Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 35
Room 314

   Back at the hotel room, Reese reclined on the couch watching Gossip Girl. Savannah sat next to her while Holly stood behind the couch styling her hair into a french braid. Holly hummed lightly as she played with Savannah's thick hair.
"Your hair feels so soft." said Holly, tossing Savannah's hair up. "It no longer feels like a rug."
"Thanks," Savannah said sarcastically.
Reese knew Holly well enough to know that it was a joke. But Savannah didn't.
  "Oh!" exclaimed Savannah, feeling her phone vibrate. "Marcus just texted me!"
She eagerly looked at her phone and quickly texted back. Reese and Holly wanted to know what he said. Savannah looked so happy and adorable while having a conversation with a guy who she had just met. Reese looked over Savannah's shoulder. She was talking about meeting up with him tomorrow night for a party. The girls wanted to go, but she wondered if Lauren would allow them. Lauren was already uncomfortable with the idea of taking care of nine children. She would definitely not let them go out to some strange person's party. 
  Suddenly Carter popped into Reese's head. Savannah liked Carter. Carter liked Savannah. They had good chemistry. They would make a perfect couple. Reese saw that and wanted to bring that up to Savannah.
"What about Carter?" she asked.
"No offense," said Savannah. "but screw him. I like someone else."
"That's a little harsh." Reese said quietly.
"I'm kidding!" Savannah laughed. "About the 'screw him' part, however. Not about me liking someone else."
Savannah's eyes suddenly grew wide. "I have an idea!"
She hopped off of the couch and walked over to the door. She opened it and went to the door across from their room.
  "I want to play ding-dong ditch with the boys." she exclaimed.
Reese thought it was silly, but they could use a little fun. Reese, Holly, Elisha, Maris, and Danielle peeked out the door and watched Savannah knock on the boys' door two times.
Savannah immediately darted back into their room and slammed the door shut. She giggled, jumping up and down on the couch. Reese wondered if she had an energy drink of some sort.
A few minutes later, Savannah went back out to do it again. Reese observed her run back into the room, her face pink with excitement.  Savannah looked out the peephole and saw Mark open up his door. He frowned and closed it.
  "You're a silly billy." Holly told her.
"I don't care!" guffawed Savannah. "I'm gonna do it again!"
Usually Reese would think it was immature, but she enjoyed what was going on herself.
The fourth and final time Savannah did it, someone must have been looking out the peephole because they immediately opened the door as soon as she came close to it. She didn't even get a chance to knock. She turned to run, but Carter grabbed her, picked her up, and took her inside the room.
Reese laughed exuberantly. "That ends Savannah's reign of terror."
A few seconds later, a slip of paper went through the crack of their door. Reese walked over to retrieve it.

We have your ally at bay. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

-Lucas, Andy, Carter, Mark

"Cute," she sighed.

Times like this always made her feel at ease. It was just like them to do something completely stupid and goofy. That was why she loved them. Reese was usually kept to herself and didn't bother anyone unless they bothered her. She felt she was better off being low-key.

"I'm hungry." Maris said, opening up the chrome refrigerator. "What do we have?"

"There's salad if you want it?" suggested Elisha, drinking her Canada Dry. "It's almost gone."

Maris shuffled through the refrigerator, pulling out all sorts of things. She placed the container of salad onto the kitchen Island and walked over to the cabinet.

Reese turned to Elisha. "I got a text from Dominique and her and Palma are complaining about how they didn't get to go."

"I know," whined Elisha. "I feel awful that their parents wouldn't let them come. They had their hearts set out for this. We gotta get them something special."

"I'll make note of that." Reese stated.

She felt bad that her two friends weren't allowed to come. Dominique and Palma were probably sulking at home while Reese and the other girls were three hours away. Reese didn't think life was fair. She tried to make the most out of it by making the grades in school, doing extra services, and helping people out from time to time.

 When her dad died, it seemed as if she was doing more work that ever. Her dad always wanted her to be successful. Reese didn't want to let him down. She pulled out a picture of him from her wallet, looking sadly at a picture of her on her dad's back. Her dad didn't  want her to worry about him, but it was hard to get over him. When he died a part of Reese died. She wished she could see him for just one last time.


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