Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 33

   "What are you doing?" Lucas asked Carter who was going up to the line where people rip-off their money to try and win useless prizes. "You're not gonna actually play that are you?"
"I'm gonna win Savannah something." Carter explained.
"Oh," Lucas nodded. "Well, good luck."
Carter went up and paid the worker three dollars to throw a baseball into a mouth of a clown.
Lucas and Andy shook their heads. They knew he wouldn't stand a chance. But Carter was determined to win Savannah that giant purple and pink unicorn with a silver horn she saw earlier that day. He wanted to do something nice. Something that would make her happy. His friends might have thought it was a foolish attempt, but he didn't.
  On his first attempt, the ball made it inside the clown's mouth.
"Dumb luck." Andy commented. "Pure, dumb luck."
Carer just smirked and received the unicorn from the worker.
"I'm a lucky guy." he said, showing off the unicorn.
Suddenly he felt a little silly to be carrying around a stuffed animal. Lucas snickered and enjoyed watching Carter act like an idiot. Carter always liked doing things that were silly and out of the norm. That was why people liked him. For his down to Earth attitude and kind demeanor.
  "That unicorn is something Savannah would like." decided Andy.
"You think I don't know that?" Carter asked.
Andy cackled. "You look stupid carrying that thing."
Carter didn't really care. If he gives it to Savannah then it wouldn't really matter.
They figured the girls would be going to the water park so they changed into their trunks and went over to that section.
"It may be in the middle of September, but it's incredibly hot out here." commented Lucas.
Carter wiped sweat off of his forehead. Lucas was right. It was about eighty degrees out. Usually they could handle such weather because they were athletic, but the heat was unbearable. 
  At the water park, Carter and Lucas noticed Savannah and Maris talking to two strange guys they've never met before. Being the instinctual, protective person Andy was, he marched over to them.
"Hey," he said suspiciously. "Do you know these guys?"
"We do now." Maris giggled, her green eyes expressing in contempt. "That's Kyle and this is Marcus."
Andy glared at the boys. Carter knew that if Andy felt that something wasn't right, it generally wasn't.
"Is that for me?!" Savannah asked, eying the purple and pink unicorn behind Carter's back.
"Maybe," he trailed.
"Give me!" she said, playfully snatching the unicorn out of his hands.
She hugged it for dear life. Carter wondered what the girls were doing talking to these boys. Especially Savannah.
   "What's up?" he said coolly, grasping Marcus's hand.
"Nothing," he answered, staring Carter down.
Holly could sense some tension going on so she came in between them. "I'm glad we all finally met."
"Yeah," Andy said, cutting eyes with Kyle. "Very..."
Holly rolled her sapphire-blue eyes. She could tell it was a mutual dislike between the boys. Carter's eye darted up and down at Savannah, who was clad in a tie-dye bikini. Her body looked slender and healthy. Her doll-like face looked young and innocent with her hair pulled back.
"They gave us their cell numbers and told us to look them up on Facebook." added Reese, who was ogling the redheaded boy.
"Whatever." Andy mumbled. "Not to be rude, but it's getting around five and we're gonna be getting ready to go soon, so if you don't mind, we'll be leaving now."
  Savannah's dark pupils grew wide, sensing some sort of personal jealousy. Carter wasn't particularly jealous. It was just that those boys were ogling her like a fresh lamb. Mainly Kyle and DeMarcus. They knew nothing about those guys. They could be freaks for all they knew.
"Bye!" Maris waved at the boys.
Lucas eyed her. "How'd you guys meet?"
"By the food stand." she answered. "They're nice."
"Right." Andy muttered, taking Savannah by the arm and leading her away from DeMarcus like parent leading their child away from a stranger. "They look like punks to me."
"Come on, now." Lucas said passively. "Can't we all just get along?"
"That's not very nice, Andy." Maris said. "Am I sensing a little jealousy?"
"Jealousy?" he repeated. "Considering we're better than those guys."
Carter snickered. Andy was indeed correct. Those boys were nothing. He'd never seen Holly that interested in a guy before. But all she did was stare at the boys.
  He then looked at Savannah who was squeezing water out of her hair. Her brown skin was slightly darker from the water and sunlight and she looked worn out. He wrapped his arms around her and walked the rest of the way back to the food section.
"I'm gonna get Chick-fil-A." announced Savannah.
"I second that." said Andy, getting up and following Savannah to the section where they served Chick-fil-A.
The rest of them went up to get McDonald's from a line that had over thirty people standing in it.
"Fantastic," Holly groaned. "I can't wait this long for food."
"Don't worry." Carter said, patting her on the back. "Just be patient."
Holly groaned again. "We'll see."


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