Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 15
Kyle: The Plot Thickens

All of their thoughts were raging and I could not listen to them all at once.

            “What is it?” I asked not attempting to dig through their past thoughts.

            “They got the signal out, and the rest of them might ambush tonight.” Andrew said, his words coming out in a rush.

            “How do you know that?” I asked, anxious myself.

            “Three of them came onto the lands, but backed off when they caught our scents. They were talking about how their leader was going to love the fact that the key had actually been found and it was close.” Skyler added, seeming breathless.

            “Did you track them?” I asked my mouth filling up with my venom again.

            “Yeah, we did. We got one of them.” Chase said growling.

            “Did you kill it? “ I asked, hoping they said yes.

            “No, we injured him really bad though. He’s right here.” Chase said, huffing at the outsider.

            “I’m on my way.” I exclaimed as I sped away from her house and in their direction. I could not contain myself as my animal instinct took over and raced to the scene. Then suddenly two thoughts came to my mind. “Where is Niles and Andrew?’

            “We’re right here,” Niles answered, “We’re keeping guard so he won’t get away. He’s one of Brendan’s kind and we have to stay on our guard.” He explained

            That was all I needed to hear. Brendan was a sharp tail breed and they were the strongest of us. It would take two of them to get him down and keep him down. I prayed that no one got hurt.

            “Everybody’s okay,” Reese assured me.

            “That’s good, I was a bit worried.” I admitted as I sped with the speed of lightening to the scene. I could not have been too far because I could smell the scent of the foreign creature and it reeked horribly. The smell was of an animal that had not bathed for days, maybe months.

            “I know,” Niles started, humor harboring his voice. “I almost hurled in the middle of the fight.”

            I chuckled and followed the scent. It was getting stronger and stronger so I knew I was getting close. They followed him out pretty far, I thought. The run from her house had to have been a good ten miles.

            “They split up, so we followed the closest one to us. He could not run as fast so he was an easy catch.” Skyler explained.

            “Good.” I thought, as I trotted onto the lands, and stopped short to observe the creature. The animal was rather large he was about twice the size of Brendan. I began to wonder what they were doing to themselves to become so much bigger than us.

             His chest lifted up and down violently as he tried to breath. I guessed Niles must have sent a shock through him to paralyze it. I looked at the helpless animal and felt rage shoot through my body, and my venom filled my mouth once more. I hated the outsiders with a passion. They were vicious and dangerous creatures that should not exist, merely for the simple fact that they could not channel their rage. Us as guardians were able to keep our emotions intact, which was why we are able to take human form. The outsiders are ruled by their demon side. A side we all possess. A side we all can override, given the strength and training to do so.

            The monster’s eyes roamed over us violently, and its breathing became even more ragged. “Niles, you sure you didn’t put too much voltage into that. I don’t think he can converse with us, it looks like he‘s on his way.” I asked.

            Andrew chuckled, while Niles began flat out laughing. “He put just enough, you should have seen it.” Drew offered, nudging me with his thoughts. He then displayed for me how they all were just running the perimeter and following orders until Niles caught scent of 3 unfamiliar odors. Him and Drew followed it out until it split up in one‘s. The trail was now three paths and they picked the freshest one.

            Niles sped away after it, since he was the fastest and the most capable of catching him. Niles then showed me how he ran up on the dog and rushed it. The animal then got up, proceeding to maul Niles, but could not. Niles was too fast for him to even get close to, so Niles just played around with him until Andrew and the rest ambushed him from behind. Niles laughed loudly as the wolf’s body froze and it seemed to think about whether to scream or faint. Then with a delayed hiss, the wolf screeched so loud it hurt to watch. The huge beast then fell to the floor, huffing, trying to move to no success.

            Laughing to myself, I walked closer to the animal and observed it, trying to read him. The animals thoughts were so scattered around I could not even make out most of them. It was crying and begging for us to spare its life. Niles threatened him, saying he would shock him to death if he did not answer their questions. The beast quickly obliged.

            Not wanting to delay the process any longer, I ordered them all to guard her house in a tight one mile radius. The only one that needed to stay was Andrew. I let the rest of them go on. Thinking twice about it, I ordered Niles to stay with, just in case.

                “Please, kill I’m don’t, innocent, me. I you to give can way the Lountenville.” (Please don’t kill me. I can give you the way to Lountenville.)

            All three of us looked at one another the moment Lountenville came across to us. Lountenville is the portal that leads back to our home. Home as in where we are originally from. It was said that the portal had been blocked, more so hidden by the vampires. One or the other and no one would be able to get back home officially without a vampire’s guide.

            Guardians used to patrol the portals in order for us to travel safely through them. But that was millenniums’ ago. So the portals have all been tainted and tampered with. We do not know how many portals exist on earth but only one has been used.

            “Where is Lountenville located?” I asked anxiously.  The animal did not comply, it just jittered uncontrollably. I waited to see if the animal would comply, but he did not.

            Suddenly a strange feeling came over me as the wind blew, with it I could clearly smell the scent of more Renegades headed our way.

            The enemy lying before us laughed hoarsely to itself. Niles positioned himself in front of the beast and prepared to tear off his neck. His last thoughts were, “Great Leon the, demolish all you shall time due in. Lands these he rule will,” Before his neck was dismembered. (The Great Leon shall demolish you all in due time. He will rule these lands.)


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