Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 34

  Elisha looked down at her map, trying to find directions to the gift shop. She had promised Delaney something before she left home. She had no such luck.
"Is it about time to catch up with everybody?" Mark asked.
"Yes," she answered. "But I have to find Delaney something first."
Her little sister was like her treasure. She always did things for her. She may not always liked babysitting her, but she knew Delaney would be her sister for life. They walked around some more before they found the gift shop near the kiddie rides.
"Eureka!" Elisha shouted, dashing into the shop.
  Inside the store there were various stuffed animals and nick-knacks. Delaney could have wanted anything from that place. Elisha's eyes landed on a plush Scooby Doo toy. Delaney was obsessed with Scooby Doo. That was the perfect gift for her six year old sister.
After they left the store, they spotted their friends eating at the dining area.
"Hey!" she waved, strutting over to them.
"Where have you been?" Holly asked, narrowing her eyes at her.
Elisha gulped guiltily. Her and Mark had ridden on every ride in the park. Some were twice. She had the time of her life, but ended up ditching her friends.
"At least we have tomorrow and Saturday." she attempted, taking a fry from Reese's plate.
  "I met this cute guy named Marcus." Savannah gushed.
Elisha was happy for her, but out the corner of her eye she could see Carter rolling his eyes.
"Yeah, those guys were so hot." Reese put in. "I thought I was in an Amercrombie catalog."
Andy coughed. Elisha snickered. It was obvious the boys were jealous. Her boyfriend Mark wasn't the jealous type. He at least knew how to act when they met guys that were attractive.
"What do you want?" Mark asked her.
"We're getting Chinese tomorrow." stated Carter.
"Then Chick-fil-A." she settled.
"Got it." stated Mark, getting out from his seat.
 Elisha slid in Mark's seat which was next to Savannah. "So, pretty girl, tell me more about this Marcus guy."
Savannah blushed, revealing her straight teeth. "It's nothing. He just gave us his number, that's all."
"Did you give him yours?"
"Of course!"
Elisha teetered, pushing Savannah a little. Carter shot Elisha an annoyed look. Elisha glared at him and mouthed, "So?"
Carter threw his hands up as if to say she didn't know what she was talking about. Carter liked Savannah and Elisha was fine with that, but Savannah could like anyone she wanted.
  "What about you, babe?" she asked Holly after Mark had brought the food.
"I think that guy Tom is cute." stated Holly. "He had me red all over."
Elisha took a bite out of her chicken sandwich. "I am so happy for you two!"
Holly needed a new boyfriend and Savannah just needed a boyfriend. Elisha remembered when Holly introduced her and Mark. She was so grateful for that. it was time to return the favor.
  "Marcus said he was having a party tomorrow so I might go." announced Savannah.
Carter accidentally knocked his drink over. A stream of coke flowed towards Elisha.
Good job, Carter. She thought. Way to be mature.
"Sorry," he muttered. "I didn't see my drink there."
"That's okay." forgave Savannah. "Thank you for my unicorn."
She held up the purple and pink unicorn for Elisha and Mark to see. Elisha thought it was cute.
"May I hold it?" she asked.
"Why, sure!" Savannah allowed, passing the unicorn to Elisha.
 Elisha looked down at her watch. It was five-thirty. Lauren wanted them to meet up with her around six. Her day had been a long, but exciting day. She couldn't wait to do more fun activities. She was looking forward to the movies, jacuzzi, and pizza that was coming tonight.
Smiling, she took a sip of her lemonade and shoved a fry in her mouth.
Her life wasn't perfect, but she wouldn't change it for the world. She had next week to look forward to with Homecoming, Spirit Week, the fifty-second Annual Kite Race, and the parade that was coming next Friday. She and her friends needed to prepare to shop for their dresses.
  "If you don't mind, can we stop by the beauty salon?" she asked no one in particular. "My hair's screwed up."
Savannah sighed in relief. "Thank goodness, because my hair feels like straw."
"What makes you think we want to go." asked Lucas. "We're boys."
"Then don't go." Elisha commented. "Lauren can drop you guys off."
"I don't need to get my hair fixed." said Holly. "Mine's just fine the way it is."
"Same here." Reese said idly, texting Jamie on her phone. "You two can go if you want."
Elisha knew Danielle would want to come because of Savannah. She was obsessed with her. Elisha wanted to tell Danielle to back off a little bit.
"I'm getting tired." Andy told. "Can we leave now?"
"Yeah," said Carter. "I'm getting tired myself."
Savannah got out of her seat, still feeling like she was on a roller coaster ride. Elisha knew that would past because the same thing was happening to her.
 They stopped by the mall to do some shopping. There was hardly anyone in there because it was Thursday; a weeknight. Elisha went inside Rue 21, showing Savannah to a section where there was underwear accumulated on a white table.
"These are cute." Elisha said, picking up a fleecy white thong. "I want it!"
"Why?" asked Savannah, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. "No one would see it on you."
Elisha rolled her eyes at Savannah's naiveness. She used to be like Savannah in the seventh grade, but when she started hanging out with Jamie and the other girls, she changed into the person she was now. A ninth grader who was full of confidence and energy.
"Here," Holly said, passing a thong to Savannah that was identical to Elisha's, "you two can be twins."
Savannah let out a heavy sigh. "My mom will kill me."
"She will never find out."
"She always finds out...always."
  The girls continued to ignore Savannah as they took several skimpy underwear from the table. Maris walked over to the other side of the store and found six skirts in different colors. Danielle took five short-shorts, a golden, satin spaghetti strapped top, and a few halter tops. They walked over to the cashier and gave the saleswoman their prepaid credit cards. Elisha's dad insisted them to get credit cards because it would make them more responsible. She took several random bras off of a rack and paid for them. All of those clothes were for Savannah. It may have made Savannah feel uncomfortable, but how else was she going to get confidence? Elisha thought it was for her own good.
  The boys met up with them at the center of the mall. They were sitting on benches reading Sports Illustrated magazines. Elisha slid in next to Mark, leaning her head against his shoulders.
"What you all get?" Andy asked, trying to peek into Savannah's shopping bag, but she pushed it away from him with her foot.
"Nothing," she said awkwardly.
"You got something." Andy said, taking the bag away from Savannah.
"Don't!" she yelled.
Andy looked inside the bag, his mouth curving into a smirk. "This is too funny."
"Give it back!" she begged, trying to snatch the bag from his hand.
"Somebody's becoming a woman." he teased, taking out the white thong and putting it on top of his head.
An elderly couple looked at him with disapproving expressions on their faces.
  Savannah was furious. Andy was funny, but this was too far. It was awkward to let them know she had those type of clothes. She felt like a tramp.
"It's not her fault." Maris said. "We bought them for her against her own will."
"I knew that." he said. "It's just funny. Little Savannah becoming a woman. Bras, panties, thongs, lingery!"
Savannah grabbed the bag and frowned at him. Elisha felt bad. Andy didn't need to joke like that.
"I'm sorry." Andy apologized. "I was just playing."
"That's okay." she said, smiling. "I overreacted that's all."
"Yeah, just having a little fun with ya." Andy pulled her into a hug. "No heart feelings?"
"Nope." she said, holding onto him. "You're not so bad."
He laughed. "I disagree with that."


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