Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 38
Savannah Sneaks Out

 Holly watched Savannah raid through her shopping bags as she searched for the outfit she was going to wear to the party. If she got to go, that is. Holly didn't think it was a good idea for Savannah to go. She didn't know what she was doing. For all she knew they could have been freaks.
"Savannah, stop." ordered Holly. "My mom already said you weren't going."
"Thanks to Carter Stinky Atkins!" she huffed, tossing piles of clothes onto her bed. "Why'd he even tell her anyway? He's just jealous of him, because Marcus is cooler than him!"
Holly thought it was an immature response. She thought Carter would be jealous of Marcus, but Carter's reason for looking out for her wasn't inaccurate. She was a little naive. 
  "Lucas already got us tickets to a movie." Holly attempted. "That's more fun than a party."
So she was lying. But she didn't want Savannah to harp on something that couldn't be controlled.
Savannah wasn't listening to her. Instead, she was changing into a pair of extremely short-shorts and that golden tank-top Danielle picked out for her at the mall.
"Come on, Savannah." Elisha said. "You're wasting your time."
"No, I'm not." Savannah said in a sing-song voice.
She walked out of the room and into the bathroom. Holly and Elisha followed her inside.
They found Savannah sitting in front of a mirror with studio lights setting up the curling iron.
 "She's actually gonna try to go." Elisha whispered to Holly.
They watched as Savannah began to curl her hair. Holly felt bad for Savannah. She knew Savannah had her heart set for the party and Marcus, but it wasn't the end of the world. She might never see him again. What the hell was Savannah doing overreacting? There was plenty of other fish in the sea.
"Baby, you're making a huge mistake." Elisha said, stroking her hair. "He's not worth it."
"It is worth it." pouted Savannah. "And I'm pissed that Holly chickened out."
Holly looked guiltily down at the floor. She couldn't let Savannah go through with this. She had to say something.
  "Okay," Holly began, getting behind Savannah and taking away the curling iron away from her. She began to curl Savannah's hair for her. "I know I may have told you it was cool to hook up with guys, but really, it's not a good idea. I'm sorry we're going anal on you, but you have to trust me, you can't do this. We're friends, right?"
"Right," Savannah said, looking at her reflection in the mirror.
"Best friends?" asked Holly. "To the point where we love each to death."
Savannah paused for a moment. She never thought about that.
"Yes," she said, a smile forming on her face.
"So, you gotta listen to me when I tell you don't go to the party." Holly finished.
Savannah smiled. "Okay, you're right. I'm sorry for acting like a brat. I guess I was just anxious in getting my first kiss."
"We all get anxious about those sort of things." Elisha said. "It just means we're human."
  Holly was glad to have finally gotten through Savannah. Problems were her type of things to deal with. She could always help Savannah with problems when she needed her. Holly and Elisha hugged Savannah.
"I'm going to take a dip in the pool downstairs." Savannah announced. "You all wanna come?"
"Maybe later." Holly said. "I'm going to rest for awhile."
"Yeah, have fun!" said Elisha. "We'll be down in a few."
Savannah left the room, grabbing her swimwear from her room. A few moments later, they heard the door slam shut.
  In the living room, Maris, Danielle, and Reese were sitting on the couch chatting.
"Me and Lucas are officially going out." said Maris. "He just kissed me today."
"You guys make such a cute couple." responded Reese.
"Thank you!"
"Hey, friends." Holly said, sitting down next to Danielle.
"Hey," said Maris. "Where did Savannah go?"
"To the pool." she answered. "We'll meet up with her later."
"Oh, that's cool." Maris nodded.
    Reese looked around, crinkling her forehead. "She said she was going to the pool?"
"Yeah," Holly said, pouring a pitcher of lemonade into a solo cup.
"Her swim stuff is over there." Reese pointed to a tie-dye bikini set lying on the floor over by the kitchen. "She dropped it as she darted out of the room. I watched her."
"She was awfully dressed up to be going swimming." added Danielle.
Holly let out a muffled groan, wanting to kick herself for falling for Savannah's trick. She was going to the party after all.
"She tricked us!" Elisha said, sounding hurt. "I don't believe it! After she promised us she wasn't going!"
"She didn't necessarily promise us she wasn't going." Holly reminded. "Anyway, we gotta notify my mom and the boys."
  "Mommy?" Holly said, as she and her friends entered her mom's room. "Savannah went to the party."
Lauren frowned. "Oh, she wasn't supposed to do that."
"But she did." Holly said. "And we have no idea where she's going."
"I do." Mark said. "I checked Savannah's text messages and the address is 653 Adamsburg Road."
"Why'd you check her messages?" Holly asked curiously.
"Because I figured she would fool you guys into thinking she wasn't going and go anyway." he said, snickering.
  "Mark, this isn't funny!" snapped Holly. "Savannah, could be in danger. That might not even be the address to the party. It could be an address to some dark alley."
"Well, you and Elisha were dumb enough to believe her!" barked Carter. "Why didn't you make sure she wasn't lying!?"
"Hey!" shouted Elisha. "I didn't think she would lie!"
"Well, now you know!" he screamed back. "Now she could die because of you two!"
"Now, wait a minute---" she started to say, but Andy broke in.
"Instead of arguing about Savannah, why don't we go look for Savannah?"
  "We're just wasting time." Lucas agreed. "If we find her, then there won't be any problems."
"What if there was a problem?" Carter worried. "Suppose they rape her?"
Holly felt a knot in her stomach when Carter said that. That made Holly want to look for her. It was her and Elisha's fault for being so stupid.
    Down in the lobby, Lauren was asking the person at the desk about Savannah.
"Have you seen an African American girl, about five-six, shoulder-length hair, wearing a golden tank top, and looked like she was going somewhere?"
"Yes," the person said. "She took the cab."
"A cab!?" exclaimed Lauren. "Oh, if something happens to her, I'm going to get the blame!"
The person shrugged apathetically. "I don't know what to tell you."
Lauren glared at the person. "And if something happens to her, I will make sure to tell them you weren't paying attention to a fourteen year old girl leaving the hotel all by herself."
The person gulped. "I'm not responsible on who and what goes out of the hotel. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do."
Lauren groaned. "She better be safe."
"I hope so, too." Holly said, leaning her head on her mother's shoulders.
"We're going to get her." Lauren said, marching out of the hotel.
 Holly made a mental note that if she found Savannah in one piece, she would hug her, kiss her, love her, and then kill her.


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