Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 32
"What's your trip?"

  Holly stood in line for a drink with her friends. The boys had went walking around so now it was just her,Savannah, Reese, Maris, and Danielle. She was a little disgruntled at Mark and Elisha for walking off. They were supposed to ride the rides with them together.
"They're kinda cute," Danielle cooed, pointing at a group of boys who were checking them out.
Holly smirked. They were cute. Especially the African American boy in the jean shorts and gray t-shirt.
Feeling bold, she collected her drink and approached the boys.
"I don't think this is a good idea." Savannah warned.
"Nonsense," Holly said. "I've done this before. Besides, these boys look harmless. They're our age."
  Savannah examined the boys and decided that Holly was right. Those boys were virtually harmless. Every single one of them were cute. Holly did know how to scope out the right kind of boys.
"Hey," the African American boy said to Holly.
Holly blushed. She usually didn't act like that around people, but she couldn't help it that time. The boy was cute and was looking at her. Most boys back in Paramount knew that she was confident and fearless, but now she felt different around him.
He gave her a friendly smile. "Are you girls here on vacation."
"Yeah," she answered. "We kind of skipped school today."
The boy laughed. "I figured so. No girls around here are that cute."
It was now the other girls' turn to blush. 
  "I'm Tom." the boy introduced.
Holly smiled. "Holly."
"Where are you from?"
"Indiana." she said. "In Paramount."
"I heard of that." a boy with blond hair said. "Isn't that some rich town?"
Holly felt embarrassed. She didn't want to come off as snobby.
"Yeah," she stammered, "Paramount is kind of insane."
"That's cool." said Tom, his eyes darting towards Savannah who was hiding behind Reese. "You wanna hang out for a while."
Maris let out a short burst of laughter. She always did that when she was excited. Holly shot her a look of disapproval.
"We would love to." she said.
  Savannah stepped forward, putting herself into view of the boys. Holly wished Savannah would speak up. She was a hundred percent positive those boys would love to meet her.
"This is my best friend, Savannah." she said. "Isn't she precious?"
Savannah blushed. She hoped the boys didn't think she was ugly.
"Hey," the blond boy said, extending his hand. "I'm Kyle."
"Nice to meet you." she managed.
"Nice shades." another boy with dark-skinned said.
"My step-dad got these for me." she said nervously, taking off her Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses.
"Are you some rich girl?" asked the boy.
"Hardly." she laughed. "These were half-priced."
Holly gasped and laughed at the same time. Savannah was bold to admit something like that.
"I'm Marcus." he said. 
  Holly smiled satisfyingly. Savannah was working on her flirting skills a little bit.
"How 'bout we hang out at the water park." Kyle suggested. "It's a nice day for it."
Reese smiled. "I'm up for it."
"Me too!" Savannah enthused, jumping up and down.
She seemed to be in more high spirits.
  As they were walking, Savannah leaned in to Holly. "What's your trip? Why would you tell these guys who I am?"
Holly scoffed. "Cause you need to find a cute guy to have fun with."
Savannah was so iffy about things. Holly loved Savannah to death, like her own sister, but she could be quite annoying at times. She talked a lot, she worried too much, and didn't know what to do in certain situations.
"DeMarcus is pretty cute." Savannah gave in, smiling a little bit.
"I like Kyle." Danielle said. "He seems nice."
"Well, how 'bout we get to know them then." stated Holly. "And Savannah, why do you always say 'What's your trip?'"
"Because it's my catch phrase." Savannah said, looking at a bluejay that was perched on top of a roof.
"I think it's pretty cool." Danielle smiled.
"You think everything Savannah does is cool." Holly hissed.
Savannah could fall over and Danielle would do the same thing. 
  "We'll meet up with you guys in a few." Tom said, as he and his friends went into the changing room.
Holly and her friends went into the girls' room. They all went into one of the stalls, making room for everyone of them.
"I like that one guy with the red hair." Reese said as she took off her light-blue Hollister top. "He was totally cute."
"Aren't you with John?" asked Maris, changing into her turquoise bikini.
"To homecoming, but not necessarily as a couple."
"Oh, well, me and Lucas are for sure going out. It's official."
"I'm genuinely happy for you." Holly said, fishing for her purple bikini set in her bag. "You guys make a cute couple."
"DIdn't Stephanie used to date him?" asked Danielle.
"That was along time ago." Maris said. "They have no feelings for each other what so ever."
  Savannah pulled over her tie-dye bikini over her head.
"Can you tie this for me?" she asked Holly.
"Sure," Holly responded, tightening the straps of Savannah's bikini.
"Is that the only bikini you have?" inquired Maris.
"Yes," Savannah admitted. "My mom isn't to heavy on me getting a bikini."
"We need to buy you some more sexy clothes while we're out." said Holly, applying on sunblock on her legs.
"How 'bout no?" ventured Savannah. "My mom will kill me."
"Her not knowing won't hurt." replied Holly. "Live a little, won't you?"
She gave Savannah an affectionate hug.
"What's your trip?" questioned Savannah. "I already feel slutty in this bikini."
"No you don't." insured Danielle. "You look pretty."
"Yeah," agreed Reese. "Quit putting yourself down."
  Which was something Savannah always did. Savannah smile warmly, which touched Holly. She really was sweet and kind. Holly wanted to make sure nothing bad ever happened to her new best friend.


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