?"

   Savannah's face turned red.
"I'm going back to room 315." responded Carter, withdrawing from Savannah.
"And I'm going to go wash up." she said, jumping out of bed.
Holly laughed exuberantly. She knew they would somehow get together. She could only imagine what they were doing.
Danielle entered the bedroom with a toothbrush in her mouth.
"What's up with them?" she giggled.
Holly shrugged. "Beats me."
She walked into the kitchen area and prepared Elisha a birthday cake. Elisha was turning fifteen today and she wanted to make it special for her. She took out the cake batter, a large bowl, and chocolate cake mix. On people's birthdays, she made sure to make them a nice birthday cake or cupcake. She had done that habit since the fourth grade. Reese walked in, sniffing the room.
"I smell chocolate." she mused.
"You smelled right." Holly laughed. "Did you know that Carter and Savannah were literally sleeping together?"
Reese didn't answer. Instead, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her Nikon camera.
She turned it on and flashed Holly a picture of Carter and Savannah sleeping like angels.
"You bitch!" Holly laughed, slapping Reese on the shoulder.
"Yep," Reese winked. "I'm devious. I came in there to borrow your Ipod and I saw them. So I decided to take a few memorable shots of them. I'll never let them live it down."
    "At least their not arguing anymore." Holly sighed, sticking her finger into the chocolate mix and then licking it off.
Holly turned around and saw Savannah emerging from the bathroom wearing a tie-dye shirt and khaki shorts.
"Don't." Savannah said, opening up the refrigerator door and pulling out a can of grape soda.
"Wasn't." Holly said, exchanging knowing glances with Reese.
    Savannah leaned over Holly's shoulder, looking at the chocolate mix. "Ooh! Can I lick the spoon! Can I lick the spoon!"
Holly laughed at Savannah's deliberate childish act.
"Sure," She handed her the spoon.
"Where's Elisha?" asked Savannah. "it's her birthday."
"She went walking with Mark." answered Reese. "She'll be back."
Savannah nodded, excessively licking the chocolate off of the spoon.
"We need to get her a birthday present."
"Already got it." confirmed Reese. "It's an Imac."
Savannah's eyes grew wide. How could Reese and Andy afford those kind of stuff?
  Holly smile mischievously at Savannah, putting a slender arm on her shoulder. "I love you...Mrs. Atkins."
"I told you don't!" Savannah said impishly, lightly shoving Holly.
"I lied."
"What happened last night." Reese asked curiously.
"Dude, tell us!"
"Why should I?"
"Because we're your besties." Holly singed.
"I'm not telling..." Savannah chimed, dashing out of the kitchen.
"This conversation isn't over, Ripley!" shouted Holly, guffawing afterward.
  At McAllister's, a deli restaurant, Holly and the girls sat outside eating.
"So, birthday girl," Holly started. "How do you feel?"
"What do you mean how I feel?" said Elisha. "I feel like yesterday."
Holly shook her head. Elisha never got too excited for birthdays. She always thought birthdays were just a reminder of you still being alive. Elisha took a bite out of her turkey sandwich, turning to Savannah.

   "Why were you and Carter sleeping together?"
"Jesus, Leesh!" laughed Savannah. "Is today Interrogate Savannah Day?"
"Yes," Maris said, snatching her nachos off of her plate. "We must know."
Savannah groaned. "It was nothing, alright."
Holly knew better than to think of it as "nothing". She saw how Carter and Savannah kept glancing at each other when they were riding through the city. Suddenly, a group of geeky boys came up to them. Holly slapped her hand on her forehead. What could they possibly want.
"I think they want you, Van." Danielle said, nudging her.
Savannah looked over her shoulders and saw one of the boys waving at her. Savannah just politely shook her head.
  Holly chortled. "I think we had enough with boys not from our town."
"I'm going back to Indiana." breathed Savannah, giggling.
"I'm with you on that one." Danielle said, high-fiving her. "I'm a little homesick."
"Me, too." said Elisha. "I want to spend my birthday with my family. I kind of miss them."

Holly took a sip from her lemonade before saying, "That was a good lie, ET."

