Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 39
The Search Party

   Andy looked around the house, trying to find Savannah. He couldn't believe how many people were at the party. The house was pretty small, so there was no way they could have gotten that many people in that house. Carter was right behind him, checking in every nook and cranny for her.
"I can't find her anywhere." Andy complained. "Finding Savannah is like trying to find a needle in a a hay stack."
  They kept looking around, still not having any luck. Andy decided to take the violent approach. He grabbed several random people, demanding where Savannah was. Every one of them shook their heads.
"Where is Savannah?" he asked, finding Kyle sitting in a corner.
Kyle looked at him. He was completely wasted. "I dunno."
"You better know." Andy growled, grabbing him by the shirt collar. "Or I'm gonna knock the **** outta you!"
Carter felt like punching someone himself. In fact he felt like shooting someone. Andy was so stressed out by Savannah's absence that he grabbed a beer from a table.
"Don't," Carter warned, knocking the beer out of his hand. "Now is not the time."
   Carter searched around some more. He wondered where Savannah could be. Why was it so hard to find her? He spotted Tom and the redheaded boy talking in the hallway. Carter approached them, ready to interrogate them about Savannah.
"Where's Savannah?" he asked them.
"Who?" the redheaded boy said, his pupils dilated.
"Savannah." he said slowly as if he were a mentally disabled person.
"She's with Marcus." answered Tom. "Why?"
"Because she's coming with us." Carter said crossly.
"Says who?"
"Says us." Carter said, turning to find Andy, but he was nowhere to be found. "Well, me at least."
     The redheaded boy stepped in. "Please, she's having fun without you. Are you her boyfriend or something?"
"No, but I'm a friend of her's." he snarled.
He usually didn't get angry, but he felt as if he were on fire. He was so close to beating the crap out of the two boys.
  "I can't believe you've never tried that before." Marcus told Savannah, who was sitting on the couch next to him.
Savannah laughed, but it was an uncomfortable laugh. Marcus had gotten her to try Grey Goose vodka which tasted like stale urine. She didn't know why she kept tempting herself to try alcohol knowing she didn't want to do it. The party had been pretty boring compared to the other one's she's been to. People kept bumping into her, spilling drinks on her.
"What kind of things do you like?" she asked, trying to make the conversation pleasant.
Her friends were right about one thing: she really didn't know him.
  "Let's dance." he said, ignoring her question.
"Oh..okay." she said, looking incredibly hurt.
He didn't even want to get to know her. She thought he was being very rude. Holly was probably worried about her. She had disobeyed her friends when they told her to not go to Marcus's party. She felt bad for her other friends, not for Carter. She didn't even want to look at Carter. If she saw his face, she would...
"Aaah!" she screamed, staring dead at Carter and Andy.
"What the hell are you doing here!?" she demanded.
"No, the better question is, what the hell are you doing here?" Carter said, staring her down.
Andy just shook his head in disappointment at Savannah. She had a dad and a step-dad. She didn't need two more fathers.
  "Let's go, Marcus." she said, turning to leave.
"Why are you even here?" Marcus asked them lowly.
"Because her friend's mom told her she wasn't supposed to be here." explained Carter. "We're coming to take her back."
Savannah groaned. Carter was the most annoying person she had ever encountered. A cute guy wasn't supposed to be annoying. He was supposed to be supportive. But the truth was, she was kind of relieved when they showed up. She wasn't having a good time even if she tried. Marcus had barely talked to her except when he was trying to kiss her. But she also didn't want to give Carter the satisfaction of him being right and her being wrong.
   "We're dancing!" Marcus said, yanking Savannah a little too hard.
"Ow!" she cried.
"Get your hands off of her!" Andy yelled, menacingly stepping in between them.
A burning sensation surged through her arm. Marcus's pull hurt really bad. Carter touched her arm to see if she was okay, but she flinched back.
"No, stop." he said softly, trying to calm her down.
"No, because I'm here to have fun and you're ruining it for me!" she tried to say, but was cut off at "No, because I'm" when he physically picked her up, flipping her onto his shoulders, and carried her out of the house.
"We're leaving." he confirmed, motioning Andy to follow him.
"Follow us, and I'll kill you." Andy told Marcus, who backed away at Andy's threat.
 "Put me down!" she screamed, tears streaming down her face. "Why are you doing this!?"
"Because they're scums, potential rapists, and Marcus hurt your arm!" answered Carter, taking her to Lauren's rental minivan.
Everyone was already seated in the car. Andy opened up the door, allowing Carter to gently place Savannah in the seat next to Holly.
Holly saw that Savannah was crying and pouting. She dabbed at her face with a tissue and put an arm around her. 
  "You know, sweetie, what you did was irresponsible." Lauren said softly. "I wasn't doing this to be mean, I was only trying to protect you."
"You would have let me gone if Carter hadn't told you those horror stories about how those guys could be potential rapists." she sobbed, blowing into a tissue. "I want to go home!"
"I'm sorry, honey." Lauren said. "But he was only being a good friend."
"You're not gonna tell my mom are you?" she sniffed.
Lauren pondered for a moment. "No. You've been through enough."
Savannah gave Carter an indignant look who looked at her guiltily. She was never talking to him again.


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