Shy Boys Win
Author: Summer

Chapter 1

Matilda tapped her fingers on the old and over-used desk. Her teacher scanned the classroom, looking for trouble-makers. Everyone was used to her and just decided not do do anything bad. They gave their friends little smiles and things like that. The more daring ones passed notes. All the others just read their books. Matilda had finished the assigned pages already, and she flipped through them. 

"Class? We have about 5 minutes left so I'd like you to finish up the page you're on and get ready to go!" Her teacher spoke up and then went to putting things into her bag. Various students began talking to their friends and the teacher gave a quick glare to the loudest ones and they quieted a bit. Matilda turned to her friend Ivie who was sitting in the desk beside her.

"Hey, that is one bad book, huh?" Matilda said, frowning.

"Ugh, yeah. I'm just glad that today is Halloween and a Friday!" Ivie whispered back.

"Yeah, me too. You're coming home with me, right?"

"Yep! Did you ask Jasper to go with you?" Ivie replied.

"I will, I just hope he says yes. I saw him staring at Claire the other day. I hope he doesn't like her," Matilda said, frowning again.

"I think he likes you. You guys have been friends forever," Ivie said, bending down to pick up her books and binders off of the floor. Matilda did the same.

"Yeah, I know but maybe he just wants to be friends?" She piled her things on the top of her desk, organizing the binders so they wouldn't fall off.

"I don't think so. He acts like he likes you a lot."

"No he doesn't!" Matilda said, eying the clock on the wall. 3 minutes left.

"Well, most people can't see when someone's flirting with them. You can only tell when someone is flirting with someone else!"

"That's true."

"So, is Amanda meeting us at your place?" Ivie asked.

"Yeah, her mom will drop her off around 5," Matilda answered as the bell rang.

"YES! WEEKEND IT UP BABY!" An annoying guy, Mike, shouted from across the room.

"Mike!" The teacher yelled and glared at him. His friends smirked and gave him hi-fives as they ran out of the room. "I'll see you guys all on Monday!" The teacher sat down at her chair by the computer.

"God, I hate that kid," Ivie smiled and said this, but also with an annoyed look on her face. They both slid their things off of their desks and waved to other friends saying bye to them. Matilda and Ivie walked out of the room and into the hall of the school. Mike and his friends were running through the halls, knocking books out of kid's hands.

"Every school has to have an idiot," Matilda said and they both giggled. "Well, my locker is upstairs, and you know that. I'll meet you back down here." Ivie nodded and walked in the other direction and Matilda went to the stairs. Jasper ran by her and punched her arm, his dark blonde hair bouncing slightly as he bounded up the stairs. Matilda smiled, rubbed her arm, and started up them too. She blushed as he looked down from the next flight and shouted a 'hey' and kept running up. She was about to say it back, but she heard the slamming of the door up there. She shook her head and went through the other door. 

Her books were slipping out of her hands as she tilted them to her other arm so she could open her locker. It popped open with a loud click and she put everything she needed into her black and white checkered backpack. She zipped it up and put it on her back as someone slammed her locker, and one of the little hooks sliced into her finger. She was about to yell 'ow' but then she saw Jasper laughing at the other side.

"You were done, right?" He laughed as Matilda blushed and nodded. Her pain went away and she looked at him.

"Hey, were you planning to go to the carnival tonight?" She said.

"Oh, yeah, and I got something to tell you!" He looked excited and slightly nervous. She thought she knew what he was going to say.

"Go ahead," she said, her voice shaking.

"Well, I asked Claire to it and she said...." Jasper paused to be more dramatic, "YES!" The pain in Matilda's finger came back immediately and her courage shrank.

"Oh, that's cool. I'm going with Ivie and Amanda." She told him. "I guess we'll see you there?"

"Yeah, that would be really fun!" Jasper said, looking at her finger. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"I'm fine, remember, you slammed the locker on me? The hook cut it."

"Oh, I'm really sorry! I've gotta go but I'll see you later?"

"Yeah," Matilda said as Jasper gave her a sympathetic look and ran off, slamming into one of his friends. Matilda fixed her backpack strap and sighed. She knew it wouldn't work out anyway. 

She walked down the hall to go back to the stairs where she saw Ivie coming up, seeing the disappointment on her face.


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