Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 40
Nothing Is Real

  Savannah made her way through the hotel room, not stopping to look at anyone. She was still crying when she fell onto her bed.
"We're gonna go down to the pool." Elisha told Savannah, standing in the doorway. "Do you wanna come?"
Savannah shook her head, convulsing with uncontrollable sobs.
"Come to us if you want anything." said Elisha, dismissing herself from the bedroom.
She couldn't think about anything. All she wanted to do was go home and be in her own bed. She didn't want to be at the hotel with her so-called friends who wouldn't let her have fun.
 She looked up at the ceiling and started counting to a hundred. It was a coping mechanism her grandmother taught her to do whenever she was upset. The tactic always calmed her down. It seemed to have worked. At least until Carter entered the room. Savannah immediately grabbed the stuffed unicorn he had given her and hurled it at him. He ducked, barely missing it.
"Good thing I didn't give it a name." she retorted, sticking her middle finger at Carter.
  Carter simply picked up the unicorn and placed it on the bed next to her. Savannah knocked it off with her elbow.

"Get out!" she shouted, grabbing one of the pillow and engulfing her head with it.

She had no time to talk to him. He had already messed with her enough. She wanted to yell at him, tell him off, let alone how embarrassed she was to have to be dragged out of the party like that.

 "I'm sorry." he apologized. "Maybe I did overreact."

She scoffed and laughed at the same time. "Understatement of the millennium. You deliberately embarrassed me in front of everyone! I'm never talking to you again."

Realizing that she wasn't supposed to talk to him, she turned over on her side, facing the opposite direction of him.

Carter sat on the bed and placed his hand on her back. Nothing he could say could change Savannah's mind about him. He came off as sweet, kind, understanding, and cool, but then turned around and told her that she couldn't go to the party she had planned on attending. He was just jealous. Jealous of Marcus and the other boys.

    "Back off." she muffled.

"I just want to talk to you." he said, tenderly rubbing her back.

"Oh, really. Then I guess we have nothing to talk about."

"How was that party?"

"Is that any of your business?"

"Not good, huh?"

"Shut up."

He laughed, moving his hands up to the back of her neck. She didn't want to admit it, but his touch comforted her.

"Those guys were jerks and you know it." he stated, running his fingers through her hair.

   "So?" she replied. "Didn't mean for you and Andy to bust up in there like the authorities. You're not the boss of me."

"I had to do it. What would have happened if I didn't show up?"

"I would have died." she let the words slipped out.

She didn't mean to say, but it spilled out. The party was nowhere as exciting as she thought. Suddenly she wasn't so mad at Carter. Right now she wanted to sleep. Not being bothered by anyone.

   "You want anything to drink?" he asked her.

"Ginger Ale."


He left the room and she sat back up. Looking around the room, she felt dizzy from crying. Everything seemed so blurred and unfamiliar. She was glad to be in bed and not at some party. A searing pain erupted from her arm again from where Marcus had grabbed it, and let ou a soft cry. Grabbing onto it, she walked out of the room and into the living room to find the cream her mom had given her for cramps. Not only that, but a massive headache came. She put her hand on her forehead and took two pills of tylenol and popped them into her mouth.

 Carter came back with two glasses of Ginger Ale, handing one to Savannah.

"Thanks," she said, taking a sip.

Her outraged for Carter soon vanished. She was too tired and careless to be mad. When she placed her drink on the table, Carter suddenly pulled her into an embrace. He felt warm and soft yet firm. His nose was nestled in on her neck, making her skin tingle. His lips brushed against her neck. She would have thought it was her imagination, just an accident, maybe her hair brushing against her neck if he hadn't done it again. This time more prominent. He kissed her neck lightly, sending shivers down her spine. He continued to kiss her until he reached her mouth. She kissed him back, feeling her surroundings spin. He tightened his grip around her and she allowed herself to melt against him. Very gently, he lifted her up, allowing her to wrap her legs around him.

 It took her another few seconds to finally realize what was going on. She was kissing Carter. Reality had set in as the tremendous shock waves hit her. It was her first kiss! She had remembered what Tamara told her last Saturday, but she didn't think to much of it. It was innocent, but not naive. Carter's presence tranquilized her, causing her to feel extremely sedated. Silence occurred and there was nothing but the sound of them kissing.

 So Carter likes me. She thought.
She understood that reality really was stranger than fiction.


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