Elisha laughed. "Okay, so I don't exactly miss them. I mean, I love them, but I need time away from them."

"You say that like you have kids." Savannah stated, batting her eyelashes at her.

"Finish that large platter of nachos and then you can talk to me." Elisha joked, pointing at the huge plate of chili nachos in front of Savannah.

Savannah stuck out her tongue at Elisha.

  Throughout the day, they went to every place there was in Cincinnati.  Saturday to Holly was always a day to go out and do stuff with friends. Several times she had to stop Savannah from buying something silly like nick-knacks or some kind of antique item. Savannah insisted it was for her collection, but Holly wouldn't listen. People had to stop and watch the girls act silly and stupid. Stupid things seemed to have been Savannah's middle name.

Night soon fell, and they had to go back to the hotel. In room 315, they sat in the living room pigging out on Chinese, playing guitar hero in which Andy had bought for Savannah, and making jokes. Andy flicked some rice onto Savannah, causing her to flinch.

"Way mature, Andy." she said, wiping rice off of her shirt.

Everyone teetered at Savannah's expense. Carter sat in front of the TV with a white headset over his ears.

"You killed thirty people in Halo 3." Andy commented. "I would hate to be in that game."
Savannah laughed, knocking her head back. Carter looked at her with an amused expression.

"Are you ticklish?" he asked.

"No, how come?"

"Oh, nothing, it's just---"

Without any warning, Savannah burst into fits of laughter while Carter tickled her crazily.

"Aha!" he said. "You were lying!"

"Stop it!" she laughed. "I hate that!"

Holly watched as Carter and Savannah joked around. They made such a cute and fun couple. She wanted to say something about it, but she knew it would make Savannah annoyed.

"I'll be back." announced Savannah, getting up off of the floor. "I need to get something to drink."

"Me, too." Carter said, following Savannah out of the room.

"So Monday's spirit day." Maris said to no one in particular. "What are the dress days?"

"Monday's sporty day, Tuesday's neo day, Wednesday's disco/groovy day, Thursday's super hero day, and Friday's blue and white day." answered Reese, taking a bite out of her orange chicken.

 The whole time Reese was saying so, Andy saw Carter and Savannah kissing in the kitchen. He laughed to himself because they thought they could sneak around and do it.

When they came back, they acted like nothing had happened.

"Dude, if you were going to suck face with SavannahKitten, you could have just said so." smirked Andy.

Carter's face went red. "What are you talking about. We weren't sucking faces."

"I saw you two doing it!" laughed Andy, patting Carter on the back.

"Know you didn't." smiled Savannah. "It was all in your mind."

"Vanny, why would you lie about it when he caught yo?" Danielle said bemusedly.

Carter laughed uproarciously. "Okay, so we were."

"Man, you guys are nosey." Savannah said, breaking her fortune cookie in half.

The piece of paper inside told her she would be the queen of something very important. She shoved it into her pocket and then leaned her head against Carter. He pulled her up, placing her on top of his lap.

"Hey, Carter?" said Savannah.

"Yes," He kissed her forehead.

"Why are you still wearing that headset?"

Danielle snickered. "Because it's for his brain. He's challenged."

"Shut up," Carter teased, making a face at her.

"We are so weird." Elisha said, nuzzling herself against Mark.

"No, that's just you." joked Holly, throwing rice at her.

"Oh, my god!" Lucas laughed. "We have to clean this mess up."

"Neat freak." Mark retorted.

"Soccer freak."

"Hey!" Maris and Andy said in unison.

"You guys are soccer freaks, too." Lucas replied.

 "I miss Peter." Holly whined.

Of course it was just a joke, but Holly wanted to add humor. As if there wasn't enough humor to last a life time.

"Good one." Andy said, grabbing her and starting to ruffle her hair.

"At least you're going with Tommy to homecoming." Reese said, and then turning to Savannah and Carter. "Does this mean you two are going to Homecoming?"

"Ew!" squealed Savannah. "With this creature?"

Carter lowered his bottom lip at her. "That's not very nice."

"Not sorry," she said, wiggling away from him, but he clasped his hands around her to keep her still.

Holly hoped they wouldn't break up anytime soon.


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