Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 31
Kings Island

A little boy holding onto his mom's hand eagerly jumped up and down. Andy smiled at the boy. The boy grinned at him and showed off his stitches on his left arm.

"That's awesome." he said, smiling. "I've never had that many stitches before."

He liked children. They were cute and they didn't bother him. His family always let him babysit his twin cousins who lived in England whenever he or they came to visit. He often fed them junk food, allowed them to watch horror films, and read them inappropriate books. Earning him the title of "the best cousin in the universe."

Standing in line with his friends, he looked at Savannah who was reading her guide to Kings Island. The park didn't let open until ten-o'clock.

Savannah was beautiful and looked innocent. Which made people including Andy himself want to protect her. Holly did it, Carter did it, more than likely her parents did it, and even strangers off the street did it. She had on jean shorts and a yellow tank top that said Kenya Dig It. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, making her look sexy, but casual. She was sexy alright. And she didn't even know it. Her sexiness was usually unintentional and spontaneous. He thought about Palma and Monica. Other pretty girls he was friends with. A little guilt came over him when he thought about breaking up with Palma. As much fun he had with her, he wanted to meet new people. He was sure she felt the same.

Monica on the other hand had more chemistry with him than anyone he had ever met. It made no sense that she was going out with Kaleb Wood. Kaleb treated Monica like she was a trophy. She wasn't a trophy. She was more than that.

Eventually, the gatekeeper allowed them in, causing hordes of people to bombard their way in. A couple of guys accidentally smashed into Savannah, nearly knocking her over.

"Watch it!" retorted Carter, supporting Savannah by her arm.

"People are just rowdy." Andy said, even though he was being a little hypocritical.

He often acted like that himself.

  "What rides are we going on?" Danielle asked, tightening the straps of her camisole.

"The Vortext first." Andy answered. "And Savannah's gonna ride it with me."

"No, I'm not!" she protested.

"Yes, you are." he said. "You're gonna ride it with me whether you like it or not."

Savannah giggled. Riding a roller coaster couldn't that bad if there was someone else riding with her. At least it reassured her that if she was going down, the person next to her would go down as well. 

Reese and Holly's eye grew wide when they saw Spongebob standing by the fountain with the Paramount Studios Logo in it. 

"Spongebob!" cried Reese, darting towards Sponebob.

Holly ran after her. They stood next to Spongebob and asked no one in particular to take a picture of them. Maris reached into her knapsack and pulled out a thin digital camera.
After taking the picture, Maris suggested everyone to get in the picture.

Lucas, Mark, and Elisha got in front of Sponebog while Andy, Carter, and Savannah got behind him. Andy had no idea why everyone was getting so excited over an underpaid, disgruntled pervert in a yellow sponge costume. He didn't complain about it and waited for Lauren to take the picture.

"Everyone say 'cheese!'" she said, holding the camera to get everyone in view.
"Cheese!" they all said in unison, wrapping their arms around the nearest person around them.

Andy was glad when the picture time was over with. He was ready to get on the rides.

"Should we split up?" asked Elisha.

"You kids need to be together." said Lauren. "What's the point of it being a vacation if you're just gonna split up?"

Lauren had a smile on her face that begged the kids to not split up. She couldn't afford to loose anyone of them. It would be on her.

"Maybe for a little while, mom." decided Holly.

Lauren nodded. "What time are we going to meet up?"

"Around five." answered Holly. "No later."

"Okay." she said. "You guys have fun."

"We will!" Andy said enthusiastically.

 When she was out of earshot, Andy turned to Holly. "I thought Elisha's mom was coming."

"She was, but she got held up." she said. "I'm actually quite glad because my mom's more fun than Linda. No offense, Leesh."

"None taken." Elisha said, walking up to a guy who was selling a bottle of water in his cart.
Linda always made sure that no one did anything that caused trouble or harm. Lauren at least allowed the kids to have a little fun.

They all explored around the park, looking for things to do. Andy shielded his eyes as the bright sun hit his face.

"I'm going off with Mark." Elisha revealed, taking a swig from her bottled water. "We'll meet up in a little while."

Mark wrapped her arms around her waist, leading her away from the group. Andy just shrugged. They were supposed to leave in a little while. Not in an instant.
The rest of them walked past a sea of young people who were waiting in line for a ride.

Savannah tagged along with Carter, who was holding her hand. Andy had to hand it to Carter. He knew exactly how to impress Savannah. He winked at Carter encouragingly.

Without thinking, Andy took off his black LA Galaxy hat and placed it on top of Savannah's hair.
"Nice." he said, tugging on her ponytail.

Savannah beamed.

 They got up to the line where hundreds of people were standing. Andy looked at the sign that said it would be about a thirty minute wait. He grumbled. He couldn't wait that long.

"You want to do something else?" he asked them.

Lucas shrugged. "I mean, we're hear so why not just wait."

"Yeah, if we leave the line will just get longer." Reese pointed out. "It's better to just wait."

Reese and Lucas were right. Before it was even thirty minutes, they were already getting in the seats of the roller coaster. Andy put his hat and knapsack in the compartment where other people's supplies were at.

He slid into the seat next to Savannah, buckling his own seat-belt.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

Savannah shook her head. Her stomach felt queasy. What if the roller coaster ride stopped just when they were about to go over the loops?  Or if the track derailed? She tightened the grip of her seat belt and held onto the bar.

As the attendants checked the seat-belt, she prayed she would make it to her fifteenth birthday. She was relieved when one of the female attendants checked her seat-belt.

"How secure is this?" she questioned doubtfully.

"Very." the woman smiled, snapping the seat-belt shut.

 Andy gave her a reassuring smile. "This will be fun, I promise."

She felt a little better. Andy wouldn't tell her it would be fun if it wasn't. Holding onto her breath, she waited for the roller coaster to start chugging along the tracks. Andy gave a little squeeze on her hand for support. She didn't need to be scared. The odds of a roller coaster crashing was the same as a meteorite striking someone.

Savannah braced herself as the coaster reached to the peak of the tracks. She looked over her seat and saw the people down there. They looked tiny and unrecognizable. She gulped.

Suddenly, the roller coaster lurched and tipped speedily down the heel. Andy was enjoying this, but not her. She could feel her body slightly lift up into the seat. She grasped tighter onto the bar as the roller coaster went over the loop.

Good thing for inertia. She thought.

 Andy nudged her on the shoulder for her to get in the spirit. She realized it wasn't so bad. It was actually quite fun. They went over the second loop, this time exciting Savannah. A camera halfway through the ride where a bunch of trees were at took a picture of them in mid-expression. Savannah knew it was going to be a bad picture. Her hands were up and her mouth was gaped open.

At last, the ride stopped, automatically lifting up their harnesses. Savannah staggered out of the car, slightly disappointing for it to be over. Her legs felt wobbly and she could still feel the sensation of the roller coaster. They grabbed their things out of the compartment, exiting out of the section.

The others caught up with them, Holly being the first to get to them. She grabbed onto Savannah's hand, panting.

"So how was it?"

Savannah grinned. "I want to do it again!"


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