Shy Boys Win
Author: Summer

Chapter 3

Matilda slipped the cat ears into her thin light brown hair. Ivie giggled as she posed for her and then she put her's on too. They grabbed their long, black, feather-y boas and wrapped them around their necks. Matilda's puppy, Munch, barked at the loose feathers that floated to the ground.

"Munch!" Matilda said and he stopped. He jumped up onto her bed and watched them move around in the breeze. The looked at each other in the mirror and giggled at how silly they looked dressed as cats. "Haha, I wonder if Munch thinks we're cats?"

"Maybe!" Ivie said and picked him up off of the bed, meowing. Munch licked her nose and they both giggled. She put Munch down just as soon as Matilda's mom said Amanda had come.

They both ran out of her room and down the stairs. Munch followed. Amanda was standing by the door, face flushed, because it looked like she had ran there. Black cat ears poked up out of her thick, light brown hair with blonde highlights. She supported a black boa around her neck.

"So, are you guys going to leave now?" Matilda's mom, Kristen said.

"Yeah, I'll see you later mom!" Matilda said as they all ran outside.

"You have your money, right?" Ivie said to Amanda.

"Yeah, I don't need you guys paying for me again," Amanda said and they all laughed. Ivie and Matilda always had to pay for Amanda.

"Good," Matilda said as they started walking down the sidewalk. The wind blew, causing their boas to fly up behind them. 

"I thought that you wouldn't be in the mood to do anything today," Ivie said, "I feel really bad about Jasper."

"I'm okay, I didn't really expect him to say yes anyway," she said back. "It's not like he actually said that they're dating!" She winked and her friends giggled.

"LET'S RUN!" Amanda said, randomly, as usual. She ran ahead of them and Ivie shook her head and they both chased after her.

They soon saw the Ferris wheel and the cheap carnival roller coaster rising up in the distance. The carnival was stationed in the city park, where there was a lot of room. The were all out of breath now, and Matilda had her hands on her knees and Ivie and Amanda were sitting on the ground.

"Are...we...there?" Matilda said, and she had bent over so much that her cat ears fell off. "Oops!" She quickly grabbed them and sat on the ground.

"Almost," Ivie said, pointing at the Ferris wheel. They stood up and started walking. The cool wind blew on their faces and made them feel much better.

Finally, they reached the fairgrounds and they sat on a bench. A whole bunch of kids were there, including Mike. They knew one thing could ruin this. He was attempting to start climbing up the poles of one of the rides. The guy who worked there yelled at him until he got off. When he did, the guy turned back around and Mike and his friends made faces at him.

"Great," Matilda said, "it is here." Ivie giggled and they all got up off of the bench. They ran to the roller coaster and got into line.


